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Observation of the release of aspirin from gelatin-sodium alginate polymeric implant

Author(s): Sharmina Islam, Swarnali Islam and Amina Begum Urmi

Implantation technology is currently the most utili zed route for studying sustained drug release poten tial. Present investigation explores the scope of sustaining the release of drug by using Gelatin-Sodium Alginate co mbination biodegradable implants. Implants were formulated in varied ratios of Gelatin and Sodium alginate, i.e. 70:30, 80:20 and 90:10 % w/w by heating and congealing method. T hey were then exposed to formaldehyde for different time periods, (3 Hrs, 6 Hrs, 12 Hrs and 24 Hrs) for hard ening. Aspirin was chosen as the model drug because it plays an important role in treating many long term condition s like rheumatoid arthritis, myocardial infarction, stroke and cancer. The implants were evaluated for thickness, weight variation, presence of free formaldehyde and in-vitro release studies over a period of 96 hours (4 days). The implant formulated with 80:20 Gelatin-Sodium A lginate ratio and hardened for 12 hours with formaldehyde were fo und to produce the maximum sustained action for 96 hours (4 days). Tests for free formaldehyde revealed that no ne of the implants contained free formaldehyde. The results of in- vitro dissolution study were fitted to different ki netic models to evaluate the kinetic data. The kine tic data was determined by finding the best fit of the release d ata to these models. Implants were found to follow the Higuchi model of kinetics the best. Also good correlations were obtained with Korsmeyer-Peppas model. Therefor e, drug release from the implants was diffusion-controlled, where the drug was found to leave the matrix throug h pores and channels formed by the entry of dissolution medium.


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