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Original Articles: 2010 Vol: 2 Issue: 6

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity of 3-methoxy-5-nitro-2-(1â??,3â??,4â??-oxadiazolyl,1â??,3â??,4â??-thiadiazolyl and 1â??,2â??,4â??-triazolyl)benzofurans


The analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity of tit le compounds was determined by thermal stimulus (tail flick) method and rat paw edema meas urement using plethysmographic method respectively. Analgin and aspirin were used as stan dard drugs while testing analgesic activity and phenylbutazone was the standard drug used for t he comparison of the potency of test compounds for their formalin induced anti-inflammat ory activity. The title compounds have shown encouraging analgesic activity. Their analges ic potency has been found to be equal to that of a standard drug. The analgesic activity of remaining compounds is found to be moderate. The anti-inflammatory activity results indicate tha t some compounds are equally active and comparable with standard phenylbutazone. Other comp ounds have been found to be either moderately or poorly active. These experiments we re carried with the permission of Institutional animal ethics registration No. 34800/ 2007/CPCSEC. 1-8-2001.