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Original Articles: 2016 Vol: 8 Issue: 6

Combined-Cloud Point Extraction and Spectrophotometric Detection of Copper (II) by Using a New Synthesized Ligand


A Cloud point extraction procedure was presented for preconcentration of Cu (II) after complexation by new azo reagent 4-(Nitro phenylazo imidazole) (NPAI) are quantitatively extracted in Triton-x-114 following separation, prior to its analysis by UV-Vis Spectrometry. The experimental conditions such as pH, concentration of Triton-x- 114, temperature, time of heating, stoichiometry for complex extracted were studied .Under the optimum established conditions, the detection limit of 0.045μg mL-1 of Cu (II) and concentration range of 0.1-5 μg mL-1, the molar absorption 2.85x104 The precision for seven replicate measurements of 5μg mL-1Cu (II) was of 0.30%. The method was applied to the determination of copper in amalgam dental material sample by CPE technique and comparing the result with atomic spectroscopy.