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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 6

Automotive covering parts drawing forming numerical simulation and the 6Ï? robust optimization of process parameters


In order to solve the problem that due to the unreasonable parameter Settings when use CAE analysis to produce the cars covering parts mould, such as sheet wrinkling, cracking, and more than an acceptable range of rebound. This article used CAE analysis software to find relatively reasonable parameters to achieve a reasonable analysis in the process of sheet metal forming defects and to put forward a practical and reliable process. The paper takes the automobile panel stamping forming process as the research object based on the numerical simulation of Auto form CAE analysis technology, the automotive covering parts forming process is simulated, and choose friction coefficient, blank-holder force, stamping speed, die gap as the design optimization variables, the maximum thinning rate, maximum wrinkling height and maximum rebound as the evaluation indexes, a 6σ robust optimization was carried on for the automobile covering parts drawing forming process parameters, then optimized and analyzed the process parameters of car door inner parts drawing forming to get the best process parameters combination is 84.21 tons of blank-holder force, 0.148 of friction coefficient ,0.69 mm of die gap and 2.203m/s of stamping speed. From the process parameters it can be got that the maximum thinning rate is 27.22%, the maximum wrinkling height is 47.52%, the maximum rebound is 1.953 mm .From the production verification, it can be concluded that the products meet the quality requirements.

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