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Original Articles: 2016 Vol: 8 Issue: 6

Association of BPA and Environmental oestrogen with Diabetes mellitus


BPA and environmental oestrogen are associated with insulin resistance and other metabolic syndromes. The study investigated the relationship between diabetes mellitus and BPA as well as environmental oestrogen. One hundred and thirty six (136) subjects aged 40 years and above were recruited for the study. This comprised of ninety seven (97) non insulin dependent diabetic patients (42 males and 55 females) and thirty nine (39) age and sex matched apparently healthy individuals (16 males and 23 females) who served as the control. With the aid of a structured questionnaire, subjects’ exposure to BPA and environmental oestrogen were checked. The test subjects were grouped into different groups by age and duration of sickness. All subjects were assayed for BPA and environmental oestrogen. The results obtained showed that the mean±S.D of BPA (ng/L) and environmental oestrogen (ρmol/L) levels were not statistically different (p>0.05) when the results of the diabetics were compared with the control subjects, and also when the levels of the parameters were compared within the different age groups. There were no significant statistical relationship (p>0.05) between BPA, oestrogen and diabetes mellitus respectively as both the diabetics and control subjects show similar pattern of exposure to the parameters studied. However, there is significantly higher levels of BPA (p<0.05) in male diabetics when compared to female diabetics which could be attributed to gender factor and occupational exposure. The study established no association between non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus with either environmental oestrogen or BPA.