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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 3

Combined effect of LHR coating and Pongamia oil methyl ester on combustion, performance and emission characteristics in a single cylinder DI diesel engine


Increasing concerns over stringent emission norms in transportation sector and rapid consumption of the natural petroleum derivatives urged the researchers towards seeking alternative fuels such as biodiesel to be used in compression ignition engine. In the present investigation, Pongamia biodiesel was used in CI engine with Alumina ceramic coating of 0.3mm by thermal detonation spray method on the piston to enhance the combustion, performance and emission parameters. The Pongamia oil was transesterified and subjected to GC/MS and physiochemical analysis to identify its compatibility in IC engines. The Brake thermal efficiency and Brake Specific Energy Consumption was found to decease with the addition POME concentration with diesel but LHR Alumina coating improved their performance between 4% and 9%. The combustion parameters like In-cylinder pressure and Rate of heat Release also showed significant improvement in the presence of LHR coating with POME blends as fuel. The UBHC, CO and Smoke emission was found to decrease with a marginal increase in NOx for the LHR engine fuelled with POME blends.

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