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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 6

Chinese sporting population development research based on the logistic growth curve


This text makes an analysis on the aging structure, gender characteristic, culture feature and the difference among urban and suburb of different areas. It points out that the age of Chinese Sporting population mainly ranges from 16~45 nowadays and most of people are college and high school students, providing the situation where there are more sportspeople in the mid-eastern parts and less in the western parts, for the influence of economy. Next, correlation analysis methods were used to make the quantitative analysis on the relativity of the population and economic factors in different sporting systems. And then, in order to predict the population, we compare the Pearson correlation coefficient and choose the more correlative one to analyze. For the last step, we can take advantage of the Logistic Growth Curve to build a model of sporting system population prediction and obtain the prediction mathematical equations through investigating the historical statistics from those vocational sporting colleges, sporting schools and a vocational sporting schools filtered by the correlational analysis method. From this step, we can predict the changes of the population attending the three kinds of schools in the five years to follow after the year of 2012. Furthermore, we can draw the conclusion that in the five years to follow after 2012, there will be more people attending vocational sporting college and sporting school but less people in avocational sporting school.

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