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Abdallah, Wafaa H. B. Hassan* and Eman Abd El-Salam Growth and studies of Lalanine acetate crystals doped withmagnesium chloride P. Shanmugam and S. Pari Theoretical study of Sbdoped Se90In10 glassy system Abdelhamid Badaoui, Maamar Belhadji and Mohamed Belbachir Phytochemical studies and antimicrobial activity of Anthocleista djalonensisOkpokolo leaf Ojiako E. N. and Okoye I. E. The effect of various vitamin C levels on growth and survival ofwhitefish Juveniles Neda Sarrami Foroushany, Hamidreza Abdollahpour and Alireza Valipour Solid state characterization of atorvastatin in drug products Haykel Galai, Malek Lemsi, Mohamed Radhouan Louhaichi, Mohamed Chiheb Benrayana and Rafik Kalfat Simultaneous estimation of Tolterodine tartrate and Tamsulosin HCl byvalidated HPTLC assay method from combination capsule form Madhavi Patel, Batuk Dabhi, Hetal Jebaliya, Bhawani Singh and Anamik Shah Adsorption kinetics and mechanisms of nickel II ion sorption usingcarbonized unmodified sorghum Sorghum bicolor hull of two pore sizes150m and 250m Imaga C. C, Abia A. A and Igwe J. C Synthesis and antibacterial study of inclusion complexes of2benzothiazolyl2azino5arylidene4thiazolidinone B. K. Garnaik and Simanchal Dash Phytochemical studies and biological activity of Dodonaea Viscosaflowers extract Reham Ezzat Shafek, Nabila Helmy Shafik, Helana Naguib Michael, Ali Mohamed El- Hagrassi and Abeer Fouad Osman Compositional study of phenolic compounds of Cistanche salsa C A Mey GBeck growing in the Republic of Kazakhstan Elmira B. Kartbaeva, Zuriyadda . Sakipova, Liliya N. Ibragimova, Elmira N. Kapsalyamova and Inna I. Ternynko A new pentacyclic triterpenoid from Syzygium alternifolium Veeramallu Lakshmana Rao, Aluru Rammohan and Duvvuru Gunasekar Solvent dependent photobehaviour of some 2aryl2bromo1Hindene132Hdiones Satbir Mor and Som Nath Dhawan Effect of pectin from date Phoenix dactylifera upon lead acetate inducedreproductive toxicity in male rats Ouldali O, Sadi N, Ait Hamadouche N and Aoues Aek In vivo assembly as a method for designing drugs which target centralnervous system An in silico analysis Pramod S Transcritome analysis of Botryococcus braunii Race A and Race B to identifythe enzymes involved in biodiesel biosynthesis Lakshmi Krishna Kumaar and Gopal Ramesh Kumar Development of rifampicin derivatives sensitive to the rpoB mutatedMycobacterium tuberculosis An insilico approach Santosh Kumar K., Sambandam Cecilia, Kannan , Premavathi R. K. and Shantha S. Screening of antimicrobial activity of ethanolic extracts from raw materialscontaining alkaloids Nikolay N. Boyko, Alexander I. Zaytsev and Tatiana P. Osolodchenko Effects of ZrO2 and CeO2 coating on pistonperformance and emissioncharacteristics of corn oil methyl esters Hemanandh J. and Narayanan K. V. LCMS analysis of extracts from beech and sea buckthorn to correlate thephytoestrogen content and anticancer activity Oppermann C, Engel N, Ruth W, Nebe B and Kragl U Rapid assessment of sedimentation stability in Paracetamol suspensionformulations with different suspending agents using near infraredtransmission measurements P. N. Murthy, M. Vimala Devi, Sudhir Kumar Sahoo, Anjan Kumar Mahapatra and Madhusmruti Khandai Effect of combustion chamber in a DICI engine with corn oil methyl ester S. Arumugam, Pitchandi and M. Arventh The protective effect of creatine supplements against malathioninducedneuro and liver toxicity Asmaa F. Galal, Tay E. Abdel Razik and Mona A. El-Bana Millet residue resulting from the production of millet beer QuantificationEstimation of water content and Reuse options in Ngaoundere Garoua andMaroua Cameroon Meffo Yemele Bouberte, Tsamo Cornelius and Dongo Etienne NGAL as a biomarker to predict and diagnose Acute Kidney Injury AKI Lama Al khouja and Almoutassem Billah Zetoune The relationship between the big five personality factors with blood types inIranian university students Mohammad Sharifi, Hamza Ahmadian and Ali Jalali Microwavepromoted Zirconium IV Chloride as an efficientenvironmentally benign and recyclable homogeneous catalytic system tosynthesis of bisindolylmethanes in PEG as a solvent Bhikan J. Khairnar and Bhata R. Chaudhari Synthesis characterization single crystal XRD and pharmacologicalevaluation of CuII CoII NiII and ZnII complexes of23difurylquinoxaline S. Jone Kirubavathya, R. Velmurugana, K. Parameswarib and S. Chitrab Quality enhancement of jute fibers by treatment withNNdimethylamineNethylamine chitosan S. A. Aswara, P. R. Taideb, G. S. Kakadc, S. K. Sonic, P. S. Rahangadalec, D. Ubarhandec, V. S. Yeuld and Pundlik Rambhau Bhagata Simultaneous UVspectrophotometric estimation of bromhexinehydrochloride and salbutamol sulphate by first order derivativemethod in combined dosage form Rajan V. Rele Design and characterization of vinblastine sulphate loadedproniosome for cancer therapy Lakshmi G, Deepa T. Vasudevan and Sreeja C. Nair Piperazine and morpholineSynthetic preview and pharmaceutical applications Mohammed Al-Ghorbani, Bushra Begum A, Zabiulla, Mamatha S. V. and Shaukath Ara Khanum In vivo and immunohistochemical study of dentin and pulp tissue regeneration in the root canal Talaat Abo Hatab, Nabil Kochaji, Nizar Issa, Reem Nadra, Manal Saleh, Abdulkader Rahmo and M. Salem Rekab Lipasescatalyzed enantioselective kinetic resolution of alcohols Wesam S. Qayed, Ahmed S. Aboraia, Hamdy M. Abdel-Rahman and Adel F. Youssef Reactor design strategy Production of xanthan from sugarcane broth A. Arumugam, P. Vignesh and V. Ponnusami Photosensitized oxidation of fluvoxamine a phototoxic antidepressant drug Anamika Gupta, Waseem Ahmad, Jawaid Iqbal and Mohd. Rehan Zaheer Translabial route As a platform for systemic drug delivery Krishnapriya, Karthika Ramesh, Vishnu Shaji and Sreeja C. Nair The effect of aqueous extract of Inula viscosa plant on arthritic rats Soltani A, Meddah B, Tir Touil A and Sonnet P Combinational effects of nhexane extract of poguntano leavesPicria felterrae Lour with doxorubicin on MCF7 breast cancer cells Puji Lestari, Sumadio Hadisahputra, Syafruddin Ilyas and Denny Satria The microbiological quality of water in Ibn Sina Hospital of Rabat Morocco Maamar Yagoubia, Mohammed El Morhita*, Kenza Dahanib and Mimoun Zouhdib Evaluation of antiepileptic activity of fruit pericarp ofSapindus Mukorossi in rats Anitha K, Jyothi Y, Vamsee Veena A and Deepika Bora The study of structural and mechanical properties and development oftechnology of the shampoo with antimicrobial complex I. I. Baranova, E. V. Zhuk, Y. A. Bespalaya and T. V. Martynuk Synthesis and spectral characterization of hydrazone Schiff base ligand Lderived from condensation of terephthalaldehyde and 2furoic acid hydrazideand its binuclear complexes with CoII NiII CuII and ZnII Comparative invitro microbiological evaluation of L and its ZnIIcoordination complex Mohammad Shakir and Ambreen Abbasi Finite element analysis of embedded pipes inside pressure vessel Suraj Kumbhar, Maneesh Gunjal and Vijaykumar S. Jatti Ontology sparse algorithms via dual program and applied to biology andchemical sciences Wei Gao, Li Yan and Yun Gao The effect of various vitamin C levels on growth and survival of whitefish Juveniles Neda Sarrami Foroushany*, Hamidreza Abdollahpour and Alireza Valipour Pharmacological profile of tropane alkaloids Sweta V. R. and Lakshmi T.* Effects of Teucrium polium aquatic extract on blood cell parameters ofCandida albicans infected in mice Mandana Salbi,Mahboobeh Madani and Mehrdad Modaresi* The association between serum Osteocalcin levels and atherosclerosis in Syrian patients withwithout Diabetes Mellitus type 2 Zaina Adnan Makhoul, Mohamad Ali Nahas and Faizeh Ali Alquobaili Adsorption study Removal of nickel ions using Kenaf fiberchitosan biosorbent J. Annie Kamala Florence, Thandapani Gomathi, N. Thenmozhi and *P. N. Sudha Molecular dynamics study on Revaprazan and its analogue as potassiumcompetitive acid blockers Fei Ren, Zi-Qiang Wu, Hua-Jun Luo* and Wei-Qiao Deng, Application of solar thermal energy storage systemfor the enhancement of marine heavy fuel oil systems M. Gajendiran and N. Nallusamy QSAR study on selective highaffinity 5HT4 receptor ligands as prospective imaging probes for positron emission tomography PET Manju Choudhary and Brij Kishore Sharma Optimal design for brake shell of passenger car Xiao-yan Niu, Yun-hang Li, Zhong-hai Wang and Ying-jie Yu In silico structure analysis of potassium channel Bgk toxin and its docking prediction with human voltage gated potassium Kv channel Sriparna Ray and Jayanta Sinha # Ultra Violet Spectrophotometric determination of Keterolac Tromethamine in pharmaceutical dosage forms B. Koteswara Rao, I. Jyothsna Kumari, M. Nageswara Rao and C. Rambabu* Characterization and antibacterial activity of Titanium Dioxide nanoparticles Kaushita Banerjee and Padma Thiagarajan* Synthesis characterization and antimicrobial activity of novel acrylic materials Dijit M. Patel, Mehdihasan I. Shekh, Kaushal P. Patel and R. M. Patel CocultivationPowerful tool for the production of secondary metabolites R. Vigneshwari, A. Sally Roopavathi and R. Jayapradha* Qualitative phytochemical analysis of chloroform extracts of Sivanar Vembu Indigofera aspalathoides V. N. Ariharan*, V. N. Meena Devi, N. K. Parameswaran and P. Nagendra Prasad Physicochemical characteristics of fermentation cocoa bean preparing by farmer and researcher in West Sulawesi Province Indonesia Jumriah Langkong Antiatherogenic effect of Mezzetia parviflora BECC extract in high cholesterol fed rats Mufidah Murdifin*, Elly Wahyudin, Gatot S. Lawrence, Marianti A. Manggau, Gemini Alam, Ermina Pakki, Yulia Y. Djabir, Aryadi Arsyad and Muh. Akbar Bahar Syntheses and biological activities of 14disubstituted123triazoles Koduru Sri Shanthi Praveena, Nandula Yadagiri Sreenivasa Murthy and *Sarbani Pal Quality evaluation and standardization of Adraka Khanda An Ayurvedic formulation Seth Ankit, Mishra Ashish and Maurya Santosh Kumar* Synthesis and characterization NiSe and cobalt doped NiSe M. Sasthaa Begum and A. Jafar Ahamed* Quantification of Ornidazole from bulk and pharmaceutical dosage form using a validated chromatographic technique Amit Kumar De, Ashok Kumar Bera and Biswajit Pal* Microwave assisted synthesis of Isoflavones R. B. Kshatriya, Y. I. Shaikh and G. M. Nazeruddin* Antitumor activity of 13ELabd13ene815diol inducing apoptosis in human breast cancer cells Jung-Hee Lee and Hwa-Jung Choi* ThermoreversiblepH sensitive cephalexin insitu gel for treating periodontal disease Parvathy S., Arun Unnikrishnan, Oshin P. George and Sreeja C. Nair* Bioactivity crude extracts of Piper methysticum Forst F Piperaceae against Plutella Xylostella L Lepidoptera Plutellidae Martina S. Lestari,, Toto Himawan, A. Latif Abadi and Rurini Retnowati Modeling of freeboard fluidized bed coal gasifier A. Venkata Narayana*, B. Sumalatha, K. Kiran Kumar, A. Ranganath Reddy and T. C. Venkateswarulu Removal of Cu II Ni II and Co II ions from aqueous solution using low cost adsorbent Isotherms kinetics and equilibrium aspects Nagwa A. Badawy, Amina A. El-Bayaa and Enas Amdeha* Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of Thiosemicarbazone induced Hydrazone of 2Anilino3formylchromone Gurpinder Singh* and Saurabh Sharma A stability indicating method development and validation for determination of Methylphenidate Hydrochloride and its impurities in solid pharmaceutical oral dosage form by RPHPLC as per ICH guidelines Ch. Naveen Kumar,* and N. Kannappan Simultaneous estimation of Gliclazide and Sitagliptin Phosphate Monohydrateby Qanalysis method C. Rubina Reichal*, M. Sangeetha and N. Thirumoorthy Piggyback drug development Molecular docking of Entacapone analogues as direct M tuberculosis InhA inhibitors Dmitri Leo M. Cordova, Rachelle Jenine D. Abuel, Maynard O. Galingana, Lemuel A. Villanueva and Junie B. Billones,* Biosorption of Zn II from aqueous solution onto the Alexandrianlaurel oil cake Ajitha R., Meena Devi V. N.* and Murugan M. Groundwater quality assessment and GIS based mapping of selected areas ofMangrol Coast Gujarat India Ashish Vilas Mane*, Karishma Salim Bhai Dhanani, Kratika Joshi and Chandani Salim Bhai Dhanani HPTLC fingerprinting and antioxidant potential of methanolic extract of Digera muricata Shazia Usmani*, Arshad Hussain, A. H. A Farooqui and Shabana Khatoon Antioxidant activities of various fruit extracts from three solanum sp usingDPPH and ABTS method and correlation with phenolic flavonoid andcarotenoid content Irda Fidrianny*, Atina Rizkiya and Komar Ruslan Combustion characteristics of waste pyrolytic plastic oil at full load operation in a direct injection compression ignition engine Hariram V.*, Seralathan S., Vagesh Shangar R. and Yoga Narasimhulu K. Extraction of CaCO3 as Indonesia Natural Asphalt Asbutons impurities in acidic brine water solution using semi batch system with CO2 gas cycle method to produce Asphalt Mohammad Nasikin, Anto Yamashita Saputra and Bambang Heru Susanto Spatiotemporal multivariate analysis by principal component analysis PCA of effluent discharged into the municipal slaughterhouse wastewater drained by the Oued Beht Morocco Rachid Fath-allah, Majdouline Larif*, Abdelrhafour Ayyach, El Mahdi Hbaiz and Azzedine Elmidaoui Detection of R plasmidmediated antibiotic resistance in Staphylococcus aureus bacteria of MRSA from Jayapura PapuanIndonesia Fajar Bakti Kurniawan,*, Dirk Yanes. Persius Runtuboi and Yohanis Ngili Forced degradation studies of a new antileishmanial molecule using a stabilityindicating RPHPLC method Cecilia Gallardo, Iv???¡n Enr???­quez, Jonathan Pazmi???±o, Wilson Cardona and Sara M. Robledo Investigation on the distribution of ABO and Rh Blood Groups in the population of Allinagaram village Srikakulam District Sujatha Peela and Swethalatha Porana Competitiveness of national pharmaceutical industry The Russian case Andrey Bekarev and Svetlana Bekareva Antityrosinase effect of botanicals A review of medicinal plants cosmetic Lukman M.*, Maria Ulfa, Reny Syahruni and Aisyah Fatmawati Effect of exhaust gas recirculation on NOx emission of a annona methyl ester operated diesel engine R. Silambarasan*, R. Senthil and P. Mebin Samuel Tandem synthesis of thiaoxadiazolophanes Y. S. Malghe*, V. V. Thorat, A. S. Chowdhary, A. S. Bobade and V. N. Patil Free radical initiated grafting of binary monomer system of methacrylic acid and acrylamide onto cellulose for sorption of metal ions Rajeev Kr. Sharma Degradation of 2naphthalenesulfonic acid by Fenton oxidation Dongmei Jia*, Pan Pan Shi, Jianyong Geng and Baoqin Wang* Physicochemical properties of Aspirin in presence of H3PO4 as an excipient Shanthala H. K., Kirti Jain and Naveen Chandra Growth and structural characterization of llysine 4nitrophenolate monohydrate LLPNP optical single crystals M. Mahadevan*, R. Arun Balaji and T. Srinivasan Study of groundwater quality by the assessment of physicochemical parameters and water quality index in Aligarh Uttar Pradesh Shahida Perween and Ummatul Fatima* Cytotoxicity activity of male Carica papaya L flowers on MCF7 breast cancer cells Marline Nainggolan* and Kasmirul Biogenic synthesis of copper nanoparticles using Delonix elata flower extract Valli G.* and Suganya M. Prevalence of methicillinresistant Staphylococcus aureus andor intermediate susceptibility to vancomycin isolated from private laboratories in Annaba Algeria Touaitia Rahima, Boutefnouchet Nafissa and Djahoudi Abdelghani Synthesis and biological activities of indolinospirobenzoxazine Victor N. Mkpenie*, Emmanuel E. Essien and Basil N. Ita MBL serum levels in Syrian children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia Nesreen Ghanem and Jumana Saleh Copper phosphate nanoparticles Synthesis characterisation and their antibacterial activity S. Ramesh, K. Giribabu, S. Praveen Kumar, R. Manigandan and V. Narayanan Synthesis of hydroxyapatite by hydrothermal method from cockle shell Anadara granosa Yelmida Azisa, Novesar Jamarun*b, Zultiniara, Syukri Ariefb and Hadi Nurc Detoxification of Hexavalent Chromium Rajeswari Anburaj* Effect of antidiabetic treatment and anthropometric factors on some biochemical parameters in women with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular complications Mourad Zoghlami,* and Karima Bereksi Reguig Characterization of AgFe3O4coreshell nanocomposites for biomedical applications T. M. Chan, Ye. Ya. Levitin, O. S. Kryskiv and I. A. Vedernikova Docking studies of Benzimidazole Schiff bases with Mycobacterium tuberculosis 3HNT Protein D. Prabhakara Chary*, V. Krishnaa, R. Premalathab and B. Sandhya Ranib Search for medicinal plants with pharmaceutical use by integration of the physical and biotic informations in a geographic information system The interface steppe region Saharan region Algeria Tadjeddine N., Regagba M., Mederbal K., Tadjeddine A. F., Josa R.,, Mas M. T., Verd???º A. M. C., Regagba Z. and Bousmaha A. M. Ionic liquid cooking wheat straw pulping and delignification reaction kinetics Wei Song, Zongyu Liu* and Hong Zhu A validated RP HPLC method for the analysis of Moxifloxacin Hydrochloride in pharmaceutical dosage forms and stability studies M. Vishnu Priya*, P. Madhavan and Pramod Kumar Carotenogenesis Study of Neurospora intermedia N1 in liquid substrate fermentation Marlia Singgih*, Wendi Andriatna, Sophi Damayanti and Sri Priatni The use of nonionic surfactants and phospholipids to increase the solubility of ibuprofen optimized by experimental design R. Sefrioui, Y. El Alaoui, M. Bouatia, N. Cherkaoui, A. Laatiris and Y. Rahali* Synthesis of novel substituted amethylamino derivatives of asantonin as potential anticancer agentsPart 1 Eudesmanolide derivatives Christiaan W. van der Westhuyzena, Amanda L. Rousseaua,$, Heinrich Hoppeb,????§, Natasha Kolesnikovab and Christopher J. Parkinsona,c* Preparation and characterization of Graphenegraftedchitosan hydroxyapatite composite V. Geetha, T. Gomathi and P. N. Sudha* Hostguest complexes of baicalein and silybin with Chexylpyrogallol4arene Determination of the stoichiometry and the mode of binding Chandrasekaran Sowrirajan, Israel V. M. V. Enoch* and Murugesh Easwaran Influence on some female fertility hormonal response in wistar albino rats Possible contraceptive role for methanol leaf extract of Ocimum gratissimum *Egba Simeon I., Omodamiro Olorunsola D., Obike Joy C. and Ali Ezinne S. Perchloric acid modified cellulose Solid acid catalyst for Pechmann condensation using grinding technic under solvent free condition Omprakash S. Chavan*, S. A. Jadhav, M. G. Shioorkar, S. B. Chavan, M. A. Baseer and Y. M. Pawar Emission characteristics of a CI engine with the addition of kamala orange skin additive M. James Selvakumar*, S. John Alexis and P. Karuppuswamy Kaempferol derivatives as a potent inhibitor of LYSGingipain KGP which is the predominant factor in the development of periodontitis Michael Bernard Prashanth F., Vishnu M. R., Delfin Lovelina Francis and Chitra R. Chandran Antioxidant capacities phenolic flavonoid and carotenoid content of various polarities extracts from three organs of Sechium edule Jacq Swartz Irda Fidrianny*, Dian Ayu and Rika Hartati Lead Zirconate Titanate A Piezo electric material R. Gowri Shankar Rao* and N. Kanagathara Chitinase Production and applications A. Sally Roopavathi and R. Vigneshwari and R. Jayapradha* Descriptive and multivariate analysis of the methane production by mesophilic anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge in Morocco Siham Belhadj, Majdouline Larif, Fadoua Karouach, Yassine Joute, Abdellaziz Chaouch and Hassan El Bari Seasonal variation of groundwater quality in Veppanthattai block of Perambalur district Tamilnaduimplements of the water quality index method A. Mohamed Ibraheem, *S. M. Mazhar Nazeeb Khan and A. Ravikumar Positron Emission Tomography A paradigm in imaging sciences Anita Ayre*, Divya Nair and Kunal Gokhale Innovative means for regulating global warming through indigenous veterinary system Are we missing sustainable solutions Ravikumar R. K.*, Amol S. Kinhekar and Vipin Kumar Water loss of some plant fruits through plant waxy layers at different temperature levels Afaf Taher and Salem El shatshat* Compositions of Harungana madagascariensis Lam ex Poiret leaf and stem essential oils ,*Moronkola D. O., Yeboah S. O., Majinda R. R. T. and Sichilongo K. Calcium alginate immobilized sugar palm fruit Arenga pinnata Merr Shell for the removal of PbII and CdII ions Zulkarnain Chaidir, Putri Nilam Sari, Rahmiana Zein and Edison Munaf* Antithrombotic and anticoagulant activities of Desmodium gyrans DC Vipin PS, Johannah NM, Seema Menon, Lincy Lawrence, and Jose Padikkala Antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of leaf and flower of Hypericum mysorense Anusha K. S., Ganashree N. K., Kruthika G. N., Poojashree R., Sushmitha K. K. and Prashith Kekuda T. R.* Comparative phytochemical analysis free radical scavenging potentials of tubers shoots of wild in vitro extracts of Ruellia tuberosa L Acanthaceae Painthamizharasi Lakshmanan and Jeya Jothi Gabriel* New approach in treatment of brain injury Neurotrophic effects of Apigenin J. S. Hussein*, Y. Abdel Latif, M. A. El-Bana, D. Medhat, S. Morsy, S. E. El-Toukhy, A. H. Farrag, L. T. Abou El-Kassem and U. H. Hawas, Technical study of biogas production by an experimental biogas Afilal Mohamed Amine*, Elasri Ouahid, El Farh Larbi and Elaiche Hayat Adsorption studies on the removal of PbII ions using carboxymethyl chitosan Schiff base derivatives P. Moganavally, R. Suresh, M. Deepa and P. N. Sudha Synthesis characterization and antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticles from Tamarindus indica L seed coat extract Vaiyshnavi Ramamurthi, Geethaa S. and Prabhu S.* Sustainable safe reuse of drainage water in agriculture at North delta soils Egypt A. M. Saad*, Marwa G. M., M. A. Bayoumi, M. G. Zoghdan and R. A. El-Dissoky Synthesis characterization and biological activity of carboxymethyl chitosan pdimethylamino benzaldehyde metal complexes R. Suresh, P. Moganavally, M. Deepa and P. N. Sudha Green technology Economically and environmentally innovative methods for extraction of medicinal aromatic plants MAP in Egypt Khaled A. Shams*, Nahla S. Abdel-Azim, Ibrahim A. Saleh, Mohamed-Elamir F. Hegazy, Mostafa M. El-Missiry and Faiza M. Hammouda Biodiesel production its performance characteristics measurementA review and analysis Sagar Kaushik, Manthan Kumar, Sandeep Thakur, Mayank Chhabra, K. M. Aggarwal and R. K. Tyagi Corrosion inhibition of environmental friendly inhibitor using Theobromab cacao peels extract on mild steel in NaCl solution Yuli Yetri*, Emriadi, Novesar Jamarun and Gunawarman* Phytochemical potential and in vitro antimicrobial activity of Piper betle Linn leaf extracts Rahul Shivaji Patil*, Pooja Madhav Harale, Kiran Vilas Shivangekar, Pooja Pundalik Kumbhar and Ranjeet Ravindra Desai Physicochemical study and antibacterial activity of Laurus nobilis from Mascara Algeria *Ould Yerou Karima, Meddah B. and Tir Touil A. Solvent effects on molar refraction and polarizability of 4amino5 chloroN2diethylaminoethyl2 methoxybenzamide hydrochloride hydrate solutions at 300C S. D. Deosarkar*, M. P. Pawar, R. T. Sawale, A. R. Hardas and T. M. Kalyankar Preparation and invitro evaluation of diltiazem hydrochloride microspheres by using eudragit RL100 eudragit RS100 as polymers V. Kamalakkannan*, K. S. G. Arul Kumaran, S. Chitti Babu, T. Muthukumaran and V. Sethu Raman Simultaneous administration of mifepristone and misoprostol for medical abortion up to 7 weeks gestationa pilot study Ritu Sharma, Neelu Grover, Sudha Salhan and Mamta Gupta Salacia oblonga Wall An endangered plant of immenses pharmaceutical value Anjaneyulu Musini and Archana Giri* Tailored methods for preclinical assessment of fibrinolytic agents in vitro Purnima Dey Sarkar, Mithun Singh Rajput* and Nilesh Prakash Nirmal Molecular homology modeling docking studies to predict the 3D structureand drug determination for HBV core of Hepatitis B Faryal Khattak*, Muhammad Haseeb and Sahar Fazal Effect of chlorophyll content and maturity on total phenolic total flavonoidn contents and antioxidant activity of Moringa oleifera leaf Miracle tree Abdulaziz Rabiu Abdulkadir, Md. Sarwar Jahan* and Dhiya Dalila Zawawi Screening and characterization of bioactive compound from Samalona islandsponges Indonesia Yulia Yusrini Djabir, Gemini Alam and Elly Wahyudin Binding studies of some novel macroacyclic transition metal complexes towards CTDNA via multispectroscopic techniques C. Joel, *S. Theodore David, R. Biju Bennie, S. Daniel Abraham and S. Iyyam Pillai Effect of physical activity on the balance of type 2 diabetes in the west of Algeria Dalila Lakhdar*, Asma Remil and Mustafa Bedjaoui Impact of water pollution on community and agricultural industry A case study of River Krishna Sangli District M. V. Patil and S. R. Bamane Cloud point and thermodynamic properties of a nonionic surfactant Triton X100 in presence of various organic and inorganic Salts A. D. Kakuste, M. S. Borse and G. H. Sonawane* Comparison of Mannanbinding lectinassociated serine protease2 MASP2 serum levels between children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and healthy controls Ragheb Harb* and Jumana Saleh Investigation of binding of bovine serum albumin with metallic nanoparticles Swarup Roy* and Tapan Kumar Das Formulation design and development of SR matrix tablets of vildagliptin by using different grades of carbopol and eudragit Y. Ganesh Kumar*, J. Sreekanth and D. Satyavati Formulation and evaluation of raft forming sustained release tablet containing Ranitidine Kanabar Vishvesh B.* and Patel Vipul P. In vivo antioxidant activity of methanolic extract of stem bark of Spondias mombin L on carbon tetrachloride induced oxidative stress in wistar rats A. N. R. Boni*, K. Kouassi, E. A. Ayebe, H. F. Yapi, A. J. Djaman, and J. D. Nguessan HIVspecific CD8T lymphocyte responses in HIVHCV coinfected patients Kaewboon B. and Ammaranond P.* Biological activities of 1 2 3oxadiazolium5olate derivatives Sachin K. Bhosalea*, Shreenivas R. Deshpandeb,Rajendra D. Waghc andAvinash S. Dhakea Compression of medical images with edge preservation K. Vidhya*, N. Sathya and B. Subhashini Synthesis characterization and biological evaluation of iodoquinazolinone derivatives Gollapalli Naga Raju*, Karumudi Bhavya Sai, Janaki, Sandhya, Rohini Tejaswi Myneni and Rama Rao Nadendla Ethnomedicinal practices of a Marma tribal medicinal practitioner in Chittagong Hill Tracts Bangladesh Piplu Bhuiyan, Md. Mazharul Karim and Mohammed Rahmatullah* Potential antimicrobial activities of quinazolinone derivatives Gollapalli Naga Raju*, Karumudi Bhavya Sai, Vallampatla Resshma, Nallapu Sudarshini, Peruru Lakshmi Sowmya, Yekula Nalini and Rama Rao Nadendla Tribal medicinal practices in Bangladesha case study of a Tonchongya healer in Coxs Bazar district Bipul Datta, Preyanka Akter Rupaly, Dipak Biswas, Md. Samim Hossain, Fahamida Begum, Aklima Akter, Sharmin Akter, Lila Nur, Ishita Malek and Mohammed Rahmatullah* Novel approach to the synthesis of new isoxazole analogues as potent antioxidant agents G. Vasanth Kumara, Bi Bi Ahmadi Khatoona*, BN. Mylarappab and K. Ajay Kumara* Study of physicochemical parameters of sea water in Tuticorin Coastal area and assessing their Quality Tamil Nadu India J. Clara Jeyageetha* and Sugirtha P. Kumar The antibacterial effect of the sagebrush essential oil Artemisia herbaalba Asso of Western Algeria Mouchem Fatima Zohra, Hellal Benchaben*, Ayad Nadira and Ayache Abbassia Human exposure assessment to electric and magnetic field emitted by mobile phones television sets and personal computers Hamid Reza Ghaffari,, Simin Naseri, Abdolhamid Tajvar, Kavoos Dindarloo, Nezam Mirzaee, Ehsan Ahmadi and Kiomars Sharafi,* Turbidimetric determination for promethazine hydrochloride and codeine phosphate in pharmaceutical preparation using sodium tungstate as precipitating reagent Yasmeen H. 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