Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research is an online international journal to promote all fields of Chemical Sciences like Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Photochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Agricultural and Soil Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Macromolecular Chemistry, Petroleum Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry and Phytochemistry as well as all aspects of Chemical Engineering etc. rss//rss/jocpr-volume-7-issue-6-year-2015.xml Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Volume 7, Issue 6 Formation constants of some transition metal complexes of 2hydroxybenzaldehyde 1Z 2E2hydroxyimino1methyl propylidene hydrazone in mixed Solvent System P. A. Shimpiand R. G. Deshmukh Effects of altitude on the chemical composition and on some biological properties of Lebanese Eryngiumcreticum L Hassan Rammal, Hussein Farhan, Nadia Jamaleddine, Majid El Mestrah, Mohamad Nasserand AkramHijazi Microbial quality of drinking water in rural areas of Marivan city Iran AliakbarDehghan, Nezam Mirzaei,SoheilaRezaei, Mohammad Amin Karami, ShervinAdabiand PaymanKaseb Enhanced activity and reusability of ZnO loaded magnetic activated carbon for the removal of organic pollutants under sunlight Saikat Sinha Ray, Sangeetha D. and R. Vijayaraghavan Resolving structural ambiguity of Oroxylin synthesized by different approaches Deepa Panhekar, Ganesh D. Mahale, Kartik S. Renalson and Shridhar Satpute Fluorescence and molecular docking studies of some new Schiff bases of 6chloro2hydroxyquinoline3carbaldehyde Mustapha C. Mandewale, Bapu R Thorat, DnyaneshwarShelke and Ramesh Yamgar Synthesis molecular properties and evaluation of anthelmintic activity of new thiazolopyrimidine derivatives Shruthi N., BojaPoojary, Vasantha Kumar, Mahima Bhat, Himanshu Joshiand B. C. Revanasiddappa Investigations on growth and characterization of Lcystine hydrochloride AzeezaaVarsha Mohammed, Joseph Arul PragasamArulappan and T. G. Sunitha Biomaterials supported with titania as photocatalyst in peat water purification Hermansyah Aziz, Admin Alif, RirinAriani, LidyaTrisna, AgnaWahyuni and Edison Munaf Synthesis characterization and antimicrobial activities of some MnII and FeIII complexes of biologically active bidentate ligands D. T. Sakhare, S. G. Shankarwar and A. G. Shankarwar The wondrous world of carbon nanotubes Structure synthesis properties and applications KumkumSarangdevotand B. S. Sonigara FTIR studies and spectrophotometric analysis of natural antioxidants polyphenols and flavonoids in Abutilon indicum Linn Sweet leaf extract Ranjana Singh and Vijay D. Mendhulkar Research on incentive mechanism of the pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises compulsory environmental pollution insurance in China Chen Xinghai, Zhao Xingxiang, Yang Linzhiand Zhan Chunxia Comparison of Creatine and Glutamine supplementation consumption along with resistance exercise on the level of ALP in female mice Abbas Eskandari, GholamrezaSharifiand MehrdadModaresic In vitro antioxidant and in vivo antitumor activity of Luffa acutangula against Daltons Lymphoma Ascites DLA cells bearing mice NipunDashora and L. S. Chauhan Comparative phytochemical investigation and biological evaluation of Psoraleacorylifolia Promod Kumar, Sandip Sen, Manish Shakya and T. S. Easwari Medicinal application of different parts of Nyctanthesarbortristis Srijita Dutta The methanolic and aqueousextracts of Viburnum lantanaexhibitantitumoractivityin vitro Fatemeh Araste, Mohammad Ramezani, Navid Nasir and JavadBehravan Flavonoids and other compound isolated from leaves of Aconitum carmichaeliDebx growing in Viet Nam Loi Vu Duc, Tung Bui Thanh, Hai Nguyen Thanhand Vung Nguyen Tien Synthesis structural aspects and antimicrobial activity of novel chiral keto amides DalilaMtat, Thab√?¬®tYangui,RidhaTouati, TahaGuerfel, Khaled Walhaand B√?¬©chir Ben Hassine Ho3 doped CoFe2O4 nanoparticles A highly efficient magnetically recoverable and reusable catalyst for onepot threecomponent synthesis of 245 triaryl1Himidazoles A. M. Pachpinde, Firoz A. Kalam Khan, K. S. Lohar, M. M. Langadeand Jaiprakash N. Sangshetti Pharmacological effects of Echinacea purpurea extract in the treatment of infectious diseases Mojgan Vafaei, Fatemeh Amini, Shahla Naseri, Marzieh Khosronejadand Mehrdad Modaresi Determination of tannin content by titrimetric method from different types of tea JyotismitaKhasnabis, Chandan Raiand Arindam Roy Coexpression of quinicacidbiosynthesis key gene in Escherichia coli Lin Weiping Refractive index density molar refraction and polarizability constant of substituted2 3dihydroquinazolin41Hones in different binary mixture D. S. Hedaoo, M. M. Kalaskarand M. P. Wadekar Synthesis and characterization of chitosanbasedgraftcopolymers for drug release applications Rajeev Kr. Sharma, Lalitaand Anirudh P. Singh Expression of quinicacidbio synthesis key gene of Escherichia coli Lin Weiping Leptinreceptorgenepolymorphism and its relationship with functional traits in Baluchi sheep using PCR SSCP ShimaShokri, Mehdi Aminafshar and Reza Kamaledini Artificial neural network model of algae density in Xiangxi Bay of Three Gorges Reservoir Jun-Yu Liu, Hua-Jun Luo and Ying-Ping Huang Cardioprotectiveactivity of Nelumbo nucifera rhizomes in isoproterenolinducedmyocardialnecrosis in male wistar rats ShivendraPratap Singh, Navneet Kumar Verma, Praveen Kumar Rai, AbhayPratap Singh and Reena Singh Quality control and pharmacognosticalactivity of Psoraliacorylifolia Linn GyaneshVidua, DeepshikhaShrivastava, Ashok Kumar Tiwari, Sonika Bhardwaj, ManojTripathiand Aakanksha Tiwari Designing and synthesis of biologically active naturaloctapeptide polycarponin B and itsanalog Nirmala V. Shinde, Avinash S. Dhakeand Kishan P. Haval Spectrophotometric absorbance correction method for the estimation of Tazobactam and Cefepime in combinedtablet dosage forms Ravi Kant, RameshBodla, RubinaBhutani, Garima Kapoor and Sonia Goswami Nanotechnology A smart drug delivery tool in modern healthcare TusharMadaan, Shweta Pandey and SushamaTalegaonkar Chemical composition and biological activities of various alimentary preparations of Citrus aurantium leaves Ellouze I., Mathieu F., Lebrihi A. and Abderrabba M. Ultrasonic studies of molecular interactions of certain Zinc electrolytes in Poly Ethylene Glycol A. Sherif, N. Afsar and S. Narayanan Justification of concentration of active substances in a new ointment for the wound healing process treatment Yarnykh T. G., Iakovlieva L. V., Tkachova O. V.and Buryak M. V. Vapor phase alkylation of 1naphthol withmethanol over NiCo ferrites Alka Rani, Vinod Sharma, Surander Singh and R. K. Gupta Production of polyclonal anti VEGF antibodies and establishment of sELISA system for detection of serum VEGF levelin tumor patients Chentouf Khadidja-Tehami, Xingrong Li, Ji Wang, Li Wang and MeddahBoumedi√?¬®ne The synergiceffect of lowfrequencyelectromagneticfield and saffronextract on MMP gene expression in MCF7 cell line Majid Asadi√ʬ?¬?Samani, MarziehMousaviand JavadBaharara Protective effect of methanolic extract of Abelmoschusmoschatus seeds against calcium oxalate urolithiasis in rats A. T. Pawarand N. S. Vyawahare In vitroleishmanicidal of Euphorbiamicrosciadia Bioss against promastigotes of Leishmania major Kamal Razavi-Azarkhiavi, Mahmoud Reza Jaafari, Mohammad Ramezani, NafiseJafari and JavadBehravan MoringaoleiferaLam Panacea to several maladies BhupendraKoul and Neikuozo Chase Virtuous aspects of vicious bacterial toxins Pankaj Gautam, Pranjali Gupta, Promila Sharma and PranshuDangwal Applicability of equation of state for prediction of mechanicalproperties of nanomaterials Sanjay Mishra and A. K. Srivastava Insights into the physiochemical characterization and classification of antiviral and viral proteins Sajitha Lulu S., Thabitha A., Madhusmita Rout, MohanaPriya A. and Vino S. Removal of nitrogen and phosphorusfrom municipal waste water using intermittent cycle movingbed biofilm reactor ICMBBR Mehdi Ghayebzadeh, Kiomars Sharafi, Esmaeil Azizi, Sama Rahmatabadi and Meghdaad Pirsaheb Determination of chlorpyrifosresidues in water andliver tissue of zebrafishDaniorerioby high performanceliquidchromatography HPLC with UV detection BangeppagariManjunatha, Juan Ortiz Tirado and Gundala Harold Philip Assessment of joint toxicity effects of heavy metals Cu2 Cd2 Zn2 Pb2 Cr3 Co2 Ni2 and Sr2 on photobacteriumphosphoreum C. Meng, L. Wang and Y. Li The species distributions of nitrogen and phosphorus in surface sediments of Datong lake Li Bicai, Zhu Luo, He Liansheng, Meng Ruiand Song Juanjuan Process related and degradation impurities in antiinflammatory drug Roflumilast G. B. Narashimha Reddy, A. Naresh, P. Venkateswarlu, A.Syam Prasad Reddy, K. Shantan Kumar Reddy and S. Nandi Quantitative titrimetric and spectrophotometricdetermination ofdihydroartemisininbased on the redox reactionwithcerium ammonium sulphate Emmanuel Attih, Cyril Usifoh, Daniel A. Ambe and Eseyin O. A. Evaluation of phytonutrients mineral composition antimicrobial and hepatoprotective activities of leaves of ActinodaphnemadraspatanaBedd Lauraceae DevarajanSaravanan, DhakshanamurthyThirumalaiand Indira ViswambaranAsharani Assessment and quantification of genotoxic impurities of Ziprasidone an antipsychotic drug Krishna Katta, Venkata RamanaKandula, T. Siva Rao, Kirti Kumar Jain, D. Venugopala Raoand J. Moses Babu The rheological properties of a gel polysaccharide from Dictyophoraindusiata Jin-Long Xu, Yu-Fei Yao, Yong Liu, Jing-Cheng Zhangand Jun-Hui Wang Synthesis and characterization of some new substitutedmalonic ester derivativescontainingthiazolidone Entesar O. Al- Tamimi, Mahmmod AL-Asia and Hizoom M. Al- Mayiah Study of enthalpy entropy and free energy of activation ofLAlanine and LGlutamine with distilled water at different temperatures S. S. Nandre,U. G. Deshpandeand S. R. Patil Clinicalcomparison of plain Chlorhexidine 02 and Chlorhexidine 02 in combinationwith Sodium Fluoride 005 and Zinc Chloride 009 Tushar Jiyani Studies of Anthocephaluscadambaleafextract on haematological and biochemicalparameters of albino rats Vishal Khandelwal, A. K. Bhatia, Anjana Goel, Pradeep Choudhary and Rakesh Goel Synthesis of novelbenzimidazolederivatives Babu K Development of correlations for thermal effectiveness of twophase liquid liquid systems in a tube side shell and tube heat exchanger V. Alagesan Synthesis and anticonvulsantactivity of somechalconesincorporated hydrazide derivatives Neeraj Kumarand Lalit Singh Chauhan Regioselective synthesis of Nformohydrazide and formyl pyrazole analogs as potent antimicrobial agents K. R. Raghavendra, Y. R. Girish, K. Ajay Kumarand S. Shashikanth Theoretical evaluation and comparative study of Ultrasonic velocities in binary liquid mixtures of Ethyl benzoate with some cresols at different temperatures G. Lakshmana Rao, G. R. Satyanarayana, V. N. S. R. Venkateswara Rao, K. A. K. Rajkumarand C. Rambabu Synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of some novel 134oxadiazole Dhaval C. Manvar, Jaysukhlal M. Parmar and Jitendra M. Padsumbiya In vivo hypoglycemic activity and acute oral toxicity of ethanolic and aqueous leaves extract of Momordicacharantia LinnCucurbitaceae from Benin Lal√?¬®y√?¬® O. A. F., Ahissou H., Assogba M. F., Azando V. B. E., Olounlad√?¬© A. P., Agbo√ʬ?¬?Saga K. F.and Lal√?¬®y√?¬® A. Formulation characterization and drug release kinetics of floatingdrugdeliverysystems P. N. Murthy, Anjan K. Mahapatra, Tapan Kumar Nayak and Diptanu Dey Correlation analysis and assessment of ground water quality ant its parameters of Namagiripettai village Rasipuram Taluk Namakkal District Tamilnadu India R. Jayakkodi and R. Annadurai Characterization of antihyperglycemic and antiretroviral components of MomordicacharantiaBitter melon Sarika Gupta,Swati Gupta and Saksham Gupta Synthesis characterization and biological activities of new bis134oxadiazoles Yuvraj S. Malghe, Varsha V. Thorat, Abhay S. Chowdhary and Anil S. Bobade Oxidemetric determination of Labetalol Hydrochloride with HexacyanoferrateIII in alkaline medium K. Vijaya Raju, N. Annapurna, D. Appa Rao Babuand T. S. L. Kethurah Synthesis and characterization of transition metal complexes of 2salicylimino3hydroxypyridine Kamini J. Donde Antibacterial studies on the different body parts of Loligoduvauceli Yuvaraj D.,Suvasini B., Chellathai T., Fouziya R., Ivo Romauld S. and Chandran M. Khayasenegalensis seed Chemical characterization and potential uses Nagwa Kamal-Eldin M. Salih and Elhadi M. Yahia Swallowable camera capsule New emerging trend in diagnosis and treatment Ashish Kumar Pareek, Piush Sharma, Shiv Garg, Manoj Kumar and Sardar Mal Yadav The role of carboxylic group position on the antiradical activity of synthetic analogues of oat antioxidants Inese Mierina, Mazena Zaharova, Mara Jure and Ilze Neibolte Evaluation of acute toxicity and antimicrobial effects of the bark extract of Bisham CommiphoragileadensisL Hassan M. Al-Mahbashi, Amina El-Shaibanyand Fuad A. Saad Pharmacognostical study of Bambusaarundinacea seeds S. Thamizharasan, S. Umamaheswari, Rajeswari Hariand V. Ulagaratchagan Synthesis spectral investigation and biological evaluation of 3pyridin4yl124triazolo34b134thiadiazole derivatives Gaurav K. Patel and Hasmukh S. Patel Detection of human herpesvirus 6 DNA in cerebrospinal fluid of children with neurological disorders in Damascus Syria Marwan M. Al Buhtori Analysis of moisture content of pulses pellets using fluidized bed dryer Vibha Verma Deshmukh, Neeraj Chandraker, R. S. Thakur and A. K. Chandrakar Onfield soil properties for soya bean crop V. V. Navarkhele In vitro antioxidant and antiinflammatory activities of extracts of pearl millet Pennisetum glaucum L Kaddafi Ali, Khalid Daoudy, Ilias Marmouzi, Mouloud Bourhim, Moulay Abbes Faouzi, Yahia Cherrah, Omar Chokairi and Bouchra Meddah The effect of Allium sativum extract on pituitarygonad axis in heatstressed female mice MehrdadModaresiand Mehdi Heidari Finite element analysis of metal boxes falling which hits the ground Xiao-yanNiu, Ying-jie Yu, Yun-hang Li and Jian-ye Ren Detection of adulteration in ghee from markets of Ahmedabad by FTIR spectroscopy Astha Pandey and Krunal N. Jariwala Effect of environmental factors on sanguinarine and berberine levels in root of Chelidoniummajusby HPLC PDAMS method ZohreGhanavi, VahidAbdousi, VahidehSamadian-Sarbangholi, Saeed Mollayi, AlirezaBabaeiand AlirezaGhassempour Research on improving the environment of tunnel using mine geothermal effect Yongliang Zhang, Di Wu and ZhiXue Zheng Biochemical studies on blood sample of diabetes mellitus patients Ramya S. and Prasanna G. Novel RPHPLC method for the determination of Amisulpride in pure and pharmaceutical formulations P. Ravisankar and G. Devala Rao A new optical analytical method for quantitative determination of lead on paper platform and its application for removal from aqueous sample Ruchi Dubey Sharma, Smita Joshi and SulbhaAmlathe Studies on NaY zeolites used to remove benzoapyrene and phenol in cigarette mainstream smoke Jian L√?¬ľ, Wenping Gong, Shilu Zhou, Yong Yue, Shimin Liu, Xiaoqian Liuand Xiaoyan Wang Evaluation of cytotoxic effect of metallic nanoparticles in an in vitro liver cancer model Samah A. Loutfy, Rokaya H. Shalaby,Ahmed R. Hamed, Mona B. Mohamed, Ahmed Barakat, Zeinab F. Abdullah, Hend Yousef, AlaaTamim, Hoda E. Eldinand Noha M. Hegazy Formulation and evaluation of controlled release matrix tablet of Salbutamol Sulphate using various cellulose polymers V. Kamalakkannan, P. Venkatraman, R. Sivaprakash, R. Sambath Kumarand K. S. G. Arul Kumaran Estimation of Epicatechin from the ethanolic extract of Aesculushippocatsanumusing HPTLC technique R. V. Geetha and Anitha Roy Evaluation of total antioxidant capacity and free radicals scavenging of 2 and 4 Nitrophenylferrocene by electrochemical and chemical assays S. Benabdesselamand T. Lanez Development and validation of stability indicating RPHPLC with UV detection method Analysis of Dutasteride in pharmaceutical dosage forms AtkuruVeeraVenkata Naga KrishnaSunil Kumar, Chandra BalaSekaranand TamanampudiVarahala Reddy Warfarin interactions with complementary medicines herbs and dietary supplements Sanjai Krishna S.and AiswaryaPurushothaman Excess Gibbs free energy function values at different temperatures in binary liquid mixture for the study of molecular interactions S. K. Fakruddin,Ch. Srinivasuand K. Narendra Ethnomedicinal practices among the Hembrom clan of the Santal tribe in Setabganj of Dinajpur District Bangladesh Moniruzzaman, JacklinJuiBairagee, Zahid Kamal, JannatulFerdoesShoma, Asif Jamal Tonmoy, Md. Tabibul Islam, Protiva Rani Das and Mohammed Rahmatullah A comparative study of excess Gibbs free energy function values in three binary liquid mixtures containing quinoline and o m pxylenes at different temperatures T30315 30815 31315 and 31815K S. K. Fakruddin, Ch. Srinivasuand K. Narendra Effect of hydrothermal temperature on synthesize of hydroxyapatite from limestone through hydrothermal method Novesar Jamarun, Asregi Asril,Zulhadjri, Zefri Azharman and Tika Permata Sari Antihyperglycemic and analgesic studies with methanol extract of a mixture of Cuminumcyminum and Coriandrumsativum seeds Nurunnahar Purnima, Md. Najmul Hossain, Mithila Saha, Shahnaz Rahmanand Mohammed Rahmatullah Phytochemicals evaluation anticancer antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of Acoruscalamusdifferent solvent extracts S. G. Funde Increasing the effectiveness of pesticides based urea nanofertilizerencapsulatednanosilica with addition of rice husk TiO2 additive substances Ludfiaastu Rinawati, Reva Edra Nugraha, Rizky Mahdia Istha Munifa, UswatulChasanah, SayektiWahyuningsih and Ari Handono Ramelan The relationship between nitrate in drinking water and gastric cancer in the IsfahanIran from the perspective of medical geography A. Taghian, M. Entezariand S. Sepahvand Antioxidant activity and exopolysaccharideexpression of pathogenic bacteria treated with Menthaviridis extracts N. Chelli-Chentouf, A. TirtouilMeddah, C. Mulli√?¬©, M. Bouachriaand B. Meddah Investigation on optical thermal and photoconductivity behavior of sodium hydrogen lcysteine monohydrate AzeezaaVarsha Mohammed, Joseph Arul PragasamArulappan and T. G. Sunitha Simultaneous spectrophotometric estimation of Paracetamol and Aceclofenac by second order derivative method in combined dosage form Rajan V. Rele Effects of extraction methods on chemical composition and oxidative stability of Argan oil RahmaBelcadiHaloui, AbderrahmaneZekhnini and AbdelhakimHatimi Development of quality standards of AndrographispaniculataWall ex Neeswhole plant DeepshikhaShrivastava, GyaneshVidua,Ashok Kumar Tiwari, Madhurima De-Roy, ManojTripathi and Aakanksha Tiwari Decolorination and microorganism degradation from biodeinking waste using flow system of photoelectrodegradation UswatulChasanah, Elsanty Nur Afifah, GanjarFadillah, RahmatHidayat, SayektiWahyuningsih and Ari HandonoRamelan Determination of fatty acids in maternal serum by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to evaluate the association with mental retardation in children Kai-yong Liu, Lei Sun, Jie Sheng, Zhong-xiuJin, Yin Sun, Su-fang Wang, Pu-yu Su, Jia-huHaoand Fang-biao Tao Antimicrobial studies on ethanolic extracts of Phyllanthusniruri Nivetha S. and Vetha Roy D. Corrosion behavior of Austenitic stainless steel 316L and 316LVM after high temperature gas nitriding Soekrisno Raden, Suyitno Dharmastiti Rini and Suprihanto Agus Synthesis characterization biological evaluation and docking studies of organo phosphorous pyrazole5one derivatives of 134oxadiazole derivatives of sortase A staphylococcus inhibitors N. Sandhya Rani, G. V. Subbareddy, K. N. Jayaveeera and L. K. Ravindranath Antihyperglycemic antinociceptive activity phytochemical analysis and toxicity studies on stems of Nymphaea nouchaliBurm f Mithila Saha, AnujKumer Das, Zakia Sultana, SanjidaHaqueand Mohammed Rahmatullah Assessment of Atriplexhalimus extracts activity against multidrug resistant bacteria isolated from different environments Khaldi A., Amamra D., Maghdouri N.and Tir Touil A. Evaluation of electrocoagulation process performance with anionic polyelectrolit in the removal of Mn IIand Fe II from surface water application of response surface methodology RSM ZeinabJafariMotlagh, JamshidDerayat, MeghdadPirsaheb, Ali Akbar LorestaniZinatizadeh, Amir Mohammad Mansouri, KiomarsSharafiand Reza JafariMotlagh Determination of LD50 of Naringenin for its effects on diabetic nephropathy in ratsA pilot study MathiSelvam and MurugaiyahKaliyaperumal Measurement of starch and soluble solid content in papaya using near infrared spectroscopy Yohanes Aris Purwanto, I. Wayan Budiastra, Emmy Darmawatiand NurArifiya The making of vaccine from bacteria to prevent Streptococcosis disease in tilapia oreochromisniloticus Study at Sentanilake Jayapura regencyIndonesia Rika Sonya Rumbiak, Daniel Lantang, Tri Gunaedi and YohanisNgili Effect of aqueous extracts from Cyclocaryapaliurus leaves on peripheral neuropathy in rats with type 2 diabetes mellitus XiaoHong Wang, Wan Zhong Li and Deng Kong Biosorption of Chromium from aqueous solution by using Citrus reticulata Equilibrium and kinetic studies L. Nageswara Rao, G. Prabhakarand S. Feroz The estimation of Ketorolac drug in Ketorolac Tromethamine eye dropsby RPHPLC C. Hazarathaiah Yadav Medicinal plants used by a Tonchongya tribal community at Taknatala village in Rangamati District Bangladesh Nasreen Jahan, Md. Ahmed Hossain, S. M. Neaz Mahmud, JatanTongchongya, Mohammad Nazmul Hasanand Mohammed Rahmatullah Early markers of renal dysfunction in Syrian betathalassemia major patients Daisy Hamwi and FaizehAlquobaili Study of sapropel extracts from Prybych natural deposits O. Y. Strus Amidolysis of phenylalaninepnitroanilide using TSA imprinted macromatric polymer catalysts Effect of porogen on catalytic efficiency Divya Mathew, Benny Thomasand K. S. Devaky Cleido Occipitalis Cervicis An anomalous muscle M. A. Doshi, Priya P. Roy, Ishwar B. Bagojiand Gavishiddappa A. Hadimani Formulation and development of fast disintegrating tablet of Nortriptyline hydrochloride Pankaj V. Gore and Swati Jagdale Medicinal plant home remedies in several villages of Patuakhali district Bangladesh Sanjana Rahmanand Mohammed Rahmatullah Statistical medium optimization for the production of galactosidase from Aspergillus terreus KUBCF1306 using Response Surface Methodology B. Vidya, M. Palaniswamy, S. Sowmya, P. Anusooriya, D. Malarvizhi, S. Priyanga, K. Devaki, P. ChellaPerumal, Pratibha Prabhakaranand V. K. Gopalakrishnan Pharmacognostical and physiochemical standardization of Ficusbenghalensis Linnseed VimalaGovindan and Francis GricildaShoba The Significance of FTIR FTRaman spectroscopic studies and quantum chemical methods in exploring physicochemical properties of paclitaxel H. Umamahesvari Research for sports tourism Willingness of Hangzhou residents Cai Yong and Dai Jie Photosynthesis of nanosized Fe2O3 Hussein Ismail Abdulah, Ahlam M. Farhan and Asmaa J. Ali In vitro assessment of the mutagenic effect of Metformin Hala Abdel Malek ,AmalHassanin , Hussein Abdel Aziz and Faeza El Dahtory Micellization of anionic surfactantsodium dodecyl sulfate in presence of additive urea and acetamide in aqueous medium using clouding phenomenon Anita D. Mudawadkar,Gunvant H. Sonawane and T. J. Patil