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Original Articles: 2017 Vol: 9 Issue: 2

Comparing the Effects of Slaughterhouse Waste Products and Herbal Fats on Fat Level of Japanese Quail


Current study was carried out to investigate the effects of slaughterhouse waste products and herbal fats on fat level of Japanese quail. 300 quail pieces were studied in a completely randomized design with six treatments and fivereplications (10 quails for each replication). Treatments were control (no-fat diet), control plus (no-fat diet plus lecithin emulsifiers), 20% slaughterhouse waste products fat plus 80%herbal fat,40% slaughterhouse waste products fat plus 60% herbal fat, 60% slaughterhouse waste products fat plus 40% herbal fat, and 80% slaughterhouse waste products fat plus 20% herbal fat. Obtained data were analyzed using SAS program. At the end of period, blood samples were taken in two replications from wing vein to measure HDL, LDL, triglyceride and total cholesterol. Results showed that 20-80SH had the highest HDL amount whereas 80-20SH had the highest cholesterol and LDL amounts. According to results, by using cheaper fat resources (slaughterhouse waste products), economical diets can be prepared without reduction in quails yield.