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Abstracts: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 7

Different research techniques and models in rock mass rating and slope stability analysis


Slope stability in Civil Engineering projects is a most important problem. Since 1920’s techniques are persistent to stabilize a given slope. The analyses are habitually developed to assess safety of an excavated slope. In the 1950’s, many researchers developed different methods like Bishop, Janbu and so on. Tremendous changes took place in the 1960’s. Rock Mass Rating and Slope Stability analysis has provided a tremendous amount of information on stability of terrain. Rock or soil slope failure is highly important to prevent one of the important disasters in landslide which has affected many people of the society. This paper highlights different methods to identify slope instability failure and rating. In this paper, the author studies and discusses the available methods – Rock Mass Rating, Rock Mass Classification system and Slope stability analysis in detail. The article discusses the literatures available from 1950 to till date.