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Comparative Studies on Different Solvents Used for the Extraction of Phytochemicals from the Plant Parts of Arnebia benthamii. (Wall Ex. G. Don) Johnston

Author(s): Mufida Fayaz, Musadiq H Bhat, Amit Kumar and Ashok K Jain

Phytochemical screening was carried out using different solvent extracts of inflorescence, root and leaf of Arnebia benthamii to compare their efficacy. Qualitative analysis of ten phytochemical compounds (alkaloids, saponins, tannins, phenolics, glycosides, proteins and amino acids, sterols, terpenoids, flavonoids and carbohydrates) was made. Out of the selected plant parts, inflorescence gave positive test for all ten compounds in all selected solvents except for sterols and terpenoids. The phytochemicals of root part showed positive test for seven compounds in methanolic extract, ten in ethanolic extract, and four each in acetone and chloroform extracts. Saponins, tannins and phenolics were present in least number of solvent extracts as they showed their presence in ethanol extract only. The methanol and ethanol extracts of leaf showed positive results for all ten compounds. Acetone and chloroform leaf extracts showed presence of eight and six phytochemicals respectively. Sterols and terpenoids were found absent in acetone and chloroform extracts. The presence of various phytochemicals further established the previous findings that parts of Arnebia benthamii are good sources of therapeutical compounds.