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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 6

Comparative phytochemical investigation and biological evaluation of Psoraleacorylifolia


P. corylifolia is a medicinally important herb belongs to family Fabaceae. The present investigation was carried out on seed and root parts for comparative phytochemical and biological screening like antimicrobial, analgesic, smooth muscle constriction and antidiabetic activity of different extracts. The extractions were carried out using solvents like petroleum ether, methanol and acetone. The yield value indicated methanol is a suitable solvent compared to acetone and petroleum ether. The proximate analysis showed root has more constituent compared to seed. From the analgesic and antidiabetic activity it was found that methanolic extracts of seeds and root were shown more potent activity, compare to standards. Whereas root extracts of acetone and petroleum ether showed moderate activity. The extracts of Psoralea corylifolia were shown smooth muscle constriction effect on isolated rat illium at dose dependent manner. From antimicrobial study it was reported that extracts of both seed and root were shown good results against gram positive bacterias and fungi. There was no promising effect was found in case of selected gram negative bacterias. The petroleum ether extract were not even shown any significant effect in case of fungal strains.