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Volume 11, Issue 3 2019: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Chemical Constituents and Cytotoxic Evaluation of Abelmoschus esculentus L. Leaves Grown in Egypt
Ali Mohamed El-Hagrassi, Abeer Fouad Osman, Dina Mahfouz Eskander and Mahmoud Ibrahim Nassar
Page No: 1-13

Different Fractions of Mimosa pudica by Wound Healing Activity
Subba Rao Chamakuri, Priyanka Dasari, Usha Rachakatla, Ambareen Fida, Swathi Pendyala, Qhader Shareef, Arun Kumar S and Raju Bolla
Page No: 14-21

Immobilization of Synthesized TiO2 Nano-sheets onto the Surface of the Mesh and its Modification Effect on the Wettability Behavior
Landry Biyoghe Bi Ndong, Frank Herve Yeo Kanfolo, Bo Bai, Hui Huang and Chi He
Page No: 22-29

The Role of Liquid Membrane Phenomenon in Antiplatelet Aggregation of Quercetin-3-O-Fatty Acid Esters
Na Sun, Xiao-lan Wang and Yu Duan
Page No: 30-40

Relative Study of Different Fractions of Ceiba Pentandra by Analgesic Activity
Subba Rao Chamakuri, Priyanka Dasari, Qhader Shareef Md, Swathi Pendyala, Usha Rachakatla and Ambareen Fida
Page No: 41-49

HPLC Profile and In vitro Antioxidant Properties of the n-butanol Extract of Linaria tingitana Boiss. and Reut.
Mourad Hanfer, Thamere Cheriet, Ahmed Menad, Ramdane Seghiri and Souad Ameddah
Page No: 50-58

In Vitro Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities of Essential Oils of Lavandula stoechas from Morocco
Kaoutar EL Amrani, Mohammed Barbouchi, Mostafa EL idrissi, Mohammed Sbiti, Abderrahim Eddahby and M'barek Choukrad
Page No: 59-73

Anti-Inflammatory Constituents of Plants: A Review
Umoh UF, Umoh RA, Enema OJ, Ekpo E, Ajibesin KK and Eseyin OA
Page No: 74-85

Determination of Potential Synthetic Adulteration of PDE-5 Inhibitors in Herbal Formulation by RP-HPLC Method
Pankaj P Kapupara and Ravi P Ajudia
Page No: 86-94

Methanol Extract of Xylopia aethiopica Fruits Modifies Haematological and Biochemical Status in Rats
Innocent U Okagu, Victor N Ogugua, Eunice C Onwuchekwa, Collins U Ezugwu, Celestine N Dibor, Cynthia C Njoku, Samuel N Okaro, Marious O Okafor, Justina C Ulogu, Cynthia C Udeh, Maryann U Ifeanacho and Christian C Chibuogwu
Page No: 95-108