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Rapid assessment of sedimentation stability in Paracetamol suspension formulations with different suspending agents using near infrared transmission measurements

Author(s): P. N. Murthy, M. Vimala Devi, Sudhir Kumar Sahoo, Anjan Kumar Mahapatra and Madhusmruti Khandai

The aim of the study is to formulate paracetamol suspensions and evaluate their sedimentation stability in a rapid way by employing near infrared transmission measurements. The mucilage extracted from Plantago ovata seeds was also used as one of the suspending agents. The mucilage is a natural suspending agent that can be used as an effective alternative for traditional suspending agents. Stability studies of suspensions are very important to enable the patient to receive the intended amount of the drug(s) in the dose administered. Physical stability of paracetamol suspensions was studied in terms of sedimentation stability in a rapid way employing infrared extinction profiles by using the instrument Separation analyzer (LUMiReader®) in the present work. The LUMiReader® instantaneously measures the extinction profiles of the transmitted light across the entire length of a suspension sample employing STEP-Technology (Space- and Time-resolved Extinction Profiles Technology). Paracetamol suspensions were formulated with different suspending agents like methylcellulose (MC), hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC), sodium carboxymethylcellulose (SCMC) and mucilage of Plantago ovata (POM) and their infrared extinction profiles were compared to determine their sedimentation stability. Instability indices determined on different suspension formulations indicated that MC and POM are preferable suspending agents for the preparation of stable suspensions of paracetamol.


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