Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research is an online international journal to promote all fields of Chemical Sciences like Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Photochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Agricultural and Soil Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Macromolecular Chemistry, Petroleum Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry and Phytochemistry as well as all aspects of Chemical Engineering etc. rss//rss/jocpr-volume-8-issue-4-year-2016.xml Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Volume 8, Issue 4 Kinetic modeling of Batch studies using mixed adsorbent prepared from Activated charcoal and Bone charcoal for the removal of Copper and Cadmium Srinivas Tadepalli, K. S. R. Murthy and P. Vijay Determination of hospital committees efficiency enhancing factors and members motivators for participating in committees sessions in selected hospitals Shiraz Iran 2015 Hadis Dastgerdizad and Babak Eslamzadeh Design synthesis antibacterial antioxidant activity and molecular docking studies of 6hydroxybenzofuran derivatives Gurunathan Krishnaswamy, Nivedita R. Desai, Raja Naika Hanuma Naika, K. M. Mahadevan, Rangadhol V. Satyendra and Doyijode B. Aruna Kumar Removal of Copper and Cadmium from industrial effluents using the mixed adsorbent in the Continuous flow operations Srinivas Tadepalli, K. S. R. Murthy and P. Vijay Computation on the fourth Zagreb index of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons PAHk Mohammad R. Farahani, Muhammad K. Jamil, M. R. Rajesh Kanna and R. Pradeep Kumar Identification of phenolic compounds from banana peel Musa paradaisica L as antioxidant and antimicrobial agents Ahmed M. Aboul-Enein, Zeinab A. Salama, Alaa A. Gaafar, Hanan F. Aly, Faten A bou-Elella and Habiba A. Ahmed KIM1 as a biomarker to predict and diagnose Acute Kidney Injury AKI Dania Ismail and Almoutassem Billah Zetoune Investigation of the Effect of Solution Hardening on Mechanical Properties of Al 7075SiC Metal Matrix Composite Sumathy Muniamuthu, Bharani Chandar J and Deepak N. J Evaluation of three mosquito larvicidal efficacy of root extracts of Sphaeranthus indicus Anil Kumar Purnakanti, Karunakar Rao Kudle, Madhukar Rao Kudle and B. Niraja Synthesis Structural Spectroscopic Antimicrobial and Molecular modeling studies of a bischelating Sulphur containing Schiff base ligand Pulimamidi Saritha Reddy The Second Zagreb Eccentricity Index of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons PAHk Muhammad K. Jamil, Mohammad R. Farahani, M. R. Rajesh Kanna and R. Pradeep Kumar Electrochemical SEMEDX study of 3Ethyl4amino5mercapto124 triazole as inhibitor for corrosion of 6061 Al15 vol Pct SiCp composite and its base alloy in sulphuric acid medium Geetha Mable Pinto, Ronald Nazareth, A Nityananda Shetty and Jagannath Nayak Design synthesis antibacterial antioxidant activity and molecular docking studies of 6hydroxybenzofuran derivatives Gurunathan Krishnaswamy, Nivedita R. Desai, Raja Naika Hanuma Naika, K. M. Mahadevan, Rangadhol V. Satyendra and Doyijode B. Aruna Kumar The role of biogas to sustainable development aspects environmental security and economic Reza Alayi*, Ali Shamel, Alibakhsh Kasaeian, Hossein Harasii and Majid Amani Topchlar Performances analysis of the reverse osmosis desalination plant of brackish water used for drinking water Tagounite Morocco A. Lachheb, S. Belhamidi, N. Zouhri, Y. A. Idrissi Implementation of renewable energy solar for rural development Vibha Verma Deshmukh* and Praveena Rajput Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Vibrational Spectra of Nicotinic Acid Achchhe Lal, Neha Shukla, Vipin B. Singh and Devendra Kumar Singh* Isolation and Characterization of Microbial Strains from Textile Industry Effluents of Bhilwara India Analysis with Bioremediation Kumar S., Chaurasia P and Kumar A Thiazolidinone as a pharmacologically active molecule Garima Kapoor*, Dharam Pal Pathak, Rubina Bhutani and Ravi Kant Recent trends and advances in fungal drug delivery Baishakhi Bhowmik, Aravind Ram A. S., D. V. Gowda*, Anjali Singh, Atul Srivastava and Riyaz Ali M. Osmani Prevalence of Dental Fluorosis in southeastern part of Anantapur DistrictAndhra Pradesh B. Muralidhara Reddy,V. Sunitha* and M. Ramakrishna Reddy Determination of Lead Metal in roadside plants in some of Baghdads Highways Iraq Hathama R. Hasan and Jalal N. Jeber Synthesis Characterization and biological evaluation of some novel disubstituted heterocyclic derivatives J. Sree Ram Babu*, T. Ravi Sankar, K. Sudhakar Babu and J. Latha The Effect of 60Day Selected Program Training on Stress and Recovery in Young Women Marzieh Mosleminezhad and Fazllolah Bagherzadeh In vitro Antimicrobial Evaluation of 3Aminothiophene2carboxylates Satish Chavan, Raghunath Toche, Avinash Bhole, Vasant Patil, Pankaj Aware and Rahul Watpade Synthesis of 13disubstituted pyrazoles using ionic liquid Chandrashekhar G. Devkate, Khandu D. Warad , Digambar D. Gaikwad and Mohammad Idrees M. Siddique Phenolic Compounds from Grape Wastes and their Impact in Neurodegenerative Disease Souad El Gengaihi, Emad M. Hassan, Abeer Y. Ibrahim, Faten M. Aboul Ella and Doha H. Abou Baker Tellurium IV complexes of tridentate ONS Schiff base derived from isatinand 2aminothiophenolIV complexes of tridentate ONS Schiff base derived from isatin and 2aminothiophenol Gobind Goyat, Anju Malik, Sapana Garg and K. K. Verma Grape juice Catalysed Synthesis of Bis Indolyl Methanes in Aqueous Medium A Green Approach Abrar Sheikh and G. M. Nazeruddin Quantum Chemical Studies on hydrogen bonding interaction of Pyrimidine and Water Neha Shukla and Devendra Kumar Singh A New Mannich Base and its Metal Complexes along with their Antimicrobial and Antifungal screening Mohd. Rais Khan and Sahdev Dissipation kinetics of kresoximmethyl fungicide in different pH waters under sun light Tentu Nageswara Rao, S. N. V. S. Murthy, K. Parameswar, N. Krishna Rao and Karri Apparao Protective effects of graph peel extracts on cardiac hypertrophy in 2kidney1clip hypertensive rats Chan Moon Jung, Sun Eun Choi, Sung Jin Hwang and Kwang-Hyun Park Antibacterial and antioxidant studies of individual and formulation of Indian medicinal plants Karthika T, Sridhar S and Sri Devi M Membrane bioreactors for waste water treatment A. Venkata Narayana, B. Sumalatha, K. Kiran Kumar, D. John Babu andT. C. Venkateswarulu Chemical constituents and antimicrobial activity of different Annona species cultivated in Egypt Mona A. Mohammed, Souad E. El-Gengaihi, Ahmed M. Aboul Enein, Emad M. Hassan, Osama K. Ahmed and Mohsen S. Asker UV Spectrophotometric Estimation of Alprazolam by second and third order derivative Methods in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Dosage Form Rajan V. Rele and Amey V. Deshpande Pharmaceutical Companies towards Health Care Kanagala Anusha, V. Narasimha Rao and P. Vijaya Kumar Screening of Marrubium alysson L extract for pharmacological activity Raed Alaa, Mohammad M. Abd-Alhaseeb, Eman S. Habib, Amany K. Ibrahim and Safwat A. Ahmed Detection of blood vessel Segmentation in retinal images using Adaptive filters M. Anto Bennet, D. Dharini, S. Mathi Priyadharshini and Narla Lakshmi Mounica Evaluation of Novel Compound BenzoylphenylIndoleCarboxamide Effect on Hyperlipidemic and Hyperglycemic Rat Mahmoud Al-Shawabkeh, Abdulrahim Al Jamal and Omaymah Ghaleb Al-Jamal Antidiabetic activity of aqueous extract of Erythrina variegata L bark in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats K. Devaki, S. Priyanga and S. Hemmalakshmi Chronological assessment of Isoniazid and Rifampicin induced hepatotoxicity in Wistar Albino Rats Sherry Joseph Martin and Evan Prince Sabina Novel synthetic methodology for the synthesis of dibenzo azepines Nitin A. Shimpi and Rajesh B. Dhake Investigation of in vitro antiinflammatory and COX2 inhibitory activities of Rosmarinus officinalis Nasreen Begum, Srisailam K. and Uma Maheshwar Rao V GmENOD40 Expression Decreased in NORK Knockdown Transgenic Soybean Roots Lijun Wang and Lingwei Deng Investigation on thermal functional dielectric studies of semiorganic bis glycine maleate crystals V. J. Priyadharshini and G. Meenakshi Virtual screening for identification of novel potent EGFR inhibitors through Autodock Vina molecular modeling software Swati Chaurasiya, Paranjeet Kaur, Surendra Kumar Nayak and Gopal L. Khatik Optimization of cost effective substrate and media for alkaline phosphatase releasing rhizospheric bacteria isolated from Dehradun Uttarakhand Paratpar Sarkar, R. N. Singh and Ashish Thapliyal Transungual drug delivery a pivotal remedy in onychomycosis Verma Surender, Singh Renu and Ashima Enzymatic treatment of effluents from textile industries Soundharya K, Rashika B., Mounica R. and Chandran Masi Antimicrobial Evaluation of Some Newly Synthesized Terpolymer Resins Derived From Substituted Resorcinol Biuret and Furfural Maroju Ravichandera, Budarapu Neelamma, Gunreddy Anand Reddy and Devanapelly Shashikantha Rao Design Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Ureidobezimadazole hybrid as Potent TNF and IL6 Inhibitor and Antimicrobial agents Sandeep V. Shinde, Rajesh H. Tale, Atish H. Rodg, Ashish D. Raote, Kalpana M. Patil and Rajendra P. Pawar Effects of hydroalcoholic extract in Mellissa officinalis plant on fat profiles and glucose level in diabetic rats induced by streptozotocin Amin Tashakor, Mahnas Rezaei Kelishadi, Ali Ghasemi, Fatemeh Daylami, Azar Rahimi, Setareh Zamani Doabi and Naser Nabi Abdolusefi Improved fluorescence and solubility properties of Nsubstituted carboxyl poly18diaminonaphthalene in the presence of europium cations Biao Yang, Jiali Zhang, Qi Song, Xiaoai Ye and Hao Wang Use of cellulose and its derivatives for metal ion sorption Sandeep Chauhan Spectrophotometric determination of silodosin in pharmaceutical formulations by charge transfer complex method G. Dill Rani and P. Venkateswarlu In vitro antifungal activity of Trichoderma strains on pathogenic fungi inciting hot pepper Capsicum annuum L Aswini A., Sharmila T., Raaga K., Sri Deepthi R. and Krishna M. S. R An empirical study on the influence of family background on the employment of College Students Lin Ling Implementation of Food Quality Tracking System Based on Internet of Things Feng Tianzhong Research on Denoising Salt and Pepper Noise Based on Edge Classification Tang Xianghong, Zheng Yan and Yang Quanwei Research on the Implementation of Entrepreneurship Education Xiansheng Liu Learning Methods of Radial Basis Function Neural Network Weidong Ji, Liping Sun, Keqi Wang and Liguo Lv A Study on PostCET4 College English Teaching Model Based on Intercultural Communication Xin Zhao, Shuang Gu and Shanshan Yu Studies of influence on the physicochemical properties of jet fuel by Aspergillus penicillioides Hao Yang, Yun Xiong, Peng Zhu, Ran Chen, Hailong Huang and Qianqian He Determination of Physico Chemical Properties of Biopolyester Resins from cardanol and castor oil T. Jothy Stella Study on the Relationship between Genetic Polymorphisms of Cytochrome P450 and effects of Dipyrone in dental pain Salem O. Ali Abdalla, Thabet H. Nagah, Ashraf F. Alzalitni and Fathiya Asteal Phytochemical Screening and Biological Activity of Balanites aegyptiaca Stem Bark Isam Eldin Fahmi Amin Mutwali and Suad Abdelgadir Cellular uptake of chitosan nanospheres by HEP G2 cells phagocytosis Yousry Mahmoud Gohar, Samah Aly Loutfy, Amira Zaky, Abdel-Rahman Nabawi Zekri, Ahmed Mahmoud Mayla and Moustafa Youssef El-Naggar Determinations of the effect of using silca gel and nanosilica gel against Tuta absoluta Lepidoptera Gelechiidae in tomato fields Sabbour Magda and Hussein M. M Design of dual release drug delivery system of roxythromycin and ambroxol HCl B. P. Patel and D. M. Patel Study on the relationship between genetic polymorphisms of Cytochrome P450 and effects of Dimethylaminoantipyrine in dental pain Salem O. Ali Abdalla, Thabet H. Nagah, Ashraf F. Alzalitni and Fathiya Asteal Effect of seeding on sucrose polymorphism Runjhun Tandon and Nitin Tandon Research on the Application OntologyBased Personalized Tourist Recommendation System Pan Hua-li and Zhang Zhi-Jun The Influencing Factors Analysis of Heat Exchanger in Engineering Practice Qiang Guo Development of Researches on Cranial Cavity Measuring Methods Lin Zhang and Yingxun Xu Teaching Reform of Basic Mechanics Courses in Applicationoriented Universities in China Yang Zhang andXinli Wu Urban utility information systems using Geospatialdata A case study of Tumkur urban area in Karnataka state M. Priyaadharashini, K. P. Senthilnathan and M. P. Sridhar Molecular identification and characterization of active actinomycete strain isolated from El Mellah Lake of El Kala Sarah Benouagueni and Djamila Gacemi Kirane Influence of Physical Ability Fast Recovery of Athletes Based on Movement Food Nutrition Xiao-feng Su, Li Guo and Ping-ping Liu Studies on structural mechanical NLO and electrical properties of Lvaline cadmium chloride crystals grown with different concentrations of cadmium chloride N. Sheen Kumar and S. L. Rayar Research on intelligent integrated management mode of laboratory based on Internet of things Wencheng Liu Utility Research on LED Light Source in the Flue Cured Tobacco Seeding Li Tianhua and Hu Hongbo Agricultural Diversification Evidenced by Crop Remains during the Late Neolithic in the Upper Ying River Central China Wu Guoxi, Li Zhongxuan and Luo Yalin Development of red hen egg yolk antibodies against the Naja naja Indian cobra venom and its neutralisation studies R. S. A. Sorna Kumar, Susan Peter, Sangeetha M., Sridevi Gnaniah, Amuthavalli and Premavathi Research on the Security Management Method of Cloud Computing Authorized User Based on Anonymous OTP Yuan Bao Li Reduction of Arsenic Content in Imported Polished Rice Association of Cooking Method Ranna Jafari- Moghadam and Parisa Ziarati Estimation and validation of visible spectrophotometric method for confirmation studies on amoxicillin trihydrate of expired and nonexpired in pharmaceutical dosage form Nithiya R, Sridhar S and Mary Mini Green strategy for Dyeing Wool Fibers by madder Natural Dye N. F. Ali and E. M. El-Khatib In vivo Evaluation of Analgesic Antipyretic and Antiinflammatory potential of Siddha Formulation Natural and Synthetic Pooraparpam in selective Rodent Model N. Kabilan and M. Murugesan Isolation pattern and drug susceptibility scenario in Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from infected patients of Kashmir Valley India A comparative study Zafar Nowshad, Javid Khosa and Abhishek Mathur Synthesis of 3oxo bile acids selected products in the biomedical research and testing their FTIR spectroscopy Tanja Sarenac and Momir Mikov Biomedical waste and its management V. N. Kalpana, D. Sathya Prabhu, S. Vinodhini and Devirajeswari V Isolation and characterization of amyrin palmitate from fruit of Ficus aurata Miq Miq Nurhamidah, Hazli Nurdin, Yunazar Manjang, Abdi Dharma and Suryati Evaluation of effect of Oroxylum indicum leaves on Central Nervous System with special emphasis on epilepsy Kevalkumar R. Rathod, Rashmi C. Anandapara, Miloni J. Karia and Tejas H. Ganatra Effect of brewers yeast on glucose homeostasis and lipid profile in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats Jyoti S. Patil, Akram A. Naikawadi, Bharatha Ambadasu, Gurudatta Moharir, V. U. Narsapur and Anant Khot Electrical Conductance and Ion Pair Formation of Sodium Diethyldithiocarbamate in AcetonitrileWater Mixtures at 25oC Nasr H. El-Hammamy, Aida I. Kawana and Haitham A. El-Araby Polymersupported benzyltributylammonium borohydrides Effect of nature of crosslinking and spacer group in reduction reactions K. S. Devaky and P. N. Leelamma Study on the Application of Technology Biochemical and Chemical in Sports Xuhui Sun Study on Compressed Sensing Sparse Channel Based on Bayesian Estimate in Wireless Sensor Networks Zeyu Sun The Application of Pharmaceutical English Corpus in Vocabulary Teaching Wenting Ma Application of CohMetrix 20 in Foreign Language Teaching and Research Shi Xue Preventive Effect of Fasting In the AlloxanInduced Diabetic Rats Manouchehr Yousefi Use of 4 articaine with 1100000 epinephrine as buccal infiltration in surgical removal of impacted mandibular third molar Arpit Vashistha One pot template synthesis characterization and biological assay of tetraaza N4 macrocyclic complexes of transition metal ions derived from acetylacetone succinic acid with ophenylenediamine Devendra Kumar* and Sumedha Singh Optimizing coagulation process by using sludge produced in the water treatment plant M. Farhaoui and M. Derraz Micellar effects on the kinetics and mechanism of VilsmeierHaack cyclisation reactions with acetanilides in nonaqueous solvents R. Roopa*, Ramchander Merugu and Rajanna K. C. Ethnobotanical appraisal of Rajbanshi Community of Jalpaiguri and Coochbehar districts of West Bengal India Susmita Roy Kinetics and mechanism of substitution in dichloro22bipyridylNiII Fouzia Rafat Study on Hofstedes Cultural Dimension in Car Advertisement of Different Cultures Zhang Ruirui Virtual Force Coverage Enhancement Optimization Algorithm Based on Node Energy Balance in Wireless Sensor Networks Guozeng Zhao Research of College English Reading Teaching in CALL Mode Yao Shuping A Study on the Efficiency Influence of ComputerAssisted Translation inTechnical Translation Zhang Lin A green alternative approach for synthesis of 2substituted1HPerimidine catalysed by NBS in Ultra Sonication method M. Hari Krishna* and P. Thriveni Preclinical antipyretic herbs A potential source for modern medicine Ravi Pathak, Talib Hussain*, Shrestha Bajpai, Monika Singh, Hina Firdous and Ishtiyaq Ahmad Development and evaluation of sustained release matrix tablets of ketoprofen employing natural polymers pomegranate peel and acacia powders Mohammad Al-Pokhiti and Khaled Al-Tahami* Chemical characterization antioxidant and antihepatotoxic activities of Calliandra haematocephala Hassk growing in Egypt Amr M. Abo-Elhamd,Ahmed M. Aboul-Enein, Samy M. Mohamed*, Ahmed S. Shalaby, Usama Konsowa, Emad M. Hassan and Nadia S. Metwally Schemes for fabrication and characterization of superparamagnetic magnetite nanoparticles via chemical coprecipitation method Vahid Javanbakht, Seyyed Mohammad Ghoreishi* and Neda Habibi Antimicrobial efficacy of ethyl acetate extract of Mesua ferrea R. Lakshmi Sundaram Growth and Characterization of Sulfanilamide from Gel Medium C. Muthuselvi, R. Gayathri and S. Pandiarajan QbD Approach for development and optimisation of HPLC method for thesimultaneous estimation of four component cream formulation Application topermeability study Prachi Bhamre, Madhuri Baghel and Sadhana Rajput* The Study of Thermal and Magnetic properties of Fe II Co II Ni II andCu II Metal Complexes with 3Aminolawsone oxime A. M. Nemade and V. C. Kolhe Effects of antioxidant enzyme activities of Myrtle extract on endothelial dysfunction in normoglycemic and diabetic rats Wafaa Ibrahim Rasheed, Magdi N. Ashour, Tahany Ramzy Elias, Mervet Harvi Agaibyi*, Abdel Razik Farrag, Yasser Diab and Omnia Aly Synthesis of Azole Derivatives of lProline and their Antibacterial Activity Lemia Amarouche, Fawzia Taieb Brahimi and Adil A. Othman* Dens invagination A review of literature and report of two cases Shardha Bai Rathod*, S. Padmashree and Anand V. Nimbale Synthesis Characterization and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Some Novel BisSchiff Bases Khalid Patel and G. M. Nazeruddin* Synthesis of N2nitrophenyl pyrazine2carboxamide and N4nitrophenylpyrazine2carboxamide and evaluation of their antimycobacterial propertiesusing in vitro and insilico techniques Patil S. U. and Ganatra S. H. Human malignancy associated with Y chromosome Genotypes andhaplotypes associated with susceptibility to Colorectal Cancer patients Ali H. Al-Marzoqi*, Hawraa J. Kadhim, Ammal R. Shimran, Nebras M. Al-Khafaji, Sabreen A. Kamal, Rusul Adil Naji, Zubaida Amer Faisal, Sarah Abbas Fakhri and Redaah Abd-Alrazzak Partitioning behavior of methylene blue in aqueous two phase systems Gabrielle R. T. M. Ramos, Diana M. da Costa, Ana L. Shiguihara and Jorge Amim Jr.* Impact of Silver and Selenium Nanoparticles Synthesized by Gamma Irradiation and Their Physiological Response on Early Blight Disease of Potato El-Batal A. I.*, Nagwa M. Sidkey, Ismail A. A., Rawhia A. Arafa and Rasha M. Fathy Lattice Energy Calculation and Molecular Docking Studies of 24Acetylaminosulfonylphenylaminocarbonylbenzoic acid Sanjay M. Tailor*, Kinjal D. Patel and Urmila H. Patel Low Cost Commercial Anodes on the Electrochemical Remediation of the Estrogen 17 ethinylestradiol Luane Ferreira Garciaa, Ruiter Lima Moraisa, Wallans Torres Pio dos Santos, Cassiano Pacheco, Mari├?Ă?├?┬óngela Fontes Santiagoa and Eric de Souza Gila* Prevalence and predictors of potential drugfood interactions among the elderly using prescription drugs Sabrina Joany Felizardo Neves and Ana Paula de Oliveira Marques Evaluation of antiulcer and thrombolytic activity of aqueous extract of Tiliacora acuminata bark in albino wistar rats Nagaraju B.*, S. Vidyadhara Ch. Aruna Kumar, D. Suryanarayana Raju, S. Vikas and S. Siva Prasad Protein modeling of COX 2 and evaluating docking for prediction of binding affinities of RuIICoIII polypyridyl complexes with COX 2 and CDK2proteins Putta Venkat Reddy, Chintakuntla Nagamani, Enaganti Sreenivas and Sirasani Satyanarayana* Synthesis and anticancer activity of some new N3Substituted alkylaryl4oxo13thiazolidin2ylidene4hydroxybenzohydrazide derivatives Prashant A. Patil*, Sandeep S. Pathare and Kishore P. Bhusari Study on Plant Hormone Indole3Acetic Acid Producing Level and OtherPlant Growth Promotion Ability PGPA by Asparagus racemosus LRhizobacteria Debasis Mitra*, Komal Sharma, Navendra Uniyal, Akansha Chauhan and Paratpar Sarkar Economic evaluation of cereal crop production in Egyptian sandy soils A. M. S. Kheir*, M. A. Bayoumi, Marwa G. Mohamed and I. A. Hegab The effects of titanium oxide nanoparticles on testis tissue andspermatogenesis in mice Shariat Sajad, Yoosefi Mahdieh, Taheri Melika and Modaresi Mehrdad* Image Processing used for Lung Cancer Detection in Medical Imaging Neelima Singh* and A. Asuntha** The effect of active packaging hydrogel based on polyethyleneiminepolyacrylamide on the safety and shelf life of chilled fillet Saber Ibrahim, Basma Hendy and Khaled Elkhawaes Performance analysis of tumor and edema segmentation wavelets and deepneural networks Anto Bennet M., Yamini K., Sandhiya P. and Shalini P. P. The effects of titanium dioxide nano particles on ovarian tissue and oogenesis in mice Yoosefi Mahdieh*, Taheri Melika, Safaei Mahsa, Kaji Andishe, Faruqui Sana Sanam, Azarkian Masume and Modaresi Mehrdad Computational and Chemometrics study of molecular descriptors for butene derivates by Density functional theory DFT N. Surendra Babu and Isaac Onoka An invitro antiinflammatory and antioxidant activity of Anisomeles malabarica RBr Ex Sims Mohmad Vasim Sheikh*, Navin Devadiga and Manish Hate Heterologus Protein Expression in Different Host Systems Bindu Kodati, Sailaja Dorbha* and Raj Kumar Kunaparaju Homology modeling of Sadenosylmethionine synthase present in E maximum as a drug target and its docking with 1monocaproin P. Maheswari and K. Revathi Design and characterization of bilayer buccoadhesive tablets of venlafaxine using natural resins as mucoadhesive release retardants Satyajit Panda*, Jyothi Danturthi, Neeraja Sukanya Sailada, Bhargavi Reddy, Snigdha Pattnaik and Ranjit Prasad Swain Synthesis and docking studies of novel series of 7otriazolo pyridazin3yl4methyl coumarins Rama K, Sumakanth M and Anupama SP Chemical composition and antimicrobial activities of Tunisian Salsola vermiculate L Sana Gannoun, Adel Mahfoudhi, Guido Flamini, Ahmed Noureddine Helal and Zine Mighri* Effect of EDTA on paracetamol drug B. Kavitha, G. Madhurambal and S. Nelson Amirtharaj Synthesis and Characterization of AuIIIIsatinThiosemicarbazone Complexes as potential Anticancer Drugs Y.A.S.J.Prasanna Kumariand Y. Sunandamma Determination of ethionamide in pharmaceutical preparations by visible spectrophotometry employing two sulphonphthalein dyes Nagib Qarah and Kanakapura Basavaiah A novel and efficient process for the preparation of zolpidem an insomnia drug Eswaraiah P, Ravi Kumar Reddy N, Chakravarthy IE, Prasada Rao DE and Rajendiran C Green Synthesis 1D and 2D NMR spectral characterization of imidazole fused with pyrimidine nucleus by using grinding techniques Muthuvel Ramanathan Ezhilarasi and Mannathusamy Gopalakrishnan The Role of Uric Acid in Predicting Preeclampsia Women Zubaidah Falih Mezaal AL Zuabidi Validated HPTLC method for simultaneous estimation of Aceclofenac and Pantoprazole in bulk and tablets dosage form Shailendra Suryawanshi Sanjay, Zaranappa, Chaluvaraju KC and Anil Kumar Eccentric Related Indices of an Infinite Class of Nanostar Dendrimers Wei Gao Analysis of Nootropic Effect of Ethanolic Extract of Beta Vulgaris L Roots in High fat diet induced amnesia in Swiss albino mice Ahuja D Serum HDL Cholesterol levels in young healthy population A cross sectional study at a tertiary care centre Sowmya P, Muthiah NS, Balaji C, Susshmitha R and Arvinth A Studies on antibacterial activity of four medicinal plants R. Kanimozhi and P. Venkatalakshmi Effects of sunflower seeds on fasting blood glucose in diabetes mellitus type 2 patients Cheenam B and Leena P Solid dispersions An evergreen solubility enhancement technique for hydrophobic drugs Saripilli Rajeswari, Kovvuri Bhanu, Satyajit Panda, Ranjit Prasad Swain, KV Ramana Murthy and Sravya Kudamala Embelia ribes A valuable medicinal plant Meenu Bist and Shyam Baboo Prasad Evaluation of thermodynamic studies on Reactive Blue2 using activated precursors from agro squander K. Geetha, N. Velmani and A. Manimaran Facile and efficient onepot synthesis of benzimidazoles using Boron trichloride P. Thriveni, KPV Subba Rao and M Hari Krishna Development and Validation of Stabilityindicating HPTLC Method for Determination of Rizatriptan as Bulk Drug and in Tablet Dosage Form Ganesh Sarowar, Padmanabh Deshpande, Yogesh Gandhi and Janvi Bhatt Synthesis of some benzoxazole derivatives and their antiinflammatory evaluation Khaled RA Abdellatif, Noha H Amin and Asmaa A. Mohammed Molecular Docking Studies of Isorhamnetin from Corchorus olitorius with Target Alphaamylase Related to Type 2 Diabetes DS Metibemu, JA Saliu, AO Metibemu, OJ Oluwadahunsi, G Oboh, IO Omotuyi and OA Akinloye Proximal RadioUlnar SynostosisTwo case reports Ishwar B Bagoji, MA Doshi, Gavishiddappa A Hadimani and Balappa M Bannur Strategic Application of Synthon Disconnection Approach in the Synthesis Planning of Antifungal Natural Product Pyrrolnitrin Chittaranjan Bhanja and Satyaban Jena The effect of Malva sylvestris extract on blood protein and gamma interferon of Candida albicans infected mice Shirin Hajyani and Mehrdad Modaresi Assessment of Antinociceptive and antiinflammatory activities of Galphimia glauca stem methanol extract on noxious provocation induced pain and inflammation in invivo models Baba Shankar Rao Garige, Srisailam Keshetti and Uma Maheshwara Rao Vattikuti Partial characterization of Lasparaginaseproducing by Streptomyces sp SAH1CWMSG isolated from Rizosphere soil in Egypt El-Sayed E. Mostafa, Azza M. Noor El-Deen, Hassan M. Awad and Mamdouh A. Mawad High yield extraction of crude HCG hormone from pregnant women Uttam Kumar Neerudu, Ravi Burgula, Ramavath Redyanaik, Ramchander Merugu and Ch. Venkata Ramana Devi The effects of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on liver histology in mice Yoosefi Mahdieh, Shariat Sajad, Golabi Mahmoudreza, Bahrami Ali, Dareshouri Hossein, Ansaripour Mohammad and Modaresi Mehrdad Total phenolic and total flavonoid contents of different solvent extracts of Bassia muricataL Asch and evaluation of antibacterial and antioxidant activities Ahmed Elkhalifa Chemsa, Sara Derdouri, Zohra Labbi, Smail Acila, Djilani Ghemam Amara, Atef Chouikh, Khaled Kherraz, Ahmed Allali and Amar Zellagui Comparison of the Effect of Lycopene with Ibuprofen on Sensory Threshold of Pain Using Formalin Test in Adult Male Rats Mohammad Radmehr, Hossein Kargar Jahromi, Hassanali Abedi, Vahid Seifi, Saina Karami and Zahra Kargar Jahromi The Effects of Withania somnifera on Blood sugar Serum Insulin Lipid Profile and Liver Enzymes in Fructose Drinking Water Male Rats Mohammad Reza Shahraki, Saideh Dadpisheh, Ahmad Reza Shahraki and Hamideh Mirshekari Interactive role of spiritual intelligence factors with happiness and perfectionism a communication plan Alma Azarian Determining the Kinetics Coefficients in Treatment of Sugarcane Industry Using Aerobic Activated Sludge by CompleteMix Regime Sana Mousavian, Afshin Takdastan, Mahdi Seyedsalehi and Shadi Akhavani Phytochemical profiling standardization and quality control of Indian red chilli Archana Chaturvedi and Ashok Kumar Tiwari Devise Synthesis and Evaluation of Antimicrobial activities of Novel 8imino Chromone Derivatives by Physicochemical Approach Jyothi H. 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