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Original Articles: 2012 Vol: 4 Issue: 6

Determination of Benzene and Benzo (a) Pyrene levels in Ambient Air Quality of in and around Tirupati, Chittoor District, and Andhra Pradesh, India


Benzene and Benzo (a) Pyrene (BAP) are carcinogenic pollutants which will be emitted in the Atmospheric air through vehicular emission and burning of petroleum products. In this study we made an attempt to study the Benzene and BAP concentration levels in AAQ(Ambient air Quality) in Tirupati. For this study we were identified 5 sampling locations in Tirupati surrounding areas. Sampling was carried out 24 hourly and twice a week for in the month of February 2012. Totally 15 air samples were collected. The samples are subjected to analysis for Benzene and BAP using GC-MS based on USEPA Compendium method TO 3 for Benzene and TO 13A for BAP. By using GC-MS we can able to determine the Benzene levels in Ambient air minimum 0.01µg/m3 and by using GC we can able to determine the BAP levels of Ambient Air Particulate phase minimum 0.01ng/ m3. The concentration levels of Benzene and BAP in different areas of Tirupati are summarized in results and discussion. The levels of Benzene and BAP levels were compared with NAAQS(National Ambient air Quality Standard) amended by MoEF(Ministry of Environment and Forests), Govt. of India. The observed results of Benzene and BAP were found lesser than NAAQS.

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