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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 6

Assay time reduction and thermal stability improvement of a lowcost, wax-dipping paper-based microfluidic device


Lab-on-paper or paper-based microfluidic devices (μPADs) are an alternative technology for clinical diagnosis and point-of-care testing, particular in developing countries. In this report, a simple and facile wax dipping method for the fabrication of paper-based microfluidic devices was described,and its feasibility in terms of decreased assay time and improved thermal stability was demonstrated. Multiple wax-based products, including beeswax (BW), microwax (MW), paraffin (PF) and polyethylene wax (PE), can be used in the wax dipping method to improve the thermal stability of the devices. Beeswax and PE were selected as suitable ingredients in terms of their ability to improve the thermal stability. The optimal melting temperature of beeswax containing PE was in the range of 140- 160 °C with an optimal dipping time of 5 seconds. The results showed that the use of PE as an additive could help improve the thermal stability of the μPAD,which could withstand temperatures of up to 45 ºC for 15 minutes without affecting the channel resolution. In addition, wax dipping was used to improve the fluid flow of a μPAD made from a paper towel and reduced the assay time 5-fold

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