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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 6

Comparison of three tracking methods of white matter fiber bindles based on diffusion MRI


Diffusion MRI is based on the measurement of Brownian motion of water molecules. It is possible to use this diffusion property as a probe to study the structure of spatial order in living brain tissues noninvasively. This paper put forward with a unified tracking algorithm based on diffusion tensor imaging, diffusion spectrum imaging and Q-Ball imaging. By applying the three methods to the same DWI dataset, different tracking results were got. The DTI tracking is fastest, and the number of fiber bundles is least; the DSI tracking is slowest, and the number of bundles is most; the QBI tracking is faster than DSI, but slower than DTI, and the number is larger than DTI, but smaller than DSI. DTI cannot track crossing bundles, but DSI and QBI can

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