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Original Articles: 2017 Vol: 9 Issue: 10

Analysis of Seasonal and Temporal Variation in Physicochemical and Microbial Characteristics of Surface Water in Amritsar (Punjab)


The effect of seasonal changes on various physicochemical and microbial properties of surface water was studied during monsoon and post monsoon season. Eleven different sampling sites were selected and water samples were collected in monsoon (July 2016) and post monsoon season (Oct 2016). The water samples were subjected to different physicochemical analysis by standard methods. The MPN count was done to check the suitability of water for domestic purposes. The results were analysed and compared with standard permissible limits of BIS. The present study revealed that the surface water quality in Amritsar district has been deteriorated and is not suitable for agricultural or domestic purposes. Seasonal variation plays an important role in determining the physico-chemical as well as microbial characteristics of the water. Maximum pollution load was observed during the monsoon season with high level of total dissolve solids, chemical oxygen demand, electric conductivity, alkalinity etc. The study thus stressed on treatment of water and control of domestic and faecal pollution of water bodies.

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