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Effective cefixime treatment in pregnant women with urinary tract infection

Author(s): Laith M. Abbas Al-Huseini, Asma A. Swadi and Saba M Swadi

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are considered to be the most common bacterial infection during pregnancy. Early diagnosis and proper treatment have a great impact on both mother health and pregnancy outcome. The antibiotic chosen should have a good maternal and fetal safety profile. In this paper, we screened pregnant women for UTIs at different stages of their pregnancies and treated them with a third generation cephalosporin, cefixime, aiming to evaluate the efficacy of this antibiotic in treating UTIs. Our results demonstrate considerable effectiveness of cefixime in treating UTIs in pregnant women at their first, second and third trimesters with significant reduction in bacterial urine culture growth in these pregnant women. There were no changes in renal function, blood glucose, white blood cells and hemoglobin levels before and after treatment which reflect drug safety and tolerability. We conclude that cefixime is an effective therapy for pregnant women at any stage of their gestation of relatively short term treatment.


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