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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 3

Biocide effect of Fusariumsolani and Penicillium spp against the cereals cyst nematode ?¢????Heteroderaavenae?¢???


StrategicCultures byexcellence,cerealsare a valuablefoodin the world,unfortunatelythey are subject tovariouspest attacksinthe fieldsamongwhich cereals cyst nematodes “Heterodera” serious, parasite thatitsdamagegreatly reducesyields. In order to reduceits infestationsand preserve the healthof the consumer,we triedto usebiological controlusing twocultures filtrate of fungusnamelyFusariumsolani andPenicilliumsppagainst the nematode.After exposingthe eggsto various concentrationsof the twofiltratesfor a period of6, 24and 48 hours, the results are highly significantsand shows theovicidaleffect of the twofiltrates. This effect increases with the immersion time and the concentration of the two filtrates. A mortality rate of eggsof 93.62% and 82.45% is recordedrespectivelyforF solani andPenicilluimspp after48h ofexposure.By comparingthe efficiency ofthe two filtrates cultures onnematode,the results revealed thattheovicideaction ofpurefiltrate ofF.solani, reached94.39% after 48 hoursagainst(83.39%) for the purefiltrateof Penicilliumspp.So,theculture filtrate ofF.solaniis muchmore effective than thefiltrate ofPenicilluimspp.Alsoourexperimentationshave shown thatnematodeeggsare verysensitive to lowpH(3.5).

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