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Original Articles: 2012 Vol: 4 Issue: 4

Assessment of iron and haemoglobin status in working women of various age groups


Anemia and iron deficiency are the most frequent nutritional problems on the worldwide scale. Haemoglobin, the iron containing metalloprotein in the red blood cells, transports oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body, where it releases its load of the oxygen. Depletion of iron concentration leads to inhibition of haemoglobin synthesis causing iron deficiency anemia. Mainly women are at the risk of developing iron deficiency. Taking this into consideration estimation of iron concentration and haemoglobin level from blood samples of 96 working women volunteers from various age groups is carried out. Haemoglobin level estimated by using CMG method and iron concentration determined by atomic absorption spectroscopy technique. In the samples iron concentration and haemoglobin level are found to be in the range of 119 to 970 ppm and 8.8 to 18.7 g/dL respectively. 44 cases showed haemoglobin level lower than the normal range indicating anemic condition. On the other hand iron concentration and haemoglobin level in 10 cases was found to be in the normal range. 37 cases showed iron concentration lower than normal range though haemoglobin level was within normal reference range. Iron concentration and haemoglobin level in remaining 5 cases was found to be more than normal range.

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