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Prevalence and identification of fatty liver (FL) risk markers in local Pakistani population

Author(s): Masoom Fatima, Muhammad Javed Khan, Afroz R. Khan, Pari Gul, Waheed Ahmed ,Shah, Nisar Ahmed Shahwani

Nonalcoholic fatty liver (NAFLD) is an original disease, firstly recognized at the beginning of the second millennium in Western world, due to advanced life style and dietary habits. It is associated with less or no intake of alcohol and a chronic liver disease, also linked with several features of metabolic abnormalities. NAFLD has grown to epidemic proportion and is currently the most common ca use of abnormal liver leading to cryptogenic cirrhosis. Moreover it is a frequent indication for liver transplantation. Extensive research work on NAFLD had been conducted in the Western world, however, its etiology and presentation has not yet been well s tudied in Asian populations including Pakistan. So, present study was designed to find the prevalence and identification of fatty liver (FL) risk markers in local Pakistani population.A well designed questionnaire and written informed consent was used to g ather physical data and blood samples from patients showing symptoms of NAFLD. The set objectives were achieved by recording extensive physical data and biochemical parameters based on international standards like; fasting blood sugar and lipid profile. Liver specific biochemical and physical tests had performed using standard protocols and kit based methods. In conclusion, present study is helpful to find prevalence of NAFLD in local Pakistani population and identification of risk markers leading towards the development of this disease. This preliminary study made a strong basis for the correct diagnosis, treatment and management of

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