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Original Articles: 2010 Vol: 2 Issue: 4

Assessing the effectiveness of the non-polar extract of Crotalaria retusa in the control and management of the flea beetle, [Podagrica uniformis (L)] on okro, [Abelmoschus esculentus (L) moench]


Five formulations made from the non-polar extracts of C. retusa have been used as test agents on the flea beetles (P. uniformis). The effectiveness of each formulation (prepared by using Omo detergent solution and petroleum ether) was assessed by the estimation of the number of okro leaf discs (dipped in the respective formulations) eaten by P. uniformis and their mortality within the experimental period. The results of this study have showed that, non-polar constituents of the extract of C. retusa have antifeedant properties on flea beetles since they significantly reduced the feeding of P. uniformis on Okro leaf discs. The most effective formulation from the non-polar extract was found to be 0.3g of the extract in 40ml petroleum ether, while the least effective formulation was 0.6g of the extract in 40ml petroleum ether. There was a weak positive correlation (P>0.05) between the number okro leaf discs consumed and the mortality of the P. uniformis. This research suggests that the non-polar extract of C. retusa may contain some active ingredients for controlling the flea beetle, P. uniformis.