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A study on phytochemical analysis, antioxidant and larvicidal activity of dried flowers of Tabebuia rosea

Author(s): G. Madhumitha*, K. Divya and J. Fowsiya

To study the larvicidal, antioxidant and phytochemi cal screening test of Methanol extract of dried Tab ebuia rosea (T. rosea) flowers. The methanol extract of flowers of T. rosea were studied for their larvicidal and antioxidant activity by total antioxidant, reducing power metho d and lipid peroxide method. The phytochemical anal ysis has been done using petroleum ether, ethyl acetate and methanol extract of dried flowers of T. rosea. The flower extracts of T.rosea showed larvicidal activity against Culexquinque fasciatus and Anopheles subpictus. The regression value of culexquinque fasciatus was 0.974 and the LC 50 value showed 586.68, and for Anopheles subpictus r egression valuewas 0.981 and LC 50 value showed 241.72.As a result of this study, it w as found that the fractions T.rosea demonstrated significant larvicidal and antioxidant activity. Due to extensive use and sale of produc ts derived from T.rosea may tend to lead pressure on the population of this species and exert use of the fractions in the treatment of other diseases in pharmaceutical field.

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