Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research is an online international journal to promote all fields of Chemical Sciences like Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Photochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Agricultural and Soil Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Macromolecular Chemistry, Petroleum Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry and Phytochemistry as well as all aspects of Chemical Engineering etc. rss//rss/jocpr-volume-7-issue-8-year-2015.xml Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Volume 7, Issue 8 Phytochemical screening total phenolic content determination and antimicrobial activity of Ocimum gratissimum root Rishi Kumar Shukla, Anirudh Porval, Abha Shukla, Deepak Painuly, Jashbir Singh, Vineet Kumar, Rakesh Bhutiani and Swati Vats Efficient and green synthesis of 2amino4Hchromenes Vijay P. Pagore, Sunil U. Tekale, Balaji D. Rupnar and Rajendra P. Pawar Corrosion inhibitor for high temperature oil well Qingzhen Du, Gang Xie, Xuanqi Yan, Lili Zhang, Yuhong Pei, Fang Shang, Yanjun Wang, Hongkui Li and Shanfeng Chen Invitro evaluation of some 4aminopyridine Schiff bases as dual acetylbutyryl cholinesterase inhibitor Saurabh K. Sinha Formulation and optimization of sublingual tablet of Ramipril Sardarmal Yadav, Shiv Garg, Ashish Kumar Pareek, Pradeep Kumar and Manoj Kumar Antibacterial activity of coumarine derivatives synthesized from 47dihydroxychromen2one and comparison with standard drug Aziz Behrami and Florent Dobroshi Assessment of heavy metal concentration in Irankuh Lead and Zinc mine Mojgan Entezari, Fattah Torabi and Javad Tabatabaei Identification synthesis and characterization of principal process related potential impurities in Diazepam Sabrintaj Kalas, Jagruti Naik, Suryakant Patil and Vidyadhar Jadhav Solution growth spectral electrical and mechanical studies of cadmium sulfate hydrate CDSH crystals M. Andiappan, P. Selvarajan and S. Perumal The study of thermo physical properties of binary liquid mixtures of 22methoxy ethoxy ethanolmethyl carbitol with nbutyl amine secbutyl amine tertbutyl amine nhexyl amine noctyl amine and cyclo hexyl amine at 30815 K N. Jayachandra Reddy, K. Vijay Lakshmi, D. M. Suhasini, C. Ravi Kumar, K. Chowdoji Rao and M. C. S. Subha Comparative anti anemic activity of Azadirachta indica leaves and its combination with Emblica officinalis in phenyl hydrazine induced anemia using rats Vamsee Veena A., Jyothi Y., Rina Pokhrel, Rajdwip Ghosh, Ronak Patidhar and Vijay Yadav Electrochemical and chromatographic studies of clopidogrel using cathodic stripping voltammetry and HPLC under new experimental conditions and its determination in the preparation tablet urine and plasma samples Ali F. Alghamdi Polyethylene glycol PEG400 as an efficient and recyclable reaction media for the synthesis of substituted 41aryl2nitroethyl3methyl1Hpyrazol5 ol in catalyst free conditions Ramakoteswara Rao, Chinta Vijay Kumar Tulam, Prathama S. Mainkar and P. K. Dubey The effectiveness of bismuthIII dithiocarbamate compounds as a larvicide against Aedes aegypti Linn Diptera Culicidae in laboratory Normah Awang, Nur Syuhada Ismail, Hidayatulfathi Othman and Nurul Farahana Kamaludin Antibacterial activity of coumarine derivatives synthesized from 4hydroxychromen 2one and comparison with standard drug Islam Krasniqi, Aziz Behrami, Skender Demaku and Ilir Shehu Surveying the effect of hydroalcoholic tarooneh spathe of phoenix dactylifera extract on anesthesia and EEG barin waves Rahimi S., Alaei H., Reisi P., Zolphaghari B. and Pourshanazari A. A Antimicrobial potentials of aqueous and methanolic crude extracts of Zingiber officinale and Foeniculum vulgare Kamal Benlafya, Mohamed El Farsaoui, Salma Chatouani, Wassima Azamouze, Yassine Charkaoui and Khalid Karrouchi Internal pressure free volume of aqueous urea solutions at different temperatures K. Renuka Devi and S. Rathika Design synthesis and biological evaluation of novel 3arylsulfonamido phenyloxiindole derivatives as TNF and IL6 inhibitor Rajesh H. Tale Effect of optimum concentration and temperature on inhibition of vasicine for mild steel corrosion in 1N hydrochloric acid V. Thailan, K. Kannan and G. Sivaperumal Estimation of hydration number and its allied parameters of aqueous Diammonium phosphate solution by ultrasonic studies at different temperatures K. Renuka Devi and S. Geetha Effect of levofloxacin and 3carboethoxy4quinolone on the bamyloid fibrils formation Paula Cristina Huber, Gabriella Pitondo Reis, Carlos Eduardo Benevento, Roger Frig√?¬©rio Castilho and Wanda Pereira Almeida Fluorescence and antiTB study of chiral schiff bases of 1R 2R12 diphenylethane12diamine and their transition metal complexes Udaysinha C. Patil, Mustapha Mandewale, Bapu Thorat and Ramesh Yamgar Use of biopolymer of polycaprolactone as matrix of verapamil hydrochloride microcapsule Akmal D, Afrina Dewi Lubis, Fitriani L., Asiska P. D., Netty Suharti, Muslim S., Ben E. S. B. and Erizal Zaini The antimalarial action of aqueous and hydro alcoholic extracts of Artemisia annua L cultivated in Benin In vitro and in vivo studies Hermine Zime-Diawara, Habib Ganfon, Fernand Gbaguidi, Achille Yemoa, Joanne Bero, Olivia Jansen, Brigitte Evrard, Mansourou Moudachirou, Michel Frederich and Jo√?¬ęlle Quetin-Leclercq Esterification of stearic acid for biodiesel production in the presence of homogeneous milder organic acid as a catalyst Uday M. Ratnaparkhi and Krishnakant T. Waghmode Heavy metal contamination in the sediments of pond water samples in and around Nagercoil Town Kanyakumari district G. V. Shyla Sree and B. Indirani A survey on the ethnomedicinal practices of a folk medicinal practitioner in Manikganj district Bangladesh Sayeda Shahnaj, Ummarin Asha, Tanjila Mim, Nur Shalma Haque Rumi, Sharmin Akter, Subarna Rani Ghose, Sharmin Akter, Md. Tabibul Islam, Protiva Rani Das and Mohammed Rahmatullah Removal and decolorization of dye bearing textile effluents by modified unsaturated polyester resin Pradip Dave and S. V. Patel Characterizations of Rifs Argan tree in North of Morocco Afilal Mohamed Elamin, Elasri Ouahid, Berrichi Abdelbasset, Berrabah Mohamed and El Farh Larbi Biosorption of leadII and copperII from aqueous solution by Nypa frutican husk Sri Rumiati, Refilda, Edison Munaf and Hermansyah Aziz Characterization and comparison between porous anodized aluminum colored by nickel and tin deposition Ahmed M. Awad, Maha F. Shaffei, Esmat M. A. Hamzawy, Hala S. Hussein and Mona S. Mohamed Influence of substituents 5substituted 14naphthoquinones on regioselectivity DielsAlder reaction Yulia Dumanska, Yuriy Shakh, Roksolana Konechna, Mariya Kurka, Oleksiy Kovalchuk, Andriy Karkhut, Svyatoslav Polovkovych and Volodymyr Novikov Preparation and characterization of biodegradable silk sericinsilk fibroin blend microparticles by emulsificationdiffusion method Yaowalak Srisuwan and Yodthong Baimark Pharmaceutical application of nanoparticles in drug delivery system Praveen Kumar, Parthasarathi K. Kulkarni, Anjali and Atul Srivastava Antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from clinical isolates at a tertiary care centre in Vijaypur Karnataka Preeti B. Mindolli and Manjunath P. Salmani Synthesis and evaluation of novel pyrrolidine chalcone derivatives with anticancer antiinflammatory and antibacterial activities L. Siva Sanker Reddy, M. Bhagavanraju and C. Sridhar Synthesis characterization and adsorption behaviour of MgO nano particles on Rhodamine B dye S. Daniel and Shoba U. S Evaluation of antioxidant activity of pioglitazone Nitric oxide scavenging activity Invitro method T. Chandrasekar, N. S. Muthiah, R. Sandiya, Sanitha and Aparna Ethnomedicinal plants of three folk medicinal practitioners in two villages of Khulna district Bangladesh Maria Afrin, Ummay Rukaiya, Suraiya Sharmin, Khoshnur Jannat, Mahbuba Akter, Md. Tabibul Islam, Protiva Rani Das and Mohammed Rahmatullah Biochemical evaluation of antihyperglycemic and hypolipidemic effects of methanolic tepal extract of Musa paradisiaca studied in STZinduced diabetic mice Muhammad Abdurrazak, U. S. Mahadeva Rao and Khamsah Suryati Mohd Kinetics of iodination of acetone catalyzed by HCl and H2SO4 a colorimetric investigation of relative strength Siddharth Kulkarni and S. T. Shukla Stability indicating RPHPLC method validation for the assay of phenytoin sodium in phenytoin sodium capsules Muralee Krishna, Meghana Nadre, Aniruddha V. Sherikar and Ranjith Reddy Adsorption isotherm and kinetic modelings of PbII and CuII uptake by Dimocarpus longan peels Meilia Innes Kurniawan, Edison Munaf and Rahmiana Zein Correlation study between two analytical techniques used to measure serum potassium An automated potentiometric method and flame photometry reference method Ibrahim Sbai El Otmani, Anass Jarmoumi, Mustapha Bouatia, Brahim Mojemmi, Mohammed O. B. Idrissi, Mustapha Draoui and Nabiha Kamal Synthesis and antioxidant activity of certain chalcone based acetyl and Nphenyl substituted pyrazolines Sudhakara Rao G., Kalaichelvan V. K. and Ganguri Sudhakara Rao Antioxidant activities of extract and fractions from Clerodendrum inerme Donghai Li, Jing Zhou, Jiayan Xia, Xi Wu, Yunyan Huang, Xiaobo Yang and Jing Xu Determination multielement concentrations in Suaeda vera by ICP OES Narges Chamkouri, Tohid Asgari and Marzie Ghasemi Phytochemical and antibacterial screening of Punica granatum L bark of Southwest Algeria Kadi Hamid, Nahal Bouderba Nora, Benyahia Abderaouf, Meddah Boumediane and Moussaoui Abdellah Validated zero order and first order derivative spectrophotometric methods for the assay of cefpodoxime and cefprozil in tablet dosage form G. V. Subba Reddy and M. Vijaya Narasimha Excess parameters of binary liquid mixtures of ethyl benzoate with oxylene pxylene and ochlorotoulene at different temperatures G. Lakshmana Rao, P. B. Sandhya Sri, G. R. Satyanarayana, K. A. K. Raj Kumar and C. Rambabu Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel benzoxazole derivatives as potent TNFa and IL6 inhibitor and antimicrobial agents Rajesh H. Tale Sorption behavior of heavy metal ions using a terpolymeric resin and its composite Synthesis characterization and ionexchange studies K. Riaz Ahamed, G. Velmurugan and Kanagaraj The study of effectiveness of systembehavioral couple therapy on increasing of couples marital satisfaction Somaye Kazemian, Ramazan Najafi Vanashi, Ahmad Usefy Nezhad and Mojtaba Salmabadi A QSAR study of sesquiterpene lactones from Inula falconeri as potent antiinflammatory agents Bhaskar Bagchi, Pranab Ghosh and Asim Kumar Bothra Dose response relationship of dexamethasone on insulin levels in wistar rats Narendar Koyagura, Nagendra Nayak I. M, M. G. Jamadar, Ashok M. Patil and Hemanth Kumar V Facile synthesis of some new maleamic acid and maleimide derivatives of 13thiazoles Hemanth Hegde, Vachan Kumar Shetty and Nitinkumar S. Shetty Synthesis and glycosidase inhibitory evaluation of isatin derivatives Yashan Li, Weina Ding, Zhao Xue, Hua Sun and Peng Yu Comparative study of Vetiveria zizanioides and Foeniculum vulgare extracts on behavioral despair of Wistar albino rats Glory Josephine I., Arul Amutha Elizabeth, Punnagai K. and Muthiah N. S Effect of presowing electromagnetic field treatment on growth and oleic acid content of cardoon Cynara cardunculus L Mahmoud A. Sharaf-Eldin, Barbara Barycza and Antoni Szumny A perspective on bioactive compounds from Solanum trilobatum Purushothaman Balakrishnan, Thameem Ansari Musafar Gani, Sreenath Subrahmanyam and Kumaran Shanmugam Shifting tillage Novel tillage methodology to sustain agriculture Arun Kumar, Balkrishna Sopan Bhople, Javed Ahamad Khan and Pradeep Kumar Srivastava Synthesis and optical properties characterization of polyvinyl chloride modified by various alcohol Wasan A. Al Taay, Hussein T. Salloom, Ameer A. Ameer, Ahmed A. Ahmed, Noora Witwit and Emad A. Yousif Heavy metals in soil and vegetables in anadrinia region as a result of the use of pesticides herbicides and fertilizers Ilir Shehu, Skender Demaku, Mirsade Morina, Avni Malsiu, Hala Bytyqi and Aziz Behrami Delignification reaction kinetics for rice straw in basic ionic liquid NHC2H4OH3 Zongyu Liu, Wei Song and Yu Deng Thermal and morphological characteristics of cellulose nanocrystals filled PVAstarch nanocomposites Bella G. R, Jeba Jeevitha R. S. and Avila Thanga Booshan S. Response surface methodology based optimization of diesel mustard biodieseldiethyl ether ternary blend ratios to improve engine performance M. Krishnamoorthi Nanotitanium dioxide as photocatalytic degradation of pollutants Zainab Hussain, Ameer A. Ameer, Ahmed Ahmed, Bashar Mudhaffar Abdullah and Emad Yousif Synthesis and characterization of some transition metal II complexes with 124triazole schiff base Ali Hasan, Amee A. Ameer, Ahmed Ahmed and Emad Yousif Cluster and multilinear regression analyses guided identification of molecular descriptors that account for cyclooxygenase activities Viktoria Shade L. Vios and Junie B. Billones Pulping process for rice straw in basic ionic liquid NHC2H4OH3 Zongyu Liu, Yu Deng and Wei Song Optical constants of polyvinyl chloride doped by nano ZnO Wasan A. Al-Taa'y, Ameer A. Ameer, Wedad H. Al-Dahhan, Mustafa Abddallh and Emad Yousif Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of ketoacids by Nbromophthalimide in aqueous acetic acid medium Birla Anjaiah and P. Srinivas Kaempferol derivatives as a potent inhibitor of Karilysin an important virulence factor of Tanerella forsythia Bhuvaneswari Birla Bose, Michael Bernard Prashanth F. and Chitraa R. Chandran The mediation role of internet addiction between social support of family scale and marital commitment Babak Eslamzadeh, Masoumeh Esmaeily and Somaye Kazemian Evaluation of hepatoprotective activity of Shorea tumbuggaia rox against thioacetamide induced toxicity S. V. Suresh Kumar, T. Hema Sundar Reddy and M. Chandra Mohan Assessment of oxidative stress and genotoxicity in Allium cepa exposed to soils from rice fields Rajneet Kour Soodan, Jatinder Kaur Katnoria, Renu Bhardwaj, Yogesh B. Pakade and Avinash Nagpal Application of respon surface methodology for the determination of cadmium in sea water by adsorptive stripping voltammetry in the presence of calcon Deswati, Hamzar Suyani, Rahmiana Zein and Izzati Rahmi Carbon nanostructured as cathode materials for lithiumsulfur batteries with improved electrochemical Peixiu Chen and Ming Li Application of adsorptive stripping voltammetry for the determination of heavy metals Cd Cu Pb and Zn in the culture of fish floating net cages in Maninjau Lake Agam West Sumatra Indonesia Deswati, Hamzar Suyani, Rahmiana Zein, Refilda and Joko Sutopo Evaluation of antioxidant properties of linagliptin Sanitha Philip, N. S Muthiah, Arul Amutha Elizabeth, M. Muniappan, Aparna Ravi and T. Chandrasekar Performance analysis of automated removal of head movement artifacts in EEG using brain computer interface M. Anto Bennet, R. Suresh and S. Mohamed Sulaiman Adsorptif stripping voltammetry determination of heavy metal ions from aqueous solution by some biosorbent Nazris Nazaruddin, Rahmiana Zein, Edison Munaf, Deswati and Jiye Jin Absorption of CrIII and CrVI metals in aqueous solution using Mangosteen Rind Pithecellobium jiringajack prain Zulkarnain Chaidir, Rahmiana Zein, Qomariah Hasanah, Hazli Nurdin and Hermansyah Aziz Expression and immunogenicity of erythropoietin gene cloned in eukaryotic expression vector pVAX1 vector Usha Tiwari, Bipin Chand Misra, Nitin Sharma, Mahesh Kumar, Neha K. Mehra and Pragya Pandey Antimicrobial activity of macrofungi of Rajouri Dist J K India Nidhi Anand, P. N. Chowdhry and Abhishek Mathur The effect of Anethum graveolens Ldill extraction on PAPPA protein in healthy and epileptic mice Reihaneh Sabbaghzadeh and Rahim Golmohammadi Synthesis and screening of pyrazole based cinnoline derivatives for its antitubercular and antifungal activity S. Hurmath Unnissa and T. K. Ravi An introduction to dental digitizers in dentistry systematic review Ola Al-Jubouri and Abbas Azari CuO nanofluids Particlefluid interaction study using ultrasonic technique Vijayta Gupta, Upasna Magotra, Sandarve, Amit Kumar Sharma and Meena Sharma Development and validation of stability indicating method for the quantitative determination of doxorubicin hydrochloride and its related impurities in pharmaceutical dosage forms using RP HPLC Sanjeeva Reddy Kallam, J. Srikanth and K. Vanitha Prakash A critical evaluation of structure mechanism and functions of riboflavin carrier protein Karunakar Rao Kudle, Madhukar Rao Kudle and M. P. Pratap Rudra Separation of inorganic anions from biomaterial samples from Indonesian traditional fruit using monolithic column in ion chromatography capillary system Hidayat, Rahmiana Zein, Hermansyah Aziz, Edison Munaf, Lim Lee Wah and Toyohide Takeuchi Chemical characteristics of the cladodes juice of Opuntia ficus indica harvested Zerhoun Morocco and its effect on the growth of lactic bacteria Mohamed Bou-idra, Abdelaziz Ed-dra, Fouzia Rhazi Filali and Amar Bentayeb Study on physicochemical parameters of water of lower Kolar dam near Telangkhedi premises Tahasil Saoner Maharashtra India Prashant Dabrase and Pravina Salve IL1b IL1Ra and IL18 gene variants in type 2 diabetes Madhukar Saxena, Neena Srivastava and Monisha Banerjee Determination of heavy metals cadmium lead copper in herbal syrups by polarography Nasim Zinsaz, Sh. Mahernia, K. Bagherzadeh, O. Ghorban Dadrass and M. Amanlou In vitro antiradical and neuroprotective activity of polyphenolic extract from marine algae Padina australis H Amarchand Chordia Murugan, Dahineeswari Vallal, Md. Rezaul Karim, Natanamurugaraj Govindan, Mashitah Binti Mohd Yusoff and Md. Mokhlesur Rahman Antibacterial activity of coumarine derivatives synthesized from 7chloro4 hydroxychromen2one and comparison with standard drug Islam Krasniqi and Aziz Behrami Production improvement of recombinant epidermal axolotls in Escherichia coli batch culture Shagh Bandani, Valiollah Babaeipour, Mohammad Reza Mofid, Hosain Vahidi and Sirwan Khanchezar Functionalization with four different organic amines of mesoporous molecular sieves MCM41 for CO2 capture Xiaoping Jiang, Yu Zhou, Zhe Tang, Zhidong Chen and Qi Xu An easy route to synthesis of thiophene tagged pyrimidin2thiones as antibacterial agents V. K. Shruthi, C. B. Vagish and K. Ajay Kumar Morphological and mechanical behavior of sugarcane bagasse fibers reinforced polyester ecofriendly biocomposites A. Balaji, B. Karthikeyan and C. Sundar Raj Corrosion inhibition of mild steel in 1 M HCl Solution by hydroxyapatite L. Chafki, M. Galai, E. H. Rifi, R. Touir, M. Ebn Touhami, Z. Hatim and A. Tazouti Arsenic contamination in ground water is a serious threat in the North Karimganj block of Karimganj district Southern part of Assam India Sumita Paul Purkayastha, Moharana Choudhury, Dibakar Deb andChinmoy Paul Effect of drying method on antimicrobial antioxidant activities and isolation of bioactive compounds from Peperomia pellucida L Hbk Habsah Mohamad, Yosie Andriani, Kamariah Bakar, Chow Chee Siang, Desy Fitrya Syamsumir, Asmah Alias and Siti Aisha Mohd Radzi Antibacterial activity of organotinIV methyl and ethyl cylohexyldithiocarbamate compounds Normah Awang, Norliyana Mokhtar, Noraziah Muhammad Zin and Nurul Farahana Kamaludin Bioanalytical method for lornoxicam determination in human plasma by using piroxicam as internal standard by LCMSMS Rajesh Dhiman, Vijaya Durga, Jayasankar and Antony Joseph Rio Analysis of airborne microfungi in indoor environments of different hotels in Pondicherry city S. Kayalvizhi, B. K. Nayak and Anima Nanda Antibiogram of methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus MRSA in healthcare settings Sarika Gupta, Aman Dongre, Anshuja Charvi Pandey, Rajesh Biswas and Saksham Gupta The diagnostic significance of calcium phosphorus magnesium and uric acid in type 2 diabetes mellitus and their association to HBA1C Arun Kumar D, Revathy K, Rajeswari S and Swaminathan S Clinical evaluation of the effect of vitamin D supplementation on the outcomes of non surgical periodontal therapy in post menopausal women with gingivitis An interventional study Suchetha A., Koduru Sravani, Darshan B. Mundinamane, Apoorva S. M., Nanditha Chandran and Rajeshwari H. R. Flavones Potential antidengue targets in silico approach M. M. V. Ramana, Prasanna B. Ranade, Rahul R. Betkar, Amey P. Nimkar, Balaji C. Mundhe and Shanta Bhar Chemical polymorphism in Cinnamomum tamala BuchHam Nees Eberm growing in Uttarakhand Himalaya India Hema Lohani, S. K. Singh, Ujjwal Bhandari, S. Zafar Haider, Garima Gwari and Nirpendra Chauhan Comparative evaluation of hematological parameters in periodontally healthy gingivitis and periodontitis subjects Suchetha A., Nanditha Chandran, Divya Bhat, Sapna N., Koduru Sravani and Darshan B. Mundinamane Synthesis and antifungal activity of novel pyrimidin2one analogues Shwetha G. Hegde, A. Dileep Kumar and K. Ajay Kumar Ethnomedicinal practices of an urban folk medicinal practitioner of Dhaka city Bangladesh Nusrat Jahan, Saba Islam, Romana Islam, Shamsun nahar Onna, Tahmina Azad Tonny, Sumaya Akter, Md. Tabibul Islam, Protiva Rani Das and Mohammed Rahmatullah Ultrasonic study of substituted azomethine drugs in binary mixture A. V. Kawalkar, D. S. Hedaoo and M. P. Wadekar Hansen solubility parameters A quick review in pharmaceutical aspect Mais Bashimam Buccal adhesive tablet Vikesh Kumar Shukla and Tarunendra Parik Dexmedetomidine as an adjuvant to local anaesthetics in Supraclavicular brachial plexus block a comparative study Bhaskarbabu B. D, Kiran A. V. and P. R. Jajee Refractometric study of azomethine drugs in different composition A. V. Kawalkar, D. S. Hedaoo and M. P. Wadekar Synthesis characterization and evaluation of antiinflammatory and antidiabetic activity of new benzothiazole derivatives Gnanavel Sadhasivam and Kannan Kulanthai In vitro antiherpes simplex type1 activity antioxidant potential and total phenolic compounds of pomegranate Punica granatum L peel extract Mohammad-Taghi Moradi, Ali Karimi, Somayeh Alidadi and Mostafa Gholami-Arjenaki Synthesis and evaluation of 2benzyl3hydroxybutanoic acid as inhibitor for carboxypeptidase A Jiwen Sheng, Sihong Wang, Dongmei Liu and Huimin Qi Antidiabetic and phytochemical screening of Nigella sativa K. Amutha and A. Godavari Synthesis identification structural studies and biological activity of some transition metal complexes with novel heterocyclic azoschiff base ligand derived from benzimidazole Khalid J. AL-adilee and Haider M. Hessoon Synthesis characterization biological activity of some new thiosemicarbazide derivatives and their transition metal complexes Kalapala Venkatesh, Banothu Venkanna, K. B. Chandra Sekhar and K. Mukkanti Ethnobotanical survey and inventory of medicinal flora in the rural municipalities of Ait Ishaq Tighassaline ElHammam and Ageulmam azegza Khenifra province Morocco Hannou Zerkani, Imane Tagnaout and Touria Zair Studies on novel 134oxadiazole derivatives Darshan Raol and G. D. Acharya Production of extracellular protease using bacillus species from the red soil and optimization of protease activity Ramya G. and Bharathi V Synthesis characterization and application of borax crosslinked carboxymethyl guar gum Jay J. Patel, Mandar Karve, V. A. Patel and Nirmal K. Patel An efficient synthesis of new lignan scaffolds as antimicrobial inhibition agents K. R. Raghavendra, K. Ajay Kumar and S. Shashikanth Development and validation of a simple and sensitive stability indicating RPHPLC assay method for determination of Nintedanib and stress degradation studies Dasari Purnachand, Arava Veerareddy, Bhoomireddy Ramadevi, Ch. V. S. L. Kameswarrao, Gogireddy Surendra Reddy and Bethi Madhusudhanreddy Innate synthesis of 13oxathiolan5one derivatives its antimicrobial potential Deepak Kumar Kashyap, Narva Deshwar Kushwaha, Jyotsna Gupta, Kamalesh K. Verma and Mahesh Srivastav Pharmacokinetic and bioequivalence comparison between levetiracetam extended release tablets 750mg An open label balanced randomizedsequence singledose twoperiod crossover study in healthy male volunteers Nageswara Rao Pilli, Swetha Savakula, S. Sai Satyanaraya Reddy and Ravindra Reedy S Development and validation of stability indicating RPHPLC method for the determination of pazopanib hydrochloride in bulk drug and its pharmaceutical dosage form K. Vinodh Kumar, K. Puspha and D. Gowri Sankar Bioprecipitation and biodegradation of fabric dyes by using Chara Sp and Scenedesmus obliquus Kishore J. Patil, R. T. Mahajan, Hitendra Kumar Lautre and Taibi Ben Hadda Simple production method of umbilical cord derived mesenchymal stem cell using xenofree materials for translational research Jeanne Adiwinta Pawitan, Tera Kispa, Dian Mediana, Noviyanti Goei, Iqbal Fasha, Isabella Kurnia Liem and Dewi Wulandari Isolation and elucidation structure major compounds from the leaves of Aglaia odorata Lour Dini Dwi Dharma, Mai Efdi and Adlis Santoni Synthesis spectral thermal stability and antibacterial activity of schiff bases derived from alanine and threonine and their complexes Bushra K. Al-Salami, Raghed G. Abd Ul-Saheb and Kahtan A. Asker Determination of soluble extractives and physicochemical studies of bark of Sesbania sesban L Merr R. K. Chaudhari and N. O. Girase GCMS analysis antimicrobial antioxidant activity of an Ayurvedic medicine Nimbapatradi Choornam T. Chandrasekar, Mudiganti Ram Krishna Rao, R. Vijaya Kumar, K. Prabhu, S. Nandha Kumar and D. Divya Preparation of naringenin fatty acid esters by regioselective acylation Min Xue, Yu-feng Zhu and Yu Duan Characterization of pelargonidin compound from raspberry fruit Rubus rosifolius Sm with mass spectroscopy method Adlis Santoni, Hilda Amanda and Djaswir Darwis QSARs as custodians against risk on chemicals and tool in decisionmaking frameworks to predict ecological effects and environmental fate of chemical substances Devaanshi Jagwani and Jeetendra Bhawsar Physicochemical properties estimation of total sugars and vitamin C content of pomegranate cultivars Arakta and Gansesh A comparative investigation K. S. Ghadge and B. D. Jadhav Synthesis of novel analytical reagent 26diacetylpyridine bis4phenyl3 thiosemicarbazone and its analytical applications Determination of PdII in spiked samples S. Adinarayana Reddy, P. Venkata Raman and A. Varada Reddy Development and validation of stability indicating RPLC method for estimation of ranalozine in bulk and its pharmaceutical formulations Brahma Reddy Gade, Sita Ram Bandhakavi, M. V. Satyanarayana and Pavani Peddi Exergy analysis of diesel engine powered by diesel mustard biodiesel blend with diethyl ether as additive M. Krishnamoorthi Enzymes immobilized on polymeric supports as potential catalysts Sandeep Chauhan Glinus lotoides CiruCeruppadai An overview S. Bhavani Production and characterisation of biopolymer using Pseudomonas fluorescens pf 01 Production and characterisation of biopolymer using Pseudomonas fluorescens (pf )