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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 6

Comparison of Creatine and Glutamine supplementation consumption along with resistance exercise on the level of ALP in female mice


In recent years, in order to improve power, speed, the increase in the volume of the musculature, preventing sports injuries and maintain the muscle performance athletes use from different resistance exercises and food supplements. In this regard, present study has been conducted with the aim of comparison the influence of an 8 week period consumption of creatine (2 gr. in 1st week and 0.48 gr. 2nd to 8th weeks) and glutamine (1 gr . from first to eighth weeks) along with resistance exercise on the weight and level of ALP of female mice. This experimental study was done on 80 Small adult female mice of Surrey species (28 ± 5 gram). The an imals were randomly divided into 8 main groups of: resistance exercise, resistance exercise + creatine, resistance exercise + glutamine, resistance exercise + glutamine + creatine, creatine, glutamine, creatine + glutamine and control groups (N= 10). Resistance exercise (5 days a week) was including: climbing (4 sets, 5 times repetition with two minutes rest between the sets) from a ladder (with the height of one meter and including 26 steps) and bearing 30 percent of the weight of the Mouse body (hanging from tail) in the first week and the increasing it up to 200 percent of body weight till the last week of the experiment. During 48 hours after the last practice session of resistance exercise, the blood sample was taken and the the level of ALP has been measured. The results showed that the level of ALP enzyme in groups supplemented with creatine+ glutamine (combined with each other) and underwent the resistance exercise had been increased in comparison with the control group (144.3 ± 15.86 in comparison with 234.7 ± 25.69 U.L-1; P < 0.05).The results of this research indicate an increase in the level of ALP enzyme in the liver of mice under effect of the resistance exercise and consumption of creatine-glutamine supplementation and it showed that consumption of glutamine supplementation along with resistance exercise has the most influence upon the animals’ weight. Therefore these results suggest more importance of them and more studies are necessary to be done.