Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research is an online international journal to promote all fields of Chemical Sciences like Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Photochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Agricultural and Soil Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Macromolecular Chemistry, Petroleum Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry and Phytochemistry as well as all aspects of Chemical Engineering etc. rss//rss/jocpr-volume-7-issue-3-year-2015.xml Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Volume 7, Issue 3 A study of LAsparagine Doped ADP single crystals A. Jegatheesan, G. Rajarajan, B. Ravi and B. Neelakantaprasad A First record on population of the alien venomous jellyfish Cassiopea andromedaForsskl 1775 Cnidaria Scyphozoa Rhizostomea in the Nayband Lagoon fromBushehrIran Persian Gulf Iraj Nabipour, Mahdi Moradi and G. Hossein Mohebbi Synthesis and electrical conductivity of new organic materials bearing atetrathiafulvalene unit Rachida Khammar, Amel Bendjeddou, Tahar Abbaz, Merzoug Benahmed, Abdelkrim Gouasmia, Rabah Rehamnia, Mebrouka Dekhici and Didier Villemin A descriptive study of age at menarche BMI and the relation of hygienepractices with urinary tract infections in uppermiddle income women Sumaira Khalid, Subia Jamil, Sakina Fatima, Faryal Ali, Najaf Usman and Kinza Riaz Assessment of heavy metal contamination in Chemberambakkam lake water Chennai Tamil Nadu India B. Prabhu Dass Batvari and A. Surendran Heavy metals accumulation in two fish species Labeo rohita and Cirrhina mrigala from Pulicat Lake North of Chennai SoutheastCoast of India B. Prabhu Dass Batvari, S. Kamalakannan and R. R. Krishnamurthy Adaptive parameter adjusting method for torsional vibration modelof turbine shafts Tiezheng Jin and Yujiong Gu Spectrophotometric determination of Tiopronin based inhibitory effect on hemoglobin Fengshou Tian, Wenping Zhu, Yang Liu and Yahong Chen Analysis of physicochemical features of a polluted sewage disposal in Ludhiana Ekta Singh Comparative in vitro anti H2O2 activity and antibacterial efficacy of garlic and immature onion bulbs against selected human gammaproteobacterial pathogens Maha Lakshmi A and Veronica S Jeyadoss Combined effect of LHR coating and Pongamia oil methyl ester on combustion performance and emission characteristics in a singlecylinder DI diesel engine Hariram V. and Hema Kumar M. Screening for extracellular enzyme production in endophytic fungi isolation from Calophyllum inophyllum L leaves Didi Chinnu Raju, Shruti Mariam Thomas and Sona Elizabeth Thomas Novel serial extraction method for antibacterial and antifungal evaluations of the entire Eryngium campestre L plant from Jerusalem Palestine Nidal Amin Jaradat , Mahdi Mohammad Al khawaja, Mahmoud M. Abu-hadid Optimization of wireless sensor networks routing protocol based on genetic ant colony algorithm Sun Zeyu Study on thermoelectric material and thermoelectric generator Dongyi Zhou and Shi Chu-ping The methodology of ECG feature extraction based on empiricalmode decomposition Zhiqiang Zhao, Jianjun He, Jian Wu, Qin Zhang, Qiaoli Zheng, Li Yang and Huiquan Zhang Spectrum analysis of controlled blasting vibration Zhenyang Xu, Yanning Yu, LianjunGuo and Daning Zhang Preparation of alkalisoluble polysaccharide from culture mycelium of Lentinula edobes L0010 using mathematical model and associated physicochemical properties Yu Liu, Xiaomeng Ding, Chaoyang Wei, Liang He, Sufang Han, Yun Chen, Jun-Wen Cheng and YanBin Wang Sintering temperature impact on carrier concentration of Pr01Ca09MnO3samples Yang Yi-yun Triplebottomline performance evaluation on Chinas iron and steelenterprises under the background of low carbon economy Dajun Ye Design and implementation of pharmaceutical enterprise management system based on JavaEE Wencheng Liu An algorithm of friend recommendation for Fetion Robot Ming-liang Zhu and Min-jing Peng Analysis of safety awareness culture in coal enterprises and its construction measures Hongxia Li, Hongxi Di and Jian Li Research on design relay control circuit using logic algebra Yunpeng Zhang, Yanling Li, Jiawen Chen and Ran Cheng A response analysis method for shaftblade combined vibration due totorsional vibration of turbinegenerator shafts Tiezheng Jin and Yujiong Gu Prepare alignment samples of crude oil contained water detection and analysis of the test data dispersion in the primary laboratory of Daqing Oilfield China Qian Zhang The optimal design of a medicine cabinet Liu Tie Fabrication of low wettability surfaces on aluminum substrates using electrolysis plasma treatment Dong Xiaojuan, Meng Jianbing, Wei Xiuting, and Yin Zhanmin QSAR study of antiHIV drugs of 12hydroxyethoxy methyl6phenylthio thymine HEPT derivatives by using quantum descriptors S. S. Tomar,Nadreen Banu and Kaleem Ahmad A novel modified differential evolution algorithm for clustering Zhao Hongwei and Xia Honggang Elasticplastic comparison and analysis on surrounding rock of gas drainage borehole based on MC criterion and DP criterion Li Peng, Li Boand Jiang Yifeng Research on concept similarity calculation method based on semantic grid Zhao Guozeng Research classification of Jujube based on BP artificial neural network Xiaoling LI and Jimin Yuan The further discussion of convergence of exchangeable random variables sequence Huang Zhaoxia Shockwave swing oscillating gear transmission with isometric polygonal profile Youxin Luo, Qiyuan Liu and Xiaoyi Che Economic development and social governance efficiency evaluation research based on SBM model Chunguang Gu, Yang Yang and Shaoyong Wang Multiattribute lattice order decisionmaking model based on setpair reasoning Li Lihong, Sun Jie, Li Yan and Liu Baoxiang Comprehensive evaluation of water environment carrying capacity in Suzhou City China Zhang Yong and Wang Si-wei Research on the magnetic property of highspeed PCB design Shiqiang Gao, Ze Zhang and Ruirui Bo Long blade vibration model for turbinegenerator shafts torsionalvibration analysis Tiezheng Jin and Yujiong Gu The application study of image processing in control system Tong Chun-ya, Shao Shi-wei, Zhong Qiu-bo,Yu Hua, Shi Jing-jing, He Ke-jia and Zhang Hong-mei A method of variables selection for soft sensor based on distributedmutual information Xia Yuan, Huizhong Yang and Nam Sun Wang Study on discussion in the English class of middle schools Bangqing Pei Application of set pair analysis in threeway decisions Lihong Li, Yan Li, Jie Sun and Baoxiang Liu Design of the intelligent voice electronic nose and its application in food quality detection Qiu-xia Liu Research on safety and early warning technology of expressway traffic in fog Chen Duiyong Analysis of gallium phosphide nanoparticles agglomeration phenomenon based on Raman spectrum Hailing Li, Sheng Bin, Gengxin Sun and Shuiqing Jiang Information systems building of small and medium enterprises based ondata envelopment analysis Lihong Li, Yan Li, Jie Sun, Linyu Su, Yiru Wang Analysis on micromechanic field at SCC tip in the high hardness zone of a dissimilar weld joint Lingyan Zhao, He Xue and Fuqiang Yang Research and application of the rough multiattribute lattice orderdecisionmaking Li Lihong, Sun Jie, Bai Bin and Liu Baoxiang Molecular characterization of Cissus quadrangularis by RAPD technique Kirti Jain, Shruti Awasthi, Surangana Sarkar, Abhishek M and B. V. Somashekaraiah The generation and recognition system of QR code basing on android Teng Lin-lin, Tong Chun-ya, Shao Shi-wei, Zhong Qiu-bo, Shi Jing-jing, He Ke-jia and Zhang Hong-mei Oscillating gear transmission with cosine shockwave push rod Qiyuan Liu, Xiaoyi Che, Youxin Luo Motion planning for humanoid robot based on arm Zhong Qiu-bo, Zhao Jie and Tong Chun-ya A calculation model of coal mine safety management based onKalman filter algorithm Qi Lixia Design and implementation of the course of machinery manufacturingtechnology based on project teaching Tiejun Wu, Zhuo Chen and Xiaomian Li Oscillating gear transmission with hypocycloidal shockwave push rod Xiaoyi Che, Youxin Luo and Qiyuan Liu Research on factors affecting brand image strategies of agricultural science and technology enterprises Xing Li and Tain-Fung Wu Identification of environmental parameters importance for frequencyelectromagnetic fields based on Monte Carlo sensitivity analysis Zheng Xu Application of color matching in the design of network instructional platform Qiuxiang Shi, Yanyu Bao, Jianying Li, Li Jing, Linlu Yue and Xuerong Li Modeling approach of simulation for dualcrane lift system Xin Wang, Di Wu, Yuanshan Lin, Xiaoli Wang, Bo Jiao Dividing geographical profile of serial criminals based on triangular distribution and cluster analysis Xu Biao and Zhu Ning Research on attribute matching method in heterogeneous databasessemantic integration Rui Zhang, Jianwei Wang, Wenjuan Bu Research on facial features detection using RGBD camera Qingxiang Wang Servo control system of electric cylinder based on feed forward prediction Zhang Geng, Gong Xiansheng Chen Xirui Study on the four kinds of non mainstreamoriented design knowledge system of book binding and layout guide Zhiliang Xia Research on the influence of mapping choice on equilibrium manifoldexpansion for nonlinear system Wang Laizhi, Yang Xun Increased mitochondrial DNA content in salivary leukoplakia patients associated with aging Lana Sayall, Ammar Mashlah and Issam Kassem Theory of how to design the site easy to navigate Liu li-zhen Design and simulation of needlefree syringe device driven by reluctance Zhang Haitao, Shen Qilin, Lv Boyu, Chen Tianyu, Wang Mingdi The transformation relations between the image relative orientation and the fundamental matrix Shao Shi-wei, Tong Chun-ya, Xiao Li-xia and Li Ning 3D remote sensing images parallax refining based on HTML5 Qian Pei, Hengjian Tong, Weitao Chen, Hai Wang, Yanrong Feng Removal of dyes and metals using natural adsorbents KarthikV, Kamal B, Mohammed Haneef MV and Mannarthippusulthan MAM. Analysis on the governance efficiency of forestry listed corporate and the impact on company performance Geng Xiao yuan and Men Guang hua Thread image processing technology research based on combination of edgedetection and subpixel positioning Fang Li Research and design on resource addressing model in ubiquitous networkMinglang Jiang and Fang Cheng Minglang Jiang and Fang Cheng The application of weak passive acoustic endpoint detection based on sparse decomposition feature technology Chen Gong, Zhou Zhikai, Wang Pingbo, Chang Rui, Du Yuhua, Yu Haiping, Cai Zijun and Fan Bineng Design and development of an Omnidirectional mobile automatic guidedlogistics platform with robotic arm Gao Zhen-Qing, Yang Yuan-xin, Du Yan-ping A new method for environmental degradation valuating Wuzhen Peng Imbalance learning for fault diagnosis gearbox in wind turbine Liu Tianyu A novel tireroad friction estimation for electric vehicle with inwheel motorsbased on process model Feng Xiao, Chuanxue Song and Shaokun Li A study on temporal and spatial change characteristics of precipitationconcentration degree PCD and precipitation concentration period PCP inWenchuan Earthquake areas Tiangui Xiao, Qiang Xu, Yujie Fang and Lili Li Webbased foreign language teaching in China Status Quo methodology and prospect Yan Yibo Nutritional evaluation of some wild edible plants of Meghalaya State in Inda and their ethnobotanical importance Tapan Seal Direction of arrival estimation for fewer snapshots signal in the impulsive noise environment Liu Lei and Diao Ming Effect of coating ceramic membranes with TiO2 to the performance of electrolyte photovoltaic cell with KIKI3 solution and carbon as electrode Arif Yasthophi, Rera Aga Salihat, Admin Alif and Hermansyah Aziz dan Edison Munaf A study on various computeraided drug design methodologies S. Gowri Antibacterial activities of extracts from Pinus yunnanensis Franch var pygmaea pollen and application of the study in teaching Yi Diao, Zhen Li and Hongbo Han The computation of distinguished hyperbolic trajectory in vector field Jia Meng and Yang Tianming Research on teaching of green building design Zhang Lei The approach of error calibration for threeaxis magnetic heading sensor Jia Meng The realization of automatic adaptive channel equalization Wu Bing and Jia Meng Effect of operating conditions on the performance of primary steam reformer in Basra fertilizer plant Rand A. Abid and Ala'a A. Jassim The research status and analysis of square dance development in the downtown of Lanzhou Zejun Zhang and Xiaomei lv Standardization and quality control parameters of aerial parts Leaves and Stem of Trigonella foenum graecum LAn important medicinal plant Darshana Patil, Avinash Patil, Khyati Vadera and Aqsa Ansar Tillage and straw affect soil CO2 emissions in a rainfed corn field Xingli Lu, Xingneng Lu, Xiaoxia Wen and Yuncheng Liao Study on the distribution status and influencing factors of the overweight and obese children in Hebei province Xiaomei Lv, Zejun Zhang and Zhijia Sun Uncertain programming with recourse Yongchao Hou and Shengyan Yang Analyze and refining the partition table using Smart epistemologies in software design Yang Chaozheng Research flotation process on goldmine in Agu Village Yongping CountyYunnan Province Tao He, Bo Yang and Ripeng Xiao QSAR study on Indole derivatives Teodora E. Harsaa, Alexandra M. Harsaa, L. Jantschib and Mircea V. Diudea The influence of permutable information on Evoting technology in distance education Li Shuying and Yang Chaozheng H2S leakage grading alarm and protective measures in the highsulfur crude oil process Ming Chen, Dongfeng Zhao, Shi Li, Wendong Wang and Xianglei Cai Research on humanoid robot vision system based on fuzzy image segmentation algorithm with color table Zhong Qiu-bo Zhao Jie and Tong Chun-ya Enhanced bactericidal effect of silver nanoparticles synthesized using marine brown macro algae Sunitha S, A. Nageswara Rao, L. Stanley Abraham, E. Dhayalan, R. Thirugnanasambandam and V. Ganesh Kumar Design of experimental platform of data structure based on online judge Qin Zhang, Xinyu Li, Xiaopeng Xie and Jiangping Ou A QSAR study on 5HT6 receptor antagonists the 34dihydro2Hbenzo14oxazines Manju Choudhary, Pradeep Pilania and Brij Kishore Sharma Biocide effect of Fusariumsolani and Penicillium spp against the cereals cyst nematode Heteroderaavenae Righi Kada,Mokabli Aissa and AssiaFatiha Optimization and validation of RPHPLC stability indicating method for simultaneous determination of Olmesartan Medoxomil and Chlorthalidone inpure drug and pharmaceutical dosage form Mohammad Yunoos and D. Gowri Sankar Combustion characteristics of CI engine fuelled with Mahua oil methyl ester blends operating in part load condition at advanced injection timing Vagesh Shangar R and Hariram V Influence of bovine serum albumin BSA on micellization behaviourof sodiumdodecylsulphate SDS in aqueous rich mixtures ofdimethylsulfoxide at different temperatures Sanjay K. Pathania, Vivek Sharma, Ramesh C. Thakur, Radhika Sharma and Reema Sharma Cytokine secretion of human keratocytes following crosslinkingriboflavinUVA photodynamic inactivation PDI in vitro Tanja Stachon, Jiong Wang, Xufei Song, Achim Langenbucher, Berthold Seitz and N√?¬≥ra Szentm√?¬°ry Evaluation of diuretic propertiesfrom Elaeis guineensis Jacq Arecaceae leaves aqueous extractin Wistar rat Fid√?¬®le M.Assogba, Chouaibou Aderomou, Wilfrid Agbodjogbe, Mansourou Moudachirou and Joachim D. Gbenou Biobutanol production from cellulose rich agricultural waste using Clostridium species B.Bharathirajaa, T.Sudharsanaaa, A.Bharghavia,G. Sri Sowmeyaa,D.Yuvaraja,R.Praveenkumarb, C.ChozhavendhanbandJ.VinothArulrajb Structural and microstructural properties of Neem husk and seed carbon activated with zinc chloride and phosphoric acid Alau Kenneth K, Gimba Casimir E., Agbaji B. E. and Abeche Steven E. Impact of riboflavinUVAphotodynamic inactivation PDI collagen crosslinking technique on viability cell cycle phase apoptosis andproliferation of human corneal endothelial cells Jiong Wang, Tanja Stachon,Xuefei Song, Timo Eppig, Achim Langenbucher, Berthold Seitz and N√?¬≥ra Szentm√?¬°ry Development of intelligent algorithm for minimization of sulphur oxidescarbon oxides and nitrogen oxides in flue gases D. Godwin Immanuel Study on personal preferences mining method in O2O Ecommerce model Shang Peini and Yuan Feiyun Ecofriendly synthesis characterization and dyeing of azo based acid dyes on nylon fabrics T. N. Chhowala and K. R. Desai A trehalose6phosphate synthase gene from Phellinus igniarius Weiping Lin Conversion of furfural residue to biofertilizer usingBacillus subtilisL7 by solidstate fermentation method DeFei Liu, Lin Zhao,YuZhen Gao, HaiXia Ren and XinLi Liu The effects of exercise on the olds health care and rehabilitation Yang Jin Determination of silver and mercury ions stability constant with Thiuram ligands using sandwich membrane method Tanveer Irshad Siddiqi and Sameena Mehtab Synthesis and in vitro cytotoxic activity of N2thienyl2chlorobenzyloxyiminoethyl enoxacin derivatives Eskandar Alipour, Negar Mohammadhosseini, Loghman Firoozpour, Maliheh Safavi,Sussan Kabudanian Ardestani, Abbas Shafiee, Alireza Foroumadi 2Substituted55nitrofuran2yl134thiadiazoles AntiHelicobacter pylori activity evaluation and docking study Farhad Alvandifar, Azar Tahghighi, Reyhaneh Sabourian, Loghman Firoozpour,Mohammad Mahdavi, Parastoo Saniee, Najme Edraki, Mohammad Hassan Moshafi,Abbas Shafiee and Alireza Foroumadi Study on antibacterial activity of some medicinally important plants L. Senthamil, P. M. Vetriselvi, C. Yamini and R. Kumaresan Evaluation of the analgesic activity of Cissus aralioides leaves in rat Maxwell I. Ezeja, Samuel O. Onoja, Celestine O. Ukwueze and Gideon K. Madubuike Characterization of Tomography image for lung cancer identification R. Pandian and Lalithakumari S. Development of evaluation method of residual stress measurement for gear tooth root based on ultrasonic actuation by piezoelectric wafer Qinxue Pan, Xin Jin, Dingguo Xiao and Shuai Liu Antioxidant activity of olive mill wastewater extracts and its use as an effective antioxidant in olive oil kinetic approach Asma Yangui, Mohamed Hedi Abessi, Manef Abderrabba Design and performance analysis of delay tolerance network secure routing in a harsh wild scenario Zhou Honghai* and Jin Zhihao Effect of household processing on reduction of pesticide residues in TomatoLycopersicon esculentum Mill Neha Thanki, Praful Joshi and Hasmukh Joshi A selective novel organic reagent diacetylmonoxime3amino4hydroxybenzoyl hydrazone DMAHBH using for the direct and derivativespectrophotometric determination of lead II in presence of Micelar medium Nagalaxmi B. N. C. Viswanatha, K. Ramakrishna Reddy, K. B. Chandrasekhar and N. Donappa Research on development and sharing mechanism of teachingresources based on ontology knowledge management Hongsheng Xu, Ruiling Zhang, Chunjie Lin and Wenli Gan Survey on common bio fibers and polymers in recyclable textiles Ali Ashjaran and Reyhaneh Azarmi The feasibility study for polymer flooding in heavy oil recovery basedon block X Guohui Qu, Yuanlin Meng, Liang Wang and Weinan Yu Effects of 2G and 3G mobile phone radiations on germination of seeds andgrowth of seedlings of pulses Leena Parihar and Pooja Mawal Research on how RMB exchange rate influence on agricultural food prices inemerging market Li Zhou Zamfara lead poisoning saga Comparison of lead contamination level of water samples and lead poisoning in Bagega Artisanal goldmining district Nigeria Majiya M. Hassan, Abdulmumin A. Nuhu, M. S. Sallau, Hussaini M. Majiya and A. K. Mohammed Synthesis and characterization of NiSe and Doped NiSe Mn M. Sasthaa Begum and A. Jafar Ahamed Investigation of drying kinetics of finger millet in fluidized bed dryer S. Uma Maheswari, R. Kumaresan and A. Janet Pretreatment of paddy straw for enhanced saccharification Vipul Swarup Bhatnagar, Neeta Raj Sharma and Sachin Kumar Research on mineral processing of copper supplied ore in Yunnan province Chong Chen, Jianlong Yang and Yue Kong Wound healing potential of Biophytum sensitivum L DC An ayurvedic drug B. Saritha and P. Brindha Biosynthesis antibacterial activity of pyocyanin pigment produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa SU1 T. Sudhakar, S. Karpagam and J. Premkumar In silico screening of phytoactive components against Junin Hanta DengueMarburg and Ebola Viruses Himani Badoni, Sakshi Painuli and Prabhakar Semwal Ameliorative effects of silymarin and Nigella sativa extract on paracetamol induced hyperlipidemia and oxidative stress in heart tissues in male mice Mohammad S. AL-Harbi Verification of suggested formula ADJ by homologous alcohol series at 30oC S. S. Andher Subinhibitory concentrations of amoxicillin on Helicobacter pylori increase apoptosis in RAW 2647 cells Fabiana Cristina Donofrio, Elaine Toscano Mirandab, Danielle Cardoso Geraldo Maiab, Iracilda Zeponne Carlosb and Maria Stella Gon√?¬ßalves Raddib Antibacterial activity of Sivanar Vembu Indigofera aspalathoides against some human pathogenic bacteria V. N Ariharan, V. N. Meena Devi, N. K. Parameswaran and P. Nagendra Prasad A novel spectrophotometric method for determination of chloramphenicolbased on diazotization reaction at room temperature Abdul Wafi, Ganden Supriyanto and Tjitjik Srie Tjahjandarie Insilico predictions of inhibitors of novel statin structural analogues with HMGCoA reductase S. Allimalarkodi, T. Sudha, V. Ida Christy and M. Karpagavalli Effect of annealing and dopants on the physical properties of CdS nanoparticles S. Rinu Sama, S. L. Rayarb and P. Selvarajanc Evaluation of antibacterial and antioxidant activities of Abutilon indicum and Datura stramonium V. Soundaryadevi and V. Jeyamanikandan Isolation characterization and antimicrobial activity of Lactobacillus species K 3 from fermented toddy of Cocus nucifera M. Krishna Moorthy, Bijaya Kumar Nayak and Anima Nanda Methods of synthesis of nano particles and its applications S. Kandasamy and R. Sorna Prema Synthesis characterization of novel CopperII NickelII complexes ofNsubstituted thiosemicarbazides Evaluation of antibacterial antifungaland anticancer activities G. Brindha and R. Vijayanthimala Phytochemical screening and bioactivity of Momordica charantia L A. Immaculate Cynthia, L. Nivethini and T. Diana Victoria Misunderstanding and mishandling of multimedia in teaching and the countermeasures G. Q. La Timedomain signal feature extraction of mechanical and electrical equipment based on improved dynamic time warping Shang Zhi-wu, Liu Zhen-wu, Li Ya-feng and Wang Tai-yong Research on the application of error proofing theory in the enterprises quality management Xiaochuan Wang and Qiang Lu Effect of sandstone quarry on soil characteristics of subtropical forests inMizoram NorthEast India G. Premeshowri Devi, Z. R. Thasangzuala and B. P. Mishra Biodegradation of phenanthrene by Pseudomonas aeruginosa with treatment of rhamnolipid biosurfactant ShaojunZhang, Wanqing Wu and Qinggong Zheng Research on incentive and constraint model of military entrust to enterprise agent reserve war general materials He Ding-Yang and Zhang Pei-li Application of DEA method in the evaluation of agriculture economic efficiency Liu ke-fei Optical and photoluminescence properties of HMTA capped transition metalsCu Co and Mn doped ZnS nanoparticles K. Vijai Anand A new transmission gearboxes fault diagnosis system based on Bistable Stochastic Resonance Shang Zhi-wu, Liu Zhen-wu, Chang Zhu, Li Ya-feng and Wang Tai-yong Synthesis molecular docking and design of Tetrahydroquinolines asacetylcholinesterase inhibitors Margarita Guti√?¬©rrez, B√?¬°rbara Ar√?¬©valo, Gonzalo Mart√?¬≠nez, Francisco Vald√?¬©s, Gabriel Vallejos, Unai Carmona and Aurelio San Martin Research on construction technology of 3D simulation platform of radiowave environment based on OpenGL Wang hong-ming and Dong Jun Phenol degradation using microwave irradiation Mohanraj P, Prasanna S and Lima Rose Miranda Food supply chain contingent strategies based on backup supplier andinformation acquirement Liu ke-fei Scenario of Ewaste in India and application of new recycling approaches forEwaste management A. Jayapradha Concomitant therapy in clinical trials of drugs Its role problems and approaches to its consideration V. Ye. Dobrova, K. O. Zupanets and K. L. Ratushna Edible oil traceability query system construction and application Rui-ying Zheng and Yan-jie Zhou The WSN prediction algorithm of real flow based on ARMA model andwavelet transform Guobin Chen and Ting Xie Thermal studies of some biologically active new aryl esters of11bis4hydroxyphenylcyclohexane Chirag B. Patel, Bhavin B. Dhaduk and Parsotam H. Parsania Nutrient analysis of soil samples from various places Sonikajha and Suneetha V Experimental research on teaching reform of computer graphic course basedon project learning Zi-zhi Lin, Yun Ding and Si-hui Shu Exploration of application of local materials to traditional houses inSouth Shaanxi Tian Haining Mine safety production risk early warning and evaluation Deng Qigen, Liu Mingju and Zhao Fajun Effect of haptotropic rearrangements on reactivity and biological activity influorenyl complexes A DFT Study Souhila Laib and Nadia Ouddai ZOOM FFT technology based on analytic signal and bandpass filter andsimulation with LabVIEW Qingyu Hao, Wei Zhao and Pan Hao On the cultivation of intercultural communicative awareness in collegeEnglish education Jing-wei Shu RSSIbased information hiding algorithm for wireless sensor networks Ying Guo, Zhen Zhang and Xin Wang A twostage damage identification method for space truss structure Yang Chao-Shan, Cheng Hua, Wang Zhong-Gang, Wang Gao-Sheng The image edge detection algorithm based on the grey system theory Duanli Yang, Hongmei Li and Yijin Wang The value evaluation system of Chinese strategic emerging industriesdevelopment Qun Chen Urban ecological culture quality evaluation index system construction Qun Chen A new system of temperature acquisition based on ARM Shuangyou Wang, Cheng Feng and Yongqiang Zhang The implementation of intelligent transportation system based onthe internet of things Lu Sheng-nan, Duan Pei-pei, Feng Jian-li and Li Xiao-he The survey and analysis of high school information technology course Yongqiang Zhang, Shuangyou Wang and Cheng Feng Chiral separation of valsartan by CZE Zhiwei Li, Jingyan Xue, Xiaona Guo and Qingguo He Influence of surfactant on synthesis of HAp by hydrothermal route J. Anita Lett Fault detection technology of electronic circuit Guo Hongxia Computeraided technology applied in 3D animation modeling design Zhili Xu Tetrahydroquinolines and Isoxazoles Nitrogen heterocycles as potential antibacterial agents Yorley Duarte, Fernando Due√?¬Īas and Margarita Guti√?¬©rrez A study on the methods in the universal education in motion picture arts of universities arts Cheng Feng, Yongqiang Zhang and Liming Jiang Intelligent traffic flow videos based on gauss mixture model Guo Yanjun Research on athletes nutrition supplement during tennis aerobic athleticability competition Huhu Lian Research on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method of green building Liu Chun-jiang Construction of cloud platform for aeronautical computer laboratory Zhu Rui Isoflavanone glycoside from the leaf of Mangifera indica L Norizan Ahmat, Agustono Wibowo and Haryoto Saribudiyono Webbased language teaching in China Status Quo Methodology and Prospect Lu Guochao The research of computer network safety based on neural network Chen Weijun and Li Junfeng SDN resource scheduling strategy based on threetier pricing mechanism of bilateral market Xiaobo Bu, Bin Zhuge, Li Deng and Weiming Wang Motion caption applied in sports training system Yuxiang Wu Damage identification of tower structure based on the analysis of the key components Chaoshan Yangand,Peili Zhang The analysis and simulation of the corn thresher based on fuzzy control Du Zhe and Li Xinping Land surface temperature retrieval from HJ1B satellite thermal infrared data and error analysis using partial differential equation Jianbo Xu, Zhifeng Xiao, Linyi Zhong, Kai Zhao and Ziyu Huang Facile and green synthesis of silver nanoparticles from Penicillium italicumand its antimicrobial property in combination with Sparfloxacin Shahnaz Majeed, Mohd Syafiq bin Abdullah, Gouri Kumar Dash and Anima Nanda Application of Surfactants in Soil Remediation Dengyu Li, Lina Sun and Meihua Lian Study on vibration attenuation and load reduction of wind turbines based ontuned mass damper Qiying Zhang and Hong Zhou Antimicrobial sensitivity profile of nosocomial uropathogens in a tertiary care hospital of South India P. Jyothi and Metri Basavaraj C. A kind of intelligent questionanswering system based on sentence similaritycalculation model Shitao Yan and Wenqiang Tian Cloning and sequence analysis of a novel NADPHcytochrome P450 reductase gene from filamentous fungus Curvularia lunata Chen Liu, Ruijie Wang and Xiaoguang Liu Extraction of chitosan from prawn shell waste and its application in dye decolorization Ravi T, Stanley Abraham L, Narendrakumar G and Anil Kumar Rao S Synthesis and characterization of 1isopropyl imidazolium based brnsted room temperature ionic liquids Janarthanan Porkodi, Sankaranarayanan Nagarajan and Elango Kandasamy Synthesis of some new sulfonamide derivatives based on 134oxadiazole Ahmed Wahed Naser and Atheer Mohammed Majeed A bottomup process approach for micronization of Ibuprofen Stevanus Hiendrawan, Bambang Veriansyah and Raymond R. Tjandrawinata Isoxazolines An insight to their synthesis and diverse applications K. Ajay Kumar, M. Govindaraju, N. Renuka and G. Vasanth Kumar Dairy manure biochar inhibition of soil nitrogen leaching study Wu Dan, Lin Jing-wen, Zhang Yan, Sun Li-na, Zhao Shi-tong and Wang Dan-dan Effects of doping Ni2 on the structure and photocatalytic denitrification activity of Bi2WO6 f Bi Yan Huagao and Ying Chen GCMS analysis of bioactive compounds in the methanolic extract ofKalanchoe pinnata fresh leaves Rohan Sharadanand Phatak Bioprocess optimization for biomass production of probiotics yeast Saccharomyces boulardii in semiindustrial scale Tam S. Chin, Nor Zalina Othman, Roslinda Abd Malek, Nagib Elmarzugi, Ong Mei Leng, Solleh Ramli, Nur Fashya Musa, Ramlan Aziz and Hesham El Enshasy Nephroprotective and hepatoprotective effect of ethanolic extract of Spondias pinnata Shabana Khatoon, Shazia Usmani and Mohd. Arif Synthesis and characterization of hydroxypropyl cellulosepaminobenzoic acid ester conjugate Kashif-ur-Rehman Khan and Chitchamai Ovatlarnporn Economic development and social governance efficiency evaluation researchbased on SBM model Chunguang Gu, Yang Yang and Haoyong Wang Equilibrium and kinetics study for the removal of copper from aqueous solution by activated carbon derived from Annona squmosa seed Renukadevi C, Santhi Tand Makeswari Dringo rhizome Acorus calamus L A potential source high asarone Rezki Amriati Syarif, Rusniati Rasyid and Ahmad Najib Potentiometric study of stability constant of binary and ternary complexes of Enalapril with transition metal ions in aqueous solution Ammar Qasem, Mazahar Farooqui and Sayyed Hussain Molecular detection of Parvovirus B19 in a group of children in Damascus Syria Razan MN. AL Debs and Marwan M. AL Buhtori The proportion of energy consumption structure prediction basedon markov chain Xiaohang Ren, Qian Liu and Yumeng Zhang Strategy for health care of under nutrition rural Indian women Neeta Raj Sharma Effect of natural mineral nanoparticles and microparticles on bacteria Kirill S. Golokhvast, Vladimir V. Chaika and Stanislav Yu. Borisov Nematicidal activity of root exudates of sengon plant inoculated withendophytic fungi Nigrospora sp to control of rootknot nematodeMeloidogyne spp Nur Amin The effect of RhoROCK signal pathway on the migration of mesenchymal stem cells induced by IL1 Nan Wang, Man Zhang, Shui Jing Wang, Rui Zhang, Li Nan Zhang and Tong Cun Zhang Impact of irrigation with water from the Seybouse Wadi on the biochemical quality of flatleaf parsley Saida Gouri, Amel Bendjeddou, Tahar Abbaz, Chahinez Boualleg, Abdelkrim Gouasmia, Didier Villemin and Fatiha Bekhouche Synthetic routes to some azolyltriazoles Bakr Fathy Abdel-Wahab HPTLC profile of quercetin in three cultivars of Allium sativum and itsantimicrobial activity against bacterial cultures N. C. J. Packia Lekshmi, S. Viveka, M. B. Viswanathan, T. Mini Shobi, S. Jeeva and J. 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