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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 6

Construction of community sports serviceâ??s informationization


With the development and application of computer network information technology, community information technology has become an important foundation for the city and the whole information society and it has gradually become the core of development and effective utilization of the information resource in the city and the entire community. Meanwhile, the third point of major tasks of the second phase implementation program of Outline of Popular Fitness Program’s Phase II (2006 - 2010) suggests: improving socialized mass sports organizations networks. And in 2009, in the Working Ideas and Key Points of public Sports, General Administration of Sport of China described the focus of improving the popular fitness organization network: organizing the popular fitness organization network needs information services, thereby the research of community sports service’s informationization being of great practical significance. The purpose of this study is to scientifically grasp the concept, features, status, mode of development and other basic theories of community sports information services, construct community sports information service channel, provide scientific guidance for practices of community sports information service and create a service information platform for the community tennis evens. The Internet platform for the community tennis competition services created in this paper includes the matches information release system, matches creation system, matches scheduling system , setting system for draw and seeding, interactive system, forming an instrumental information system serving the community sports information transference.

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