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Original Articles: 2018 Vol: 10 Issue: 12

A Study of Correlation between Nickel-based Alloy Hastelloy-C276 Machining and Cutting Tool Life


Nowadays the nickel-based material is widely applied in some key industries such as defense, aerospace and chemical equipment, which is mainly featured by high mechanical strength, high hardness, temperature resistance and impact resistance. However, precipitation hardening, grain-boundary strengthening and affinity phenomenon may occur to nickel-based material during processing, which may cause serious abrasion to the cutting tools, and finally degrade the quality. The cutting speed, feeding speed and cutting depth will influence the wear of cutting tool. The study will apply Taylor's tool life equation to establish the life equation for the cutting tool. With rare data related to nickel-based alloy, especially the Hastelloy-C276, to produce qualified products at most based on the minimum cost of cutting tool is the direction that the current industry strives for. The objective of the study is to understand the correlation between different cutting parameters and the Hastelloy-C276 material machining. When the rotating speed S=2800rpm and the feeding speed Ft=0.7(mm/tooth), the life of cutting tool is 0.8 times of that at the feeding speed Ft=0.62 (mm/tooth). Moreover, it aims to work out the optimized cutting parameters that can expand the tool life.

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