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Original Articles: 2013 Vol: 5 Issue: 2

Bacteriological studies of drinking water from Lonar town of Buldhana district of Maharashtra


Water is an essential constituent of all animals, plants and human beings. Different sources of water like rain water, river water spring water and mineral water meet requirement of each living organisms. Inspire of abundant water resources, 1/3rd population has to depend on drinking water scarcity, is always a burning problem. Many catchments areas do not have sufficient water for drinking purpose is very much limited as compared to its consumption. Water can be distributed and water scarcity problem can be resolved to some extent. The people from interior of Buldana district of Maharashtra state uses well water for their daily activities and also for drinking purpose. Polluted water is responsible for spread of water borne diseases. So it is necessary to analyze the present water. Water resources are poorly managed in the rural areas of Maharashtra. The good quality water supply to such citizens is a need of this century. Due to uneven rainfall during the year, people have to use ground water from bore well. Industrial pollution has further affected the water quality. We have identified some water samples as ten samples from wells, ten water sample from tap water, four water samples from bore wells and four water samples from surface water in the Lonar region and people around it use well water for drinking purpose. A detailed survey on the portability of different water samples, water resources was conducted the presence of E. coli in 85% water samples indicates fecal contaminations which is dangerous and hence which require immediate attention towards the same. So some suggestions have been made for their improvement.

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