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Original Articles: 2011 Vol: 3 Issue: 3

Comparison of the dermal wound healing of Centella asiatica extract impregnated collagen and crosslinked collagen scaffolds


The aim of this study is to hasten and improve the wound healing activity. Ensuring the physicochemical compatibility,Centella asiatica extract impregnated collagen and cross-linked collagen scaffolds (CAEICDS &CAEICCDS) were formulated using different concentrations. The formulated scaffolds were subjected to physical, biochemical and histopathological examinations. Microshrinkage Temperature of the scaffolds containing 1%w/v & 1.5%w/v & 2%w/v of CAEICDS & CAEICCDS were found to be 690C, 710C , 720C & 700C, 730C,760C respectively indicating their hydrothermal stability. Wound healing studies on Male Wister Rats were performed for a period of 7 days and it was observed that the 1.5%w/v of both CAEICDS & CAEICCDS treated wistar rats possessed higher amount of Hydroxy Proline content 72.6% & 73.6% when compared to that of the existing Marketed formulation (Neu- skinTM) (60.7%) . Further better wound healing activity was observed in the 1.5%w/v CAEICDS & CAEICCDS treated rats (79.9% & 80.68%).

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