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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 3

Bioprospecting of bacteria from less explored ecosystem


In this present study, for the bioprospecting aspects, bacteria isolated from shoal forest soils, Western Ghats were explored. In total 32 bacteria was isolated and screened for biological activities. Out of 32 isolates, Enzymatic activities of bacterial isolates shows 62.5% positive for protease, 28.1% for amylase and glutaminase, 65.6% for urease, 68.7% for agarase, 90.6% for pectinase, 12% for lipase and 31.5% for invertase. Biodegradation of bacterial isolates shows 40.6 % of isolates showed positive results for Malachite green, 31.2% showed positive results for crystal violet and 34.3% showed positive results for saffranin degradation. 40.6 % isolates also showed phenol degradation. Plant growth promoting substance of bacterial isolates, 21.8%, 28.1% and 15.6% shows positive results for ammonia, acetoin and phosphate solubilization, 15.6% isolates produced indole acetic acid and 18.7% isolates shows positive for N2 fixation.

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