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Traditional Healing Practices by Some Polyherbal Formulations of Rajbanshi Community

Author(s): Priyankar Roy, Subhasis Panda and Palash Mandal

Rajbanshis are the ancestor of Koches and are living in Northern Region of West Bengal. The distinctive climatic and ecological conditions make North Bengal a unique existence for a large Biodiversity. For thousands of years, Rajbanshis are living in this area and they are mostly dependent on agriculture. But socio-cultural activities of the Rajbanshi community are directly and indirectly related to the plants resources. They are using various plant parts to make medicinal formulations for alleviating their diseases & disorders since time immemorial. By semi-structured questionnaires through scheduled interviews with the local medicine men (commonly known as Mahan, Ojha or Kabiraj), ten polyherbal formulations were recorded with their dosimetry and method of application. The study revealed that a total number of thirty one types of plants species from twenty four families were used for preparing different polyherbal formulations to cure various ailments like arthritis, sore, wound and injury, dysentery, fever, irritation during urination, liver problem, jaundice, nose bleeding along with frequent urination or glycosuria. Further attention is required from the researchers for these medicinal plants particularly for making formulation for the treatment of above mentioned disorders towards the discovery of potential efficacious drugs in future.