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Chemical Investigation of Seed of Ipomoea hederacea and its Biological Activity

Author(s): B. P. Singh and Sandhya Singh

Ipomoea is the largest genus in the flowering plant family "Convolvulaceae” with over 500 species, most of these are called morning glories. Ipomoea hederacea considered as a valuable herb for indigenous medicine is renowned for its medicinal properties. Ipomoea hederacea is a favored drug for different diseases because of its oral effectiveness, good safety profile availability in India. The seed of this plant have also been used in both analgesic and antiseptic properties. The present work is aim to investigate the phytochemical investigations of different extracts of seed of Ipomoea hederacea. The methanolic extract of seed was directly chromatographed over silica gel column eluted with solvent petroleum ether, chloroform, acetone and methanol to their increasing order of polarity. The various extracts were directly separated by column chromatography and monitored by thin layer chromatography. The extracts were characterized on the basis of various spectral techniques such as IR, 1H NMR, and mass spectroscopy. The antibacterial study performed against to bacteria species via; Escherichia coli and pseudomonas aeruginosa. The methanol extracts of seed of Ipomoea hederacea exhibited varying level of antibacterial activity, with minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of 2 mg/ml against both bacteria. The methanol extract was found to be more active than the other extract like petroleum ether, chloroform and acetone. The antifungal activity of these extracts was also performed against to alternaria brassica, alternaria braceacola, aspergillus Niger fungal strain. The methanol and chloroform extracts shows moderated as well as significant activity against the strains.