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Original Articles: 2012 Vol: 4 Issue: 7

Determination of Alfuzosin hydrochloride and Tamsulosin hydrochloride in pure state and pharmaceutical preparations by conductimetric methods


Three reagents phosphotungestic acid (PTA), silicot ungestic acid (STA) and sodium tetraphenylborate (N aTPB) were used as titrants for the conductimetric determ ination of alfuzosin hydrochloride (AlfCl) and tams ulosin hydrochloride (TamCl) through ion- associate format ion. The effect of the reagent concentration, the t emperature, the molar combining ratio, and the solubility produ cts of the formed ion-associates were studied and c alculated. The suggested method has applied to the determination o f alfuzosin hydrochloride and tamsulosin hydrochlor ide in its pure state and pharmaceutical preparations with mea n recovery values of 99.50 - 99.80 % for alfuzosin hydrochloride in pure state and 99.05 – 100.03% in Xatral tablet, and 99.59 – 99.92% for tamsulosin hy drochloride in pure state and 99.73 – 99.93% in Ominic capsule. The relative standard deviations are less than 1.0 %. The accuracy of the method was indicated by excellent r ecovery and low standard deviation. The results wer e compared with the pharmacopoeial methods.