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Reviews: 2017 Vol: 9 Issue: 5

A Study on Ionanoliquids: Review Paper


This paper reviews the latest class of nanoliquids known as ionanoliquids. These liquids are having excellent thermophysical properties when compared to their ionic base fluids. Such liquids find a great potential as heat transfer liquids due to the above. An attempt has been made to study the work of researchers on such liquids and highlight the advantages of such coolants, the chemical development methods for such liquids, the characteristic applications in industry of such ionanofluids, along with their disadvantages and stability issues. Researchers investigating the heat transfer and specific heat capacity of such liquids have often found that ionanoliquids have better heat capacity and thermal conductivity but less heat transfer area when compared with their base ionic liquids. Since in the present day thermal world accent has been placed on green technologies the above liquids show immense potential According to researchers, their thermophysical properties influenced the design and performance parameters of physical-chemical processing and reaction units like reactors, heat exchangers and distillation columns. Since green technologies are desirable in most processes the ionic liquids have to be characterized as per their transport, thermodynamic and dielectric properties. So the objective of this review is to study the manufacture and application of ionanoliquids for their application to heat transfer based on their thermodynamic and fluid flow behavior.