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Computational studies on the antiobesity effect of polyphenols from pomegranate leaf

Author(s): Sudeep H. V.* and Shyam Prasad K

Different polyphenols present in Pomegranate leaves were docked into validated drug targets of obesity which include enzymes pancreatic lipase and fat mass and obesity associated protein (FTO). The in silico calculations predicted that lowest energy docked poses of phenolic compounds can interact with catalysis-dependent residues, thus making them possible catalytic inhibitors and of course physiologically active. Compounds that possess a number of hydrogen-bond-accepting and/or -donating groups like phenolics and quinones show extensive interactions with the targets. Based on the ligand-protein interaction we can conclude that phenolic principles like Punicalagin, corilagin, punicalin and apigenin thus offer profound promise as anti-obesity drugs. This study has immediate applications in development of non-toxic drugs/nutraceuticals that may safeguard human populations against severe complications associated with obesity.


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