Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research is an online international journal to promote all fields of Chemical Sciences like Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Photochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Agricultural and Soil Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Macromolecular Chemistry, Petroleum Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry and Phytochemistry as well as all aspects of Chemical Engineering etc. rss//rss/jocpr-volume-6-issue-7-year-2014.xml Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Volume 6, Issue 7 Salvia officinalis essential oil and the extract as green corrosion inhibitor of mild steel in hydrochloric acid Y. El ouadi, A. Bouyanzer, L. Majidi, J. Paolini, J. M. Desjobert, J. Costa, A. Chetouani, and B. Hammouti Corrosion inhibition by naturally occurring substance containing Opuntia Ficus Indica extract on the corrosion of steel in hydrochloric acid Z. Ghazi, H. ELmssellem, M. Ramdani, A.Chetouani,, R. Rmil, A. Aouniti, C. Jama and B. Hammouti Transfer property and separate principle of finite time observers in linear control systems Wang Shu-fan and Wen Yong Comparison of two routes for synthesis 5aminopyrazole derivative Radwan A. Alnajjar* and Abdallah H. Gheath Effective permittivity of alcohol water mixtures as influenced by concentration Liu Wei-Na and Wei Jun-Hong RFID authentication protocol design via BAN logic Minghui Wang and Junhua Pan Nondestructive approaches for predicting the temper embrittlement of turbine rotor steel Lv Yaling, Zhang Shenghan and Tan Yu Analysis of partial least squares algorithm based on SBMDEA Jianqiang Du, Zhulin Hao, Guolong Wang, Riyue Yu, Bin Nie and Wangping Xiong Application of interactive multiple models and EMD analysis in signal management of wireless sensor network Yonghong Ma and Xuefeng Quan The concept of vulnerability in security assessment of chemical plants Dongfeng Zhao, Su Hu, Yifei Meng, Cong An and Shuang Chen Effect of some novel metallocefepime on neurotransmitter catalyzing enzymes Mamdouh S. Masouda, Doaa . Ghareeb, Alaa E. Ali and Nessma M. Nasr Study on pathways of bromate formation during bromidecontaining lake water ozonation Jianguang Liu?¯?¼?Š, Haifeng Wang, Xiangyang Zhang, Minxiang Wang, Zonghui Tu and Wuchang Song Plants as a source of green corrosion inhibitors on mild steel in hydrochloric acid The case of oil extract of leaves of Pistacia lentiscus from Saidia Morocco Aouinti Fatima, Elmsellem Hicham, Bachiri Ali, Fauconnier Marie-Laure, Chetouani Ahmed, Chaouki Belbachir, Aouniti Abdelouahad and Hammouti Belkheir Investigation of the interaction between baicalin and human serum albumin by a spectroscopic method and molecular modeling Kun Qin and Caihong Liu Protective effect of Eclipta alba on haloperidol induced extrapyramidal movement disorders in albino rats Monalisa Jena, Swati Mishra, Abhisek Pal and Sudhanshu Sekhar Mishra Study on the crosslinks between wall polysaccharides by dehydrodimers of hydroxycinnamic acids during the cessation of cell elongation Jiang-Gang Yang, Ying-Ying Ma, Yan Lin, Qiu Lin and Hechuan Wu Solubilization of acetaminophen using phospholipids and nonionic surfactants optimized by experimental design Y. El Alaoui, R. Sefrioui, Y. Bensouda and Y. Rahali Mechanism of the oxidative cleavage of diethylene glycol by bromate in acid medium Biswajit Pal A low power broadcast scan scheme Zhang Ling, Yan Bowu and Li Tonghan Physicochemical typology of the quality of waters of the Oued Moulouya river and its tributary Oued Sebra Lower Moulouya Morocco North Oriental A. Brahimi, A. Chafi and M. Mouzouri Experimental and quantum chemical studies on corrosion inhibition performance of pyrazolic derivatives for mild steel in hydrochloric acid medium correlation between electronic structure and inhibition efficiency Ismaily Alaoui K, El Hajjaji F, Azaroual M. A, Taleb M, Chetouani A*, Hammouti B, Abrigach F, Khoutoul M, Abboud Y,Aouniti A and Touzani R Formulation and evaluation of clarithromycin gastroretentive dosage form Dheeraj L. Patingrao and Pramod Kadu Improving college students social adaptation ability through ideological and political courses Xiaoya Li Modification and characterization of polypropylene Chengwu Li Dihydroflavonols from the leaves of Macaranga recurvata and their cytotoxic and antioxidant activities Mulyadi Tanjung and Tjitjik Srie Tjahjandarie Chinese named entity recognition algorithm based on the improved hidden Markov model Jie Liu Simultaneous estimation of gatifloxacin and flurbiprofen sodium in ophthalmic formulation by UV specrophotometric method Gopi Patel, Payal Chauhan and Samir Shah Synthesis and antimicrobial studies of 25substituted1 3 4oxadiazole2ylHimidazo 1 2 pyridine derivatives Hemant N. Raundal, Rahul P. Jadhav, Amar A. Patil and Vivek D. Bobade Study on the realization of enterprise social responsibility Du Ning-ning The optimization of emergency resourcemobilization based on harmony search algorithm Lie Xiong Da Research on the forecasting model of Chinas rare earth export prices based on BP neural network Qing Guo, Lu Zhang*, Jing Shuai and LiangYan Development and validation of a headspace gas chromatographic method for the determination of ethyl alcohol in ketorolac tromethamine injection C. Hazarathaiah Yadav and D. Munirajasekhar The synthesis and FTIR kinetics and TGDTGdta study of biopolymers derived from polyurethanes of glycerol modified linseed oil and cardanol based dyes S. Mohapatra, N. Mohanty, B. N. Guru and N. C. Pal* Density functional theory calculations on corrosion inhibitory action of five azlactones on mild steel P. Udhayakala Training of scientific thinking methods in teaching of inorganic and analytical chemistry Guo-Qing Zhong Free radical scavenging activity of methanolic extract of brown alga Spatoglossum asperum Pandithurai M and Murugesan S Floating insitugelling gellan formulations of metformin hydrochloride Linda Nassoura*, Issa Hasana, Mazen El-Hammadia and Habib Abboudb Biochemical composition of brown marine alga Spatoglossum asperum Pandithurai M and Murugesan S Game theory analysis on distortion of accounting in formation Yu Liu Quantitative determination of phenoxymethylpenicillin using kinetic method Svetlana P. Karpova Synthesis and characterization of adducts of bistertiarybutylthioxanthatonickelII with ethylpyridines and chloropyridines and their antifungal activities Pooja Sharma, Neerupama, Deepshikha Khajuria and Renu Sachar Gap element method of longitudinal vibration of drill string Liu Weikai#, Song Mingxing*, Xu Ziyi@ and Zhang Xuehong# Study on the contribution of tourism to regional economic development Ying Li Design of detouring obstacle horizontal wells Liu Weikai SisalDCT catalyzed rapid and clean synthesis of bisindolylmethanes under mild conditions Anitha S. Deshpande, Sadhana N. Chamle, Manjusha V. Yadav and Ashok D. Sagar Commiphora myrrha and commiphora Africana essential oils Suad A. Gadir and Ibtisam M. Ahmed Synthesis and characterization of adducts of Bisoisobutyldithiocarbonato oxovanadiumIV with substituted pyridines and their biological studies Neerupama*, Pooja Sharma, Deepshikha Khajuria and Renu Sachar Analysis on sustainable development of handicapped sports from Chinese characterized view of harmony Changqiao W Thermodynamic and transport properties of some salts in aqueouscysteine solutions at 30315 K S. D. Deosarkar and A. L. Puyad Study on talent training programs of applied IE based on QFD Huang-Li, Li Ze-rong, Wen Zhong-bo, Chen-hong and Yang-ge Reduced Schiff base zinc complexes as proposed models of the active site of the dinuclear zinc enzyme A Aminopeptidase Khaleel A. Abu-Sbeih and Abdel Aziz Abu-Yamin Antioxidant properties of extracts of aerial part of Bupleurum aureum hillgrowing saltwort herb Fumaria schleicheri and Cynara scolymus in vitro and in vivo Naboka ??ž. ???., Khouari Samer, Glushchenko ??. V. and Georgiyants V. A In vitro antioxidant antiinflammatory and antimicrobial activity of hydroalcoholic extract of roots of Withania somnifera Lalit Sharma and Arun Sharma Investigation of ultrasonic velocity and related thermoacoustic parameters in ternary liquid mixture containing DEHPA benzene toluene at different temperatures Manaswini Mishra, Upendra Nath Dash* and Nandita Swain Differential early dynamic process of marine eukaryotic microbial community on antibiofouling and biofoulingenhancing micronano surfaces Yuan Sun and Zhizhou Zhang Analysis on microstructure of impermeability of magnetized water concrete Yixin Wang, Xiaoping Yao and Hua Gao The similaritydissimilarity analysis of protein sequence based on nucleotide triplet codon Keru Hua, Qin Yu, Jie Tang, Ruiming Zhang, Zhiyong Zhang and Xiaoli Xie High molecularweight polymer flocculation treatment of waste water and sludge from mineral processing plants *Ajibola O. O. and Jimoh B. O. Physicochemical properties and stability of melanin from black tea leaves Yu Zou*, Kun Ma and Mixia Tian A simple spectrophotometric method for the determination of copper in environmental samples using flower extract of Caesalpinia pulcherrima Shivaji H. Burungale How is Marxist philosophy connected with reality Tingting Hu Direct spectrophotometric determination of Pb II in alloy biological and water samples using 5bromo2hydroxyl 3 methoxybenzaldehyde4hydroxy benzoichydrazone B. Saritha*, A. Giri and T. Sreenivasulu Reddy A new model of image segmentation with multithreshold Cai Bo, Zhigui Liu and Junbo Wang Simultaneous determination of pseudoephedrine hydrochloride ambroxol hydrochloride guaiphenesin and chlorpheniramine maleate in multicomponent pharmaceutical preparations syrup by RPHPLC Sandip Surve*, Rama Lokhande, Rajiv Sutar, Sanjay Pednekar, Surekha Kolhal and Sanket Gudekar On the sustainable development system of regional tourism Bing Mi An evaluation of newtype ammunition support capability based on the grayextension goodness ZHAO Zhi-ning, SHI Quan, Tang Jian,CHE Yan-lian, MEI Qi- yi, MA Guo-jiang, YIN Yan, FENG Xing-hua, YUAN Qing-hai and BAI Wen-rui On the application of advanced power electronics technology in smart grid Huanli Zhu, Xuliang Liu Analysis on effects of freezethaw cycle on mechanical properties of concrete Wang Youzhen Effects of Kangbingdu oral liquid on immunological function of normal mice Mingsan Miao, Weiyun Xin, Ming Bai and Lin Guo Study on hotel management model from the perspective of low carbon tourism Li Pan Critical evolution SLO model for single emergencies with multiagents simulation Fan Yang and Qing Yang Study on the plate surface quality of laser cutting YAG Guimin Yin, Zhanguo Li, Yaochen Shi and Wei Yuan Chemical composition and antioxidant activity of the essential oil from the flowers of Artemisia austroyunnanensis Zhao Chen-xing, Zhang Mi*, He Jing, Ding Ya-fang and Li Bao-cai Communications protocol application in the substation automatic system Wang Liang An analysis based on the coordinated development of financial system Yushuang Zhang Compositional analysis and antioxidant activity assessment of flavonoids extracted from Trollius chinensis Bunge Wu Guiling Methods of agricultural support measurement in China Gu Zheng Study of the structure of interorganization innovation network based on grey relational analysis Shan Haiyan and Ji Zhonghui Feature gene selection method based on improved harmony search algorithm Jun Wei Treatment for phenolcontaining wastewater with modified waste tea leaves Juanjuan Song Analysis and research of computer network security Jie Shan The empirical study of ownership structure and performance of listed companiesbased on manufacturing companies Liping Xu and Yiyang Jiang Exploration and practice of college students party construction in the new era Qianming Chen On the study of majority and minority shareholders symbiosis theorybased dynamical behaviors and countermeasures Songling Yang, Hongwu Wang, Xin Li and Jing Li Development and validation of a HPLC analytical assay method for dapoxetine tablets A medicine for premature ejaculation Arun M. Kashid, Santosh A. Waghmare, Satish D. Thombare, Mahesh S. Agalawe and Shashikant C. Dhawale The promotion of entrepreneurship and employment work of college students by communist youth league Yan Han Current status and future development of electric vehicle in China Ying Han, Yan Liu, Guoqiang Zhang and Xiang Zhao Safety monitoring and safety index of inland water shipping based on Bayesian network with GeNIe Li Hao and Zhang Qingnian Leverage effect analysis of Baltic dry index based on EGARCH model Xing Yuwei, Yu Shaoqiang, Fan Yonghui and Yang Hualong Research about the influence of transparency of accounting information on corporate investment efficiency Jin du Biosorption of heavy metals using mushroom Pleurotus eous Suseem S. R. and Mary Saral A Study on regional logistics system and logistics park planning system Li Zhang Microencapsulation and properties of the silkworm pupal oil with soybean protein isolatecyclodextrin Tao Liu, Wen-Juan Pan, Jian-Guo Zhang and Zhao-Jun Wei Scattered data fitting using least squares with interpolation method Tianhe Zhou A study on the design and analysis of the assessment system of Chinas financial ecological environment Ning Wang Statistical machine translation based on translation rules Hu Yulian Analysis of computer system vulnerability Gao Xin and Xiaoyu Zhao The naive Bayes text classification algorithm based on rough set in the cloud platform Yugang Dai and Haosheng Sun Research progress and status quo of power electronic system integration Hongquan Guo Visualized study on formulation regularities of decoctions in traditional Chinese medicine Jun Jing and Hong Bian and Lei Pan and Wen-Xue Hong Synthesis biological evaluation and docking study of 2amino46diarylpyrimidines as novel nonnucleoside HIV1reverse transcriptase inhibitors Arun M. Kashid* and Shashikant C. Dhawale Exploring open service mode of foreign university archives Hongbo Tang Coagulation and adsorption of cadmium from aqueous solution using chitosan Peng Zhang, Hongpu Ma, Yanjun Zhang, Guocheng Zhu and Bozhi Ren Study on novel structure of Er complex C14H19ErN2O14 Hai-Xing Liu,*, Ting-Ting Huang, Huan-Mei Guo, Yu-Feng Li, Lin-Tong Wang, Kai-Qi Ye and Hui Cao Study on the effectiveness of physical education practice courses in higher vocational schools Rui Zhou and Yan Deng Study on novel structure of Pr complex C14H19PrN2O14 Hai-Xing Liu,*, Zhang-Xue Yu, Yu-Feng Li, Lin-Tong Wang, Kai-Qi Ye and Hui Cao Design and implementation of food intelligent monitoring system based on pH sensor Kong Xiansheng and Sun Jing* Optimization of extraction process of hypericin from St Johns Wort by central composite designresponse surface methodology Xing Wang*, Jia Mi, Yu Dong and Juan Yang A novel model of ZigBee in wireless sensor network based on CMOS image sensor and BP neural network Xiaohong Luo and Mengxing Chang Constraints of Chinese table tennis culture inheritance and development Xiaozhi Ma Computational chemical analysis of DNA sequencing by reducing graphene oxide with the released H ion during polymer synthesis Devinder Singh Negi and Smruti Prava Das Construction of intelligent logistics system by RFID of Internet of things based on cloud computing Yanhao Chen#, Shengjie Zhao@ and Yanjie Zhai* The application of new media in college ideological and political education in microage Chenxi Yin Development of cloud computing system based on wireless sensor network protocol and routing Shengjie Zhao# and Yanhao Chen@ An improved attribute reduction algorithm based on mutual information with rough sets theory Yang Su-min, Meng Jie, Liu Qi-ming and Chen Jing Chemical constituents of Sphaeranthus africanus Consolacion Y. Ragasa, Dinah L. Espineli, Dennis D. Raga, and Chien-Chang Shen BP neural networkbased sports performance prediction model applied research Jian Wang Design and implementation of monitoring information system based on wireless sensor network technology Li Cheng The basic impact load model on deep water piership collision Miao Jilun, Wang Zhaobing, Xiao Shengxie Study on taxation risk assessment of chemical enterprise based on analytic hierarchy process Weng Jiachen A modified ant colony optimization algorithm for virtual network embedding Fangjin Zhu and Hua Wang Build intelligent home furnishing control system by microcontroller GSM and optical fiber sensor Qiuhong Zhang# and Qian Liu@ Fault detection of batch process based on multiway Kernel TPLS Zhao Xiaoqiang, Xue Yongfei and Wang Tao Protection of stress induced behavioural and physiological alteration by Marsilea quadrifolia in rodents Swati Singh and Ashutosh Kr. Yadav Preparation characterization and bioactivity evaluation of CoII NiII and CuII complexes containing phthalylsulphathiazole and benzoate ligands A. Arunachalam*, T. Ramachandramoorthy, S. Padmavathy and S. Amala Fathima Rani LwHclosedness in Lwspaces Jin-Lan Huang and Shui-Li Chen The role of computer tomography in esophageal cancer surgery Lening Zhang, HaiboHuang, Jia Guo, Lin Li and Hua Xin Hydrazones Synthesis biological activity and their spectral characterization Dhaval D. Desai and Gitaben. C. Desai* Engineering construction project site logistics management Chen Duiyong, Jia Shidong and Sun Mingshan Design and reliability analysis of largescale multilevel sampling plan Lihong Li, Yan Li, Jie Sun and Qinghua Liu Catechin and Epicatechin contents and antioxidant activity of commercial black catechu and pale catechu Thidarat Duangyod, Chanida Palanuvej and Nijsiri Ruangrungsi Medical DR image enhancement based on AFSA Rui Jia, Jihong Shi, Xiaoying Zhong and Lingmin Pu The research of factors about pig farmers to select the different vertical cooperative modes in Henan province Xiao Hong-an, Zhang Chun-li and Wang Fang Study on characteristics and harm of surfactants C. L. Yuan, Z. Z. Xu, M. X. Fan, H. Y. Liu, Y. H. Xie and T. Zhu Simultaneous spectrophotometric estimation of ambroxal hydrochloride and guaiphenesin by first order derivative method in combined dosage form Rajan V. Rele MFCCbased perceptual hashing for compressed domain of speech content identification Qiu-yu Zhang, Yang-wei Liu, Yan-jun Di, Qian-yun Zhang and Peng-fei Xing Forecasting CO2 emissions of power system in China using GreyMarkov model Jie Xu and Yuansheng Huang A new discounting evidence combination method based on classification of decisionmaking Huang Jie, Wang Wanqing and Zhao Yonjun Influence of Sarcodon imbricatus polysaccharide on immune function in immunosuppressive mouse Silu Wang, Kaiyu Wang*, Defang Chen and Ling Zhao The determination methods for nonionic surfactants C. L. Yuan, H. Yu, H. Y. Liu, M. X. Fan, Y. H. Xie and T. Zhu Factors that affect energy consumption An empirical study of Liaoning province in China Kun Dong* and Fei Tan Quantitative evaluation of Loureirin A and Loureirin B in Dragons blood capsules from different manufacturers by HPLC Xu-jia Hu, Xiao-xiaoWang, Mou-sheng Liu, Zhi-gang Tai and Gao-feng Li Research on the detection of metal debris with micro inductive sensor embedded in lubricant Fangzhou Zhang, Bendong Liu, Yanqiang Su and Jiahui Yang Quality control tracking of the graduate based on support vector machine theory Chen Guofen and Deng Fukang Research on the production function to investment behaviour Yujing Chu Simulation and survey method for remote sensing data Li Wei Isolation of Hex2ulofuranosyl hexopyranoside and GCMS profile of different extracts from Capparis decidua Forssk Mona Salih Mohammed, Wadah Jamal Ahmed, Elrashied A. E. Garelnabi, Hassan Subki Khalid and Abelkhalig Muddathir Mahmoud The study on steel fiber reinforced concrete under dynamic compression by damage mechanics method Wang Jianhua,, Lou Jun and Yang Haiping BP neural networkbased shot putters performance prediction research Shaohua Yu A dental model segmentation algorithm for Invisalign software Guang Yang, Yanfang Yue, Yongdi Zhang, Songhe Wu and Yang Wang A study of the coordinated development of informatization and agricultural modernization in central China Qing Wang and Chen Li China stock market correlation mining algorithm based on FPTree Xu Tiansheng, Qin Aiming and Sun Ruiqi Analysis of crystallization behaviour of ge2sb2te5 used in optical and electrical memory devices Wanhua Yu, Xiangde Yi and C. D. Wright Molecular cloning and expression analysis of profilin in red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkia Yan Shui, Zeng-Hong Xu, Huai-Shun Shen and Xin Zhou Silencing of profilin in red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii Yan Shui, Zeng-Hong Xu, Huai-Shun Shen and Xin Zhou Research of network payment system based on multifactor authentication Jiang Yuyan and Li Changxun Cogent automatic fingerprint identification system research Rui Zhang and Jianwei Wang Study on recovery of sports injure of football player based on gene therapy Zhang Zhao-qing and Qiu Jun-fang System model of college students network behavior research based on rough sets Jiqin Jiang Study on inhomogeneity of heat transfer in tubeside for spiralwound heat exchanger Ping Cai, Lijun Zhao, Juan Liu and Songtao Kong Property rights nature institutional investors investment style and investment efficiency Tang Songlian and Lu Jing A case retrieval algorithm based on correlation analysis Jiang Bing, Jiankang Liu and Xiaoqiang Zeng Procedures involving reduction with thiourea Rapid potentiometric method for determination of vanadium alone or in binary mixtures alloys ores and glass aKh. Elgendy, bA. Bokhzam and *bA. Benhmid Multiattribute decision making models and methods using intervalvalued fuzzy sets Hongmei Ju and Fenghua Qi Answer planning based answer generation for cooking question answering system Ling Xia Performance study of SiO2 solpolyacrylate composite emulsion Cheng Wu Li Effect of heavy metals and organic pollutants on antioxidant enzyme activities in Zebrafish by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis Qiugen Zhang, Suhua Chen and Fang Deng Study on the optimization algorithm of sediment particle Imshanage Ying Xiao, Bo Yuan, Lei Peng, Bing Zhu, Anmin Huan, Yuchun Wu and Xuage Peng Modeling of solar photovoltaic cells and output characteristic simulation based on Simulink Guifang Guo*, Xiaolan Wu, Shiqiong Zhou and Binggang Cao A novel data mining algorithm for mathematics teaching evaluation Chen Zhong Application research and analysis based on BitlockerData protection Secure Startup of Windows 7 Hou Rui, Jin Zhi Gang and Wang Bao Liang Study on monitor system of pollution discharge in chemical enterprise based on internet of things Han Jing and Zhang Junye A lightweight secure smart home SMS control scheme Youchan Zhu and Jing Qiu Network traffic prediction algorithm based on improved chaos particle swarm SVM Weng Ling Grey model weighting methodbased largescale sports competitions to urban tourism impacts evaluation research Fugao Jiang and Zhaojin Li The application of internet of things in agricultural means of production supply chain management Xiaohui Wang and Nannan Liu Optimization of fermentation medium for collagen production of recombinant Pichia pastoris during induction phase Xiao X. Ma,, Dai D. Fan,*, Chen H. Zhu,, Zi F. Shang, and Yu Mi, Effects on gene expression of yeast Hansenula anomala by lowenergy nitrogen ion implantation Wei-Dong Qian, Chang-Long Cai, Pei-Hong Mao, Lv Jie, Xiang-Dong Ma and Cheng-yuan Liang New correlation of volumetric oxygen mass transfer coefficient for scaleup in aerobic fermentation of recombination E coli Xiao X. Ma,, Dai D. Fan,*, Chen H. Zhu,, Zi F. Shang, and Yu Mi, LINGO optimization modelbased gymnastics team competition best starting lineup research Yu Peng and Guoqing Zhang Applied research on supply chain management based on internet of things Wei Huo and Xiaodi Xu Research on environment art design in city planning Haiyan Zhou Effects of naringin on hypercholesterolemiainduced atherosclerotic rabbits Jiangyue Liu and Daijuan Zhang Rapid and sensitive spectrophometric estimation of anionic surfactant in waste water with cationic dye Azure A in region Bilaspur Chhattisgarh India Asha Soni, Neena Rai and Santosh K. Sar Study on TOPSISbased evaluation of urban tourism competitiveness Xu Zi-lin, Shen Ju-qin, Liu Bo and Tang Liang A study on antibiotic utilization pattern in a general medicine ward of a tertiary care teaching hospital Meher B. R.*, Mukharjee D. and Udayshankar The spray coating art for reconstituted tobacco Lihong Zhaoa,b,*, Yuan Penga and Beihai Hea,* Principal component analysisbased sports dance development influence factors research Xiaoping Xie Quality assessment of surface and ground water around thermal power plants at Warora district ChandrapurMS Varada V. Khati, Deepali P. Gulwade and S. S. Deo Chinese sports dance regional development features and influences differences research Liqiu Zhao and Yi Zhong Detection of endogenous peroxidase and phenoloxidase in the mantle and liver of the clam Ruditapes philippinarum Dongwu Liu,, Ling Kong and Zhiwei Chen Chinese and foreign women heptathlon top athlete competitive ability features comparative research Yan Zhang and Yinmin Liu Antibiotic drugs used as metal corrosion inhibitor in various acid medium Suraj B. Ade, N. V. Shitole and S. M. Lonkar Synthesis of aryl 453methylsulfonylphenylpyrazin2yloxymethylpiperidin1ylmethanones B. Sriramudu*, B. Satyanarayana, P. Muralikrishna and D. Ramachandran Empirical study on affect factors of the marine pharmaceutical enterprises innovation of Zhejiang Province China Chen Hongxia, Yang Hongtao and Xue Caihong Research of badminton forehand smash technology based on biomechanical analysis Chunxia He A hybrid global optimization algorithm based on parallel chaos optimization and outlook algorithm Xiaolan Wu* and Guifang Guo Synthesis characterization and biological studies of some novel benzimidazole derivatives H. J. Shah and J. A. Chaudhari Physical education colleges technical branch specialized curriculum integration of learning training and researching practical teaching model construction research Quanxin Fang Synthesis and characterization of some new phenyl hydrazinium rare earthIII dipicolinates hydrates Crystal and molecular structure of lanthanum complex B. Subramani and R. Wilfred Sugumar* Effect mechanism of admixture on the strength of cement consolidated soil H. Yan, H. Chen, M. Y. Shi, J. Y. Yan and X. H. He The game study of negotiation after bidding between purchasing agent and supplier for pharmaceutical equipments in China Wei Zeng Revenuesharing contract mechanism in nechelon Green supply chain Shuna Wang The status and role of advanced chemistry in the civil engineering personnel training Wang Qing-biao,, Wang Tian-tian, Zhang Cong, Wen Xiao-kang, Shi Zhen-yue, Hu Zhong-jing and Zhang Jun-xian The warning system for college students emergencies Xiangwei Wang and Jiao Xu Reverse logistics network A literature review Tao Ye* and Yin Zhenhua Study on knowledge network in collaboration between industry and university Bingfeng Liu SWAT model for analysis of pollution load of manganese in rainwater runoff in a manganese mine Bozhi Ren*, Kejia Liu, Hongpu Ma, Hongtao Zhou and Xie Zheng Index system and program design for assessment on students learning satisfaction for tourism management specialty Zi Tang Research on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model and its application to the evaluation of the public services Qili Mao The impact of coagglomeration of distributive trades and manufacturing industry on export ratio A Tobit empirical study Hongying Peng Urban landscape water treatment by photocatalytic material prepared by titaniumcontaining blast furnace slag Yingna Zhao, Xiongfeng Zeng, Wenli Zhang* and Jianguo Jin Mobile video monitor of vehicles in online sensing Guofeng Qin, Sichang Li*, Qiyan Li and Lisheng Wang Design and development of knowledge management platform for SMEs Yanshuang Zhou, Haibing Zhan and Yongqiang Zhang Automatic counting of anchor rods based on target tracking Li Zhan Li and He Jian Yun Study intelligent online monitoring system for smart grid base WSNs Ma Jun Computer simulationbased network topology genetic algorithm reliability study Xunzhong Quan, and Huafeng Li Technical economy analysis application in electric power engineering decision phase Ya Chen Research on performance of environmentfriendly fumesuppression asphalt and optimization design for road Lan Ouyang The impact analysis of geological disaster emergenies on the real estate business investment decisionmaking Wenchuan sample Xia Wang Research on the release of harmful elements in simulation jewelry wear Jianhua Meng, Bo Na and *Weiyu Cao Triterpenoids from Gentiana veitchiorum Hong-Peng Yang, Sheng Que, Yan-Ping Shi and Li-Tong Ban* The novel approach of P2P Botnet Nodebased detection and applications Yu Zhao Supervised prediction of drugtarget interactions by ensemble learning Yan Qing Niu Factor analysisbased estimation of technological innovation capabilities of hightech enterprises in a certain area Yanlin Su, Zhiwei Helian and Xin Wang Protein Encoding A Matlab toolbox of representing or encoding protein sequences as numerical vectors for bioinformatics Wen Zhang* and Meng Ke Interactive data mining framework for Chinese traditional therapeutic evaluation Yuhai Zhao and Ying Yin The design of medical image transfer function using multifeature fusion and improved kmeans clustering Wang Xiaopeng, He Shihe, Yu Hui and Zhang Wen Design of radial basis function neural network controller for BLDC motor control system Wang Xiaoyuan, Fu Tao and Wang Xiaoguang Optimization of the bioconversion conditions for GAMA production Yanling Quan, Yisheng Liu, Lin Wang, Xiuhong Wu and Shengquan Xie Analysis of the planning strategy of a low carbon community based on Cradle to Cradle Taking the project of the low carbon community in changing Xian for example Quanhua Hou and Jie Li Isolation and identification of a caproic acidproducing K1 strain from Luzhouflavor Liquor Pit Mud Zheng-kai Xue Highrisk consumers and food safety intervtion in the countryside of China Li Bai, Jin Tang, Yinsheng Yang and Shunlong Gong The impaction of ChinaJapan international logistics on the bilateral trade based on comparative analysis Meiyan Wang Stress analysis of reciprocating pump pipeline system in oil station Xiaonan Wu, Hongfang Lu*, Shijuan Wu, Kun Huang, Jie Wan, Weitao Li and Zilin Liu The innovation of college sports professional tennis teaching under the theory of multiple intelligences Yi Yin Degradation of organic compounds by fluidized bed fenton process Muqing Qiu, Jianxin Shou* and Yanni Lu Treatment of the azo dye in the solution by fentonSBR process Muqing Qiu, Jianxin Shou*, Peiqi Ren and Jianbo Lin The location of logistics center by AHPGP based on convenient idea Hongmei Huang and Yanxin Zhu A comparative study of the azo dye reactive black 5 degradation by UVTiO2 and photofenton processes Muqing Qiu, Jianxin Shou*, Peiqi Ren and Kaihui Jiang The research of P2P network security model based on group trust relationship Xue Ming A research on IPO pricing model in Chinas growth enterprise marketbased on analytic hierarchy process and BP Neural network Wenxiu Tang and Xiaohua Zhou The influence of economic globalization on Chinese provinces based on the numerical analysis Shuhui Jin Synthesis characterization and antifungal activities of adducts of nickelIIthioxanthates with oxygen donor ligands Pooja Sharma*, Deepshikha Khajuria, Neerupama and Renu Sachar Research of university physics bilingual teaching based on virtual reality technology Hongzhi Zhao Rheological properties of thermoresponsive microemulsionbased gels formed by Pluronic F68 Xueyan Zhao* and Ruijie Xiao A novel biological image encryption algorithm based on twodimensional Feigenbaum chaotic map Li Tu, Yingzheng Zhang, Xuehua Huang and Liyuan Jia Phytochemical and FTIR spectral analysis of Caralluma geniculata Grev et Myur an endemic medicinal plant V. Asha, S. Jeeva and K. Paulraj* Research on effect of education quality of sports teaching mode based on virtual reality technology Lifeng Xu Secondary metabolites from ornamental flowers A study of common avenue trees of the family Caesalpiniaceae Joseph Joselin, Augustian Rajam Florence, Thankappan Sarasabai Shynin Brintha and Solomon Jeeva* A highly efficient simple and ecofriendly microwaveinduced synthesis of indolyl chalcones and isoxazoles Chetali Chawla, Sandeep Indoriya, Renuka Jain and Sharda Sharma Effects of formulated fertilizer irrigation and varieties on wheat yield in Shaanxi China Xiaoyin Wang, YananTong, Pengcheng Gao, FenLiu, Yimin Gao, ZuopingZhao and Yan Pang Study on treatment of sport injury of taekwondo athlete based on pharmaceutical oblique insertion Xia Chunfeng Study on diagnosis algorithm based on wavelet transform for rolling bearing Guangchun Yang and Zerong Li Establishment of multivariate statistical regression model based on the level of technology and training factors and its application in the study of basketball reserve talents ingfei Chen, Shujuan Yuan and Aimin Yang Comparative research on Korean and Han nationality students physical qualities in Jilin province Zhanqiang Teng Determination of trace elements on some wild mushroom samples encountered from Western ghats of Karnataka Ashok Chittaragi* and Raja Naika Separating dimethylbenzene and butyl acetate Yuejin Li,, Wei Chen and Changhai Li, Research on evaluation model of fuzzy analytic hierarchy process and data envelopment analysis based on modern physical education teaching Jingfei Chen, Shujuan Yuan and Aimin Yang Screening of disinfectants and their selective toxicity at lower temperature to bursaphelenchus xylophilus and bacteria Jian Ping Zhang,*, Xiao Dong Li, and Yue Nan Yang, The research of a new charging control method to reduce the power grid harmonic Maofa Gong, Ningxia Yang and Xiaofei Wang Dynamic simulation research of road bicycles based on the mathematical model jingfei Chen, Shujuan Yuan and Aimin Yang Footwear intervene of forefoot loading during landing movement Gu Y. D., Lian W. L. and Li Z. Y. 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Chinese internet public opinion short text Shengluan Hou, Lei Liu, Cungen Cao and Shuying Yan Study on the chromogenic reaction between nickelII and Dibromopmethylarsenazo by spectrophotometry Xin Lu and Jian Tian Dynamic load balance scheme based on access selection and calls transfer in heterogeneous wireless networks Zhu Si-feng, Zhang Xin-gang, Shen Lian-feng and Chai Zheng-yi The effect of financial openness on international financial risk contagion based on DSGE model Yu Feng, Xizi Wang and Minwen Ye Chemical reaction kinetics of coal combustion investigated by thermogravimentric analysis Guoping Jiang and Xiao Sanxia Analysis of the volatile components of brown coal distillate using the headspace extractionGCMS Hui Zhu, Yi Qin, Lingdi M, Mi Zhan, Yang Zhao, Baocai Li and Huifen Zhang A novel kernelPLS method for object tracking Yi Ouyang, Yun Ling and Biyan Wu Geometric equations of arbitrarily spatial curved beam under large deformation Zeng Sen, Chen Shaofeng and Song Yiran 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D. 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Hymavathi, N. Devanna and C. 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Ghazi, H. ELmssellem, M. Ramdani, A.Chetouani, R. Rmil, A. Aouniti, C. Jama and B. Hammouti The promotion of entrepreneurship and employment work of college students by communist youth league Yan Han Research of badminton forehand smash technology based on biomechanical analysis Chao Chen, Xubin Zhang and Yan Gao Research of badminton forehand smash technology based on biomechanical analysis Yang Yang Study on the keeprightexcepttopass rule Xiaoqiang Guo, Aimin Yang, Shumei Zhang, Lu Wang, Wei Ku and Zewei Wang Research on algorithms of data mining under cloud computing environment Fei Long Salvia officinalis essential oil and the extract as green corrosion inhibitor of mild steel in hydrochloric acid Y. El ouadi, A. Bouyanzer, L. Majidi, J. Paolini, J. M. Desjobert, J. Costa, A. Chetouani and B. Hammouti Research on algorithms of data mining under cloud computing environment Fei Long Verifiable multiauthority attribute based encryption scheme with different permissions Xueyan Liu, Zhanming Li, Zhanjun Hao and Qiang Zhang Study on the keeprightexcepttopass rule Xiaoqiang Guo, Aimin Yang, Shumei Zhang, Lu Wang, Wei Ku and Zewei Wang