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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 6

Corrugated paperboard property modeling under transient impulse condition and response analysis


A mass loaded corrugated paperboard system is used to simulated a real package. The viscoelasticity of the paperboard is taken into account, the model for the corrugated paperboard dynamic property under the transient impulse excitation condition is formulated. The free response of a viscoelastic system is expressed as the sum of complex exponentials. The residues and poles of the system are identified by use of extended Prony method. An experimental system is set up for carrying out impulse experiments under different load conditions. Rounded impulse function is used to simulate the real half-sine impulse, the acceleration response analysis method of the system is presented. The model and the response analysis method provide theoretical basis for the proper use the corrugated paperboard.

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