Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research is an online international journal to promote all fields of Chemical Sciences like Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Photochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Agricultural and Soil Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Macromolecular Chemistry, Petroleum Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry and Phytochemistry as well as all aspects of Chemical Engineering etc. rss//rss/jocpr-volume-6-issue-8-year-2014.xml Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Volume 6, Issue 8 Synthesis of substituted Naryl pyrolloquinolines and study of their antimicrobial activities Ganesh B. Deshmukh, Nilesh S. Patil, Vishwas B. Gaikwad, Avinash D. Bhole and Sambhaji V. Patil Using ant colony algorithm to construction wireless sensor zigbee and RFID routing Huimin Qi and Fengxia Yang Formulation development and compatibility study of ibandronate sodium injection 3mg3mL Srikant Pimple, Pravin Maurya, Krupal Salunke, Ruby Singh, Mukund Gurjar and Mahesh Shah Synthesis and molecular docking studies of 1trityl5azaindazole derivatives Jagadeesh N. Masagalli, Kittappa M. Mahadevan, Eranna Siddalingmurthy and Preenon Bagchi Extractability of nitrites from polluted waters using biosorbents derived from leaves barks or stems of some herbal plants M. Suneetha and K. Ravindhranath Discussion of undergraduate students trained models of material forming and controlling engineering major of forestry kind colleges in China Jian Zhou, Lijun Li and Lei Lei A new image segmentation algorithm based on SRG and ACM Bo Cai Nutritional and phytochemical screening and total phenolic and flavonoid content of Diplazium esculentum Retz Sw from Philippines Jovale Vincent V. Tongco, Ronald Arlet P. Villaber, Remil M. Aguda and Ramon A. Razal Analysis of the influence on regional economic development of highspeed railway Ming Zhang, Qing Wu, Dianting Wu, Lin Zhao and Xi Liu Study on trade patterns of Ebusinessbased agricultural products Hong mei-xiang Microwave pulping process for rice straw in basic ionic liquid NHC2H4OH3 Wei Song, Yu Deng, Ying Xu and Mingxian Cui Novel numerical control stabilized power supply Zhigang Di, Chunrong Jia and Jingxuan Zhang Onestep solidsolid synthesis characterization and thermal decomposition of zincII complexes of vanillin Schiff base ligands Guo-Qing Zhong and Wan Zhong Evaluation of WHO prescribing indicators among orthopaedic inpatients at a tertiary care hospital Kavitha Rajarathna, Vishwanath M., Anjali Ramaswamy, Sneha D. Kamath, Sukritha Seshu, Akash Hosthota and Sushma Muraraiah Evaluation of antibacterial activity of extracts from Calendula aventis flowers Abdul-Malik Abudunia, Mâ??Hammed Ansar, Jamal Taoufik, Youssef Ramli, El Mokhtar Essassi, Azeddine Ibrahimi and Khadija Khedid Mechanical analysis and selection of hydraulic powered supports in fully mechanized coal caving face Zhang Shoubao, Qian Ruipeng, Xue Shanbin, Wang Zhiliu, Wang Yanfei and Wu Huankai Synthesis and antimicrobial activity study of thieno32e124triazolo43cpyrimidin32Hone derivatives Sergiy V. Vlasov, Alexander V. Borisov, Sergiy M. Kovalenko, Valentin P. Chernykh and Tatyana P. Osolodchenko Electrical control system of portable hydraulic meter Zhigang Di, Chunrong Jia and Jingxuan Zhang Research on the construction of the tourism education information platform A case on the geographic information system of the ice and snow tourism in Northeast China Na Zhang, Xiaocui Che and Xiaowei Xu Onepot synthesis of naphtho21e13oxazin2ones and naphtho12e13oxazin3ones and their transformation into novel condensed heterocyclic systems Archana Sharma, Shallu Gupta, Kamal K. Kapoor and R. L. Sharma Novel model of particle swarm optimization for data mining based on improved ant colony algorithm Chunxia Wang Physicochemical properties of groundnut oil and their blends with other vegetable oils Pandurangan M. K., Murugesan S. and Gajivaradhan P Usage of medicinal plants by two cultural communities of Kanyakumari district Tamilnadu South India Selvamony Sukumaran, Thankappan Sarasabai Shynin Brintha, Paulraj Subitha, Yesuthangam Anlin Sheebha and Solomon Jeeva Coherency for the critical condition of DDT and SDT in energetic materials Guoping Jiang and Xiao Sanxia Spectrophotometric estimation of azelnidipine in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage form by second order derivative methods Rele Rajan V Study on the market positioning and brand created of Chinese health food Yang Xuexin How to build a strong brand of Chinese health food Yang Xuexin A univariate analysis of molecular properties and inhibitory activity of dihydrothiophenones against dihydroorotate dehydrogenase of malaria parasite Liza T. Billones and Junie B. Billones Synthesis and antifungal activities of diaryl pyrazoles carboxamide derivatives Amar Patil, Rahul Jadhav, Hemant Raundal, Lokesh Sharma, Rupali Badgujar and Vivek Bobade A new flavone from Andrographis beddomei Gudise Reddeppa Reddy, Aluru Rammohan, Duvvuru Gunasekar, Alexandre Deville and Bernard Bodo Comparative study of volatile secondary metabolite of Cistus libanotis during different process Zidane H., Fauconnier M. L., Sindic M. and El Bachiri A Preparation and biological activities of castanospermine and 6Obutanoyl castanospermine Ren Peng, Haobo Xie, Liang Wu, Yanchao Zhou, Xiuyin Xiang, Shulin Peng and Jianhua Wu GCMS analysis of bioactive constituents of Indigofera suffruticosa leaves Vijisaral Elezabeth D and Arumugam S Optimization and validation of a method for determination of ibuprofen by HPLC in different pharmaceutical forms Tablet syrup gel and suppository M. Radi, Y. Ramli, M. El Karbane, A. Elalami, K. Karrouchi, A. Bekkali, B. Benaji, S. Issmaili and K. Bakhous Monolayers of three amphiphilic esters of rutin at the airwater interface M. Radi, Y. Ramli, M. El Karbane, A. Elalami, K. Karrouchi, A. Bekkali, B. Benaji, S. Issmaili and K. Bakhous Childhood pityriasis rubra pilarisA case report Ajay Kumar Jena, Mrutunjay Dash, Maitreyee Panda and Nibedita Patro Pattern of utilization of corticosteroids in department of dermatology at a tertiary care teaching hospital Monalisa Jena, Maitreyee Panda, Nibedita Patro and Swati Mishra Study of utilization of ash pond effluents for plantation within thermal power plants Deepthi G. V., Mahesh Gupta and Surjyoti Bagchi Phytochemical and antimicrobial activity of fruit pulp of aegle marmelos Padmanav Behera, Vennel Raj J. and Basavaraju R Study on physical recovery and improvement of football player based on Chinese sports nutrition supplements Liao Hong Liquid chromatographic method for the determination of Triprolidine Basel M. Saida, Shrhabeel A. Albajawi, Fawaz Deabas, Munib M. Saket, Rami Shareiah and Eyad S. M. Abu Nameh Preparation of antiaging collagen face mask Zibin Shu, Siyao Zou and Hua Yang Synthesis and characterization of some new 3 5disubstituted pyrazoline and isoxazoline derivatives Nilesh R. Thakare and Amol K. Dhawas A comparative study between solvent and microwave assisted extraction technology of pigment from orange peel Ying-Ying Ma, Yun-Ting Zhong, Jian-Gang Yang, Qing-Bin Liu, Yong Zuo and Li Xuong Formulation and evaluation of rapid disintegrating tablet of candesartan cilexetil for the management of hypertension Lokesh Kumar, Rakesh Kumar Meel, Ashu Godara, Virendra Singh and Anil Agarwal A novel rectoritebased composite adsorbent for removing heavy metal ions and PAHs Tang Yu-bin, Chen Fang-yan, Ye Wei, Jiang Duo-duo The study of the influence of lipoic acid urea and tea tree oil on the rheological properties of the emulsion cream vehicle for use in diabetic foot syndrome A. A. Goncharova and I. I. Baranova Synthesis of Naproxen prodrugs for enhanced transdermal absorption Mohyeddin Assali, Abdel Nasr Zaid, Murad Abualhasan, Nidal Jaradat, Rana Tarayra, Aseel Hamdan and Rula Ardah Design and application of a foam system used for dust control on fully mechanized heading face Gui Chen, Deming Wang, Hetang Wang, Xinxiao Lu, Fei He and Bingbing Wang Development of a novel method combining multiwavelength HPLC fingerprint and quantitative analysis of multicomponent by single marker for quality control of Houttuynia cordata Liu Yan, Xiong Wei, Tian Ji, Li Chun Hong, Yang Shi Yan, Zeng Guo Guo and He Bin Biogenic synthesis of silver nano particles using endophytic fungi Penicillium nodositatum and its antibacterial activity Manjunath Hullikere M., Chandrashekhar G. Joshi and Raju N. G. Boundaries of generalized design Cao Yingchun Inflammatory markers and risk of breast tumor Sura A. Abdulsattar, Shahla O. Al-Ogaidi and Aqeel Sh. Mahmood Novel simultaneous spectrophotometric determinations of Bi III Sn II Mn II V III and Se II ions in mixed aqueous solutions Ekere N. R., Okoye C. O. B. and Ihedioha J. N. Antimicrobial activity of aqueous ethanolic methanolic cyclohexanic extracts and essential oil of Nigella sativa seeds Kamal Benlafya, Khalid Karrouchi, Yassine Charkaoui, Miloud El Karbane and Youssef Ramli Effects of current density on capacitive deionization process using activated carbon as an electrode Ginno Lizano Andres, Seiji Tanahashi, Masakazu Tanahashi and Yoshinobu Yoshihara Preliminary plan to construct an ecocity based on chaos theory Cao Yingchun Formulation design and invitro release profile evaluation of Theophylline hydrochloride sustained release tablet using different polymer at different concentration Sujit Biswas, Kamrun Nahar, Md. Kamal Hossain, Jamilur Rahman Bhuiyan, Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun and Md. Sohel Rana The data study and analyzing of city logistics system based on cloud platform Fang Qin Xu, Nan Ding, Hai Feng Lu and JingGao Liu Isolation and elucidation structure of tamarixetin glycoside from bungo perakperak Begonia versicolar Irmsch leaves Ermi Abriyani, Sanusi Ibrahim and Djaswir Darwis Evaluation of antimicrobial activity if earthworm tissue extract of Eudrilus eugeniae Praval Singh Chauhan, Jyoti Tomar, G. B. K. S. Prasad and O. P. Agrawal Attractive forces and risks of international medical tourism A study based on India Zhan Li Removal of cations using ionbinding copolymer involving 8hydroxyquinoline 5sulphonic acid and semicarbazide with formaldehyde by batch equilibrium technique Jyotsana Khobragade, Mudrika Ahamed and W. B. Gurnule Evaluation of caffeine aspartame and sugar contents in energy drinks Casimir Emmanuel Gimba, Stephen Eyije Abechi, Nurudeen Sulaiman Abbas and Igelige Uzezi Gerald Formulation and evaluation of mucoadhesive sublingual tablet of rosuvastatin calcium Chemate Satyam Z., Kapare Parmeshwar S. and Damale Pallavi S Synthesis and characterization of amino acid phenylalanine schiff bases and their metal complexes Faliah Hassan Ali Al-Jeboori, Thaera Abdulridha Mussa Al-Shimiesawi, Mithal Abdulkareem Abd Oun, Ahmed Abd-ul-Ridha and Amer Yousif Abdulla Study on utilization of lactic acid for the decalcifying of the shrimp head and shell Hong Wang, Jianfeng Sun and Jie Wang Assessment of ground water pollution due to fluoride concentration and water quality in and around Purulia district West Bengal India Bhagirathi Behera, Naveen Kumar and Mrutyunjay Moharana The effect of stock equity on enterprise budget laxity behavior Tuanye Yu, Wei Yuan and Yong Xin Zhao