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Kapoor and R. L. Sharma* Present situation forecasting and the analysis of fixed assets investment in Zhejiang province Zhuo Yang and Hongliang Qiu Analysis of local governments credibility basing on serviceoriented government concept Liguo Wang and Yan Lin A new feedback streaming media congestion control algorithm Tao Kuang and Pei Tang Molecular docking studies of lichen metabolites as malarial protein inhibitors Plasmepsin II protease and dihydro folate reductase E. Susithra, S. Meena, D. Chamundeeswari, Rajasekhar Chekkara, Ethiraj Varalakshmi Research on inventory and transportation integrated optimization model of supply chain on online shopping based on the revenue sharing contract Fuchang Li and Hua Wang A rapid peak detection algorithm Yanpeng Wu, Xiaoqi Peng, Jianzhi Zhang and Ye Zhang Empirical analysis of climate conditions influencing physical training Zhen-Guang Lv The research on gearshift control strategies of a plugin parallel hybrid electric vehicle equipped with EMT Yunyun Yang and Sen Wu A novel improved node localization algorithm of wireless sensor network Tao Zhang and Nan Zhu Synthesis and biological activity of some new thiazole based thiazolidinones V. G. Patel, Tulsigiri K. Goswami and Avirath R. Bhattf Evaluation of free radical scavenging potential of plant part extracts of medicinal plant Aglaia lawii Sangita M. Lavate, Chandrakant D. Shendkar and Nirmala R. Deshpande Identification of Aurj3M as a positive regulator of aureofuscusbiosynthesis in Streptomyces aureofuscus Jie Wei*, Wei Song, Jia Shi and Guokun Zhang Risk contagion and model of cascading bankruptcy A case from Chinese chemical industrial network Wu Bao An analysis of English majors speech perception problems Shujing Zhang Development and validation of analytical method for simultaneous estimation of amoxycillin trihydrate and probenecid in combined dosage form Hiren Jani, Mayank Bapna, Jigisha Patel, Reena Paghadal, Bhavik Jani Numerical Simulation of smoke movement in vertical shafts during highrise fires using a modified network model Xutao Zhang, Songling Wang and Jiangjiang Wang Online collaborative learning environment based on workflow technology Xisan Wei, Bo Hang and Geping Chen Research on strength of electric field of the electrostatic precipitator with longitudinal transverse collecting plates Chen Zu-yun, Jin Bo and Wu Chang-fu Empirical research on the cognitive risk of scaffolding workers unsafe behaviors Shu Chen, Xinrong Yu, Fangyuan Xi, Bo Shao and Xiazhong Zheng Design of wireless sensor network node based on CyFi technology and ARM7 system Tao Zhang and Xiangrong Li Direct spectrophotometric determination of titaniumIV with 5bromo2 hydroxy3methoxybenzaldehydephydroxybenzoic hydrazone Madhavi Devireddy, B. Saritha, A. Giri and T. Sreenivasulu Reddy A study on the influence of anxiety and metacognitive strategies on listening proficiency Juhong Han Analysis on the impact of OFDI and exchange rate risk on Chinese biopharmaceutical industry Li Zhou and Ning Zhang* An empirical study on abnormal returns of listed companies of Chinese pharmaceutical industry Qian Kai and Lu Xiaoguang Image copymove tamper blind detection algorithm based on integrated feature vectors Yanfen Gan and Junliu Zhong Studying leakage from left abutment of Xiaolangdi hydropower station using tracing method Zhechao Fan, Junjie Wang and Haitao Mao Purification and characterization of a new component of trichosanthin Cuili Ma, Ping Li and Liqi Bi* The impact of internet on Chinese national innovation system Le Li and Wei Yang Application of ant colony optimization in fluecured tobacco autogrouping identification Zhang Ying and Wang Yi Prediction of gas emission quantity using artificial neural networks Lixia Lei, Lan Song and Hong Wang Curricular system constituting of new specialty on biopharmaceutical in ordinary engineering institutes Hongli Zhou, Yang Zhang and Jianfei Xue Design of electrical meter reading system based on CDMA network Yan Yang a wireless sensor routing and security protocol by BP neuralnetwork and ant colony optimization algorithm Fengjuan Liu On congestion control for nonlinear discrete networks based on successive approximation approach Peng Liu Design of AFT screening device of contaminated feed based on the colorsensitive sensor Li Tianhua, Pan Zhengkun and Zhou Tingyan The research and implementation of a method of validity guaranteeing in forces system Qiong Wu, Ming Gao, Weiming Wang and Chen Chen Antioxidant activity of flavonoid compounds from the leaves of Macaranga gigantea Nanik Siti Aminah*, Alfinda Novi Kristanti and Mulyadi Tanjung Study on the agricultural economic efficiency evaluation based on DEA Su Ling Guo Removal of hexavalent chromium from aqueous system by low costadsorbent AAVNS K. Kavitha*, M. M. Senthamilselvi and S. Arivoli In vitro antimicrobial activities of Tithonia diversifolia Hemsl A gray extracts on two bacteria and fungus isolates B. U. Olayinka, D. A. Raiyemo, E. O. Etejere and A. O. Udeze Cloning and expression of cpxA gene from Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp carotovorum Xiaohui Zhou, Xiaoliang He, Le Xu and Xue Han Role of India in global pharmaceutical sector with emphasis on USA Tushtid Joshi and Amul Mishra The system research on trust management in electronic commerce Fan Wang Corrugated paperboard property modeling under transient impulse condition and response analysis Dapeng Zhu Research of the deterioration mechanism and the prevention techniques of the main structure of conveyor gallery in colliery industrial environment Haijian Xie, Henglin Lv and Yuanzhou Wu Internal and external value evaluation of Ebusiness strategy in enterprise Li Zhou A novel decision making approach for the organization information security Hong-Xuan Hua Firstprinciples study of structural and electronic properties of CdO Fu Chun Zhang, Hong Wei Cui, Xing Xiang Ruan and Wei Hu Zhang A new energysaving floor drain Xianliang Yang, Songling Wang, Guohua Shi, Lianlian Jia and Jide Niu Thermal and environmental performance of IGCC system with wood dust as feed Hairong Wang, Jianbo Yan, and Yu Yuan A new credit risk assessment approach based on artificial neural network Qian Zhang and Tongna Liu Study to the hydraulic support straightening system based on the support vector machine and chaotic particle swarm Hu Bo and Lian Zi-Sheng Community detection model based on incremental EM clustering method Qiu Li-qing, Liang Yong-quan and Chen Zhuo-yan Environment friendly bleaching methods of montan wax Cheng Yuan, Huifen Zhang, Mi Zhang, Xi Wei and Baocai Li Research on recommendation algorithm based on unified model with explicit and latent factors Wang Fang Optimization model of fuzzy locationrouting problem of victim search in flood disaster Li Shouying and Zhou Huijuan The construction of college students satisfaction model based on structural equation model Shuxin Guo, Fei Teng, Jiannan Guo and Yang Sun Customer segmentation return and risk management An emprical analysis based on BP neural network Li Zhou and Qing-yi Chen* Analysis of moral risk in the construction project based on information asymmetry Weihua LV Research tourist translational skill of Henan under the view of functionalist theory Heling Zhang Research on geostatistical analysis approaches Linan Wang, Jinxin He, Tianyu Zhang and Pan Zhu Research on heat transfer coefficient of horizontal tube falling film evaporator Guochang Zhao, Heng Zhao, Liping Song and Yong Wang A Study on the relationship between the upstream enterprise and downstream enterprise of industry chainbased on the symbiotic perspective LI Liang-xian The characterization of moebius sectional curvature of submanifolds on unit Sphere Nan Ji, Yuxia Tong and Shaohong Yan Path optimization wireless sensor network based on ant colony algorithm Zeyu Sun Dynamic multiobjective locationrouting problem in postearthquake logistics system Shuanglin Li, ZuJun Ma and Bin Zheng Practical curriculum design based on motor control system of PLC Qiufeng Yao and Jie Yang AHPbased tennis service technical evaluation consistency test Miao Zhang Thermal study of synthesized 124triazole compounds and their kinetic parameter evaluation Dinesh R. Godhani, Anand A. Jogel, Anil M. Sanghani and Jignasu P. Mehta Quantitative analysis of financial ecology and social credit system impact on GDP growth Li Zhou and Qing-yi Chen* Study on displacement prediction of landslide based on neural network Jian Huang, Zhihuan Liu and Ni Li An improved evaluation approach to PE teachers using ELECTRE III method Dan Yuan Research on the regional difference in culture industry based on spatial econometric method Juan Li, Zuting Zheng and Yi An Measurement of protein content in chestnuts using near infrared spectroscopy Liu Jie, Li Xiaoyu, Wang Wei, Xiao Wu, Zhang Jun and Zhou Zhu The role of brand affect and brand trust in the formation of brand loyalty Wang Haijun The impact of technology innovation on green chemistry and low carboneconomy growth Li Zhou, Ning Zhang and Qing-yi Chen* The study of methods to get irregular surfacetopography and its impact on friction performance Wang Jing, Zhou Jie and Zhang Jiansheng Polymerizer fault diagnosis algorithm based on improved the GALMBP Shuzhi Gao, Liangliang Luan and XianWen Gao Parameters optimization and semiactive control of suspension based on the road friendliness Yao Jingjing Application of enteral nutrition during perichemotherapy of acute nonlymphocytic leukemia Min Zhaoa, Xin-Guo Lib, Yuan-Yuan Maa, Yi Liua, Li-Xin Wang, Jian-Liang Shen and Zhi-Ming Zhu Investigating psychological health of family caregivers of dementia people in the Chinese context A literature review Huang Yang Epicroomine and croomine from Stemona tuberosa antimalarialdrug for inhibiting dihydrofolate reductase DHFR activity andtheir molecular modeling Pratiwi Pudjiastutia*, Sri Sumarsiha, Heny Arwatib, Ilma Amalinaa, Much. Z. Fananic, Edi P. Utomod, Loeki E. Fitrie., Ari S. Nugrahaf,g, Wilford Lieg and Stephen G. Pyneg Impact of working relationship to the leadership behavior performance cognition Based on the county government Jiazheng Ma An ER model based formal description scheme for social emergency management system Fang Zuo, Yanping Chu, Xin He and Hui Zhao Enhancement of adenosine production by over expression of purA inBacillus subtilis XGL Chenglin Zhang, Shanshan Du, Lei Guo, Qingyang Xu, Xixian Xie and Ning Chen* The characters recognition method of license plate based on LSSVM Wu Jie, Song Xiaoru and Wang Lei Prediction of thermophysical properties of oxygen using linear prediction and multilayer feedforward neural network Song Lan, Du Linlin, Li Haisheng and Hong Wang Construction of evaluation model for pharmaceutical corporate culture based on fuzzy analytic hierarchy process Zhao Yuanyuan Compute method of transition probability of internetware system in chemical and pharmaceutical industry Zhang Jing and Lei Hang Estimation of the number of incidence in the epidemic dynamics model with latent period Wei Wei Research on the evaluation method of regional innovation capability Yongli Zhang and Shujuan Yuan Risk evaluation of heavy metals in soil in the sewage irrigation area A case study of Shijiazhuang Lu Fei, Yang Jing-po and Li Han Combined Depressant for the CuS Separation in Low Alkaline Medium AI Guang-hua, TAO Xiu-xiang and YAN Hua-shanf Cadmium in the shallow groundwater of urban area Spatial and statistical analysis Sun Linhua An empirical study on factors influencing capital structure of pharmaceutical listed corporations Yin Yuxuan and Gu Wenlin Grey prediction modelbased mens 100m freestyle Olympic Games performance prediction research Geng Du Status quo and forecast of foreign literature studies based on statistical and forecasting analysis Qinghuan Huang TCPlike congestion control algorithm for stream media transmission Xiaoyan Zhao and Huili Meng Implementation and design of power amplifier module with momentum Kang Li and Dai Jianguang Application of remote monitoring in hemophilia information management Liu Zhiyou, Meng Xianhui, Tang yuanyuan, Gao Feng and Wang yufang Building intelligent logistics system based on internet of things RFID in platform of cloud computing Zhen Liu, Xiao Wang and Xiaoqin Ma The pricing analysis of reverse mortgage with redemption option Yanxia Zhu and Li Gong The characteristics of vascular and fiber in plectocomia himalayana XU Bin, LV Huangfei and LIU Xingâ??e Fiscal expenditure and traffic sector growth Evidence from panelerror correction model and panel vector autoregression in China An Qi and Jiuyun Wang Challenges and countermeasures of the party construction in university under the new media background Yongjie Zhou, Fei Huang, Xinnian Tang and Liai Gao Research on LIS Liu Zhiyou, Meng Xianhui and Gao Feng The relation research of tensile strength and chemical components of HRB400 in China Lichao Feng, Yali He, Jincai Chang and Shiqiu Zheng Foreign exchange reserves and inflation Can monetary policy explain the changes Li Zhou Design of photovoltaic automatic tracing system for unattended seismic station Hong Wei Peng, Yu Jie Cheng, Zhi Guo Hu and Chu Chen Zhang Research on portfolio model based on information entropy theory Zhang Junshan, Zhang Jing, Sun Hailu and Kang Kai Analysis of the bottleneck of sustainable development for ChangJiTu ice sports tourism industry Zhanqiang Teng Design on ECM Device for Chamber Body Cavity of Gun Barrel Jianli Jia, Jinhe Liu and Xi Wang Chemotaxonomic relevance of the constituents from the leaves of Rothmannia merrillii Mario A. Tan, Christian Nicolo L. Concepcion, Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro and Hiromitsu Takayama Study on tracking control of maximum power point for chemical photovoltaic power system Ni Qianqian and Xue Hengyu Forecast of fund volatility using least squares wavelet support vector regression machines Li-Yan Geng and Yi-Gang Liang Correlation analysis on biomechanics parameters of basketball shooting based on differential equations Jiangtian Zhu and Liang Dong Quantitative structure activity relationship indanylacetic acid derivatives models based on a novel machine learning method Peijian Zhang, Hongzong Si, Yun Bo Duan, Gengxin Sun, Kejun Zhang and Hongling Zhai Research of Xray image fast denoising method of power equipment based on GFNL algorithm Zhanjie Lv, Jin Wang, Guiji Tang, Zhangqin Wu and Guodong Han A novel system optimal design approach using artificial fish swarm algorithm Si-Jun Tao Design of ultrasonic distancemeasuring system using temperature compensation methods Hong Wei Peng, Yu Jie Cheng, Zhi Guo Hu and Chu Chen Zhang Investor sentiment and the predictability of asset returns Evidence from China Changsheng Hu, Wei Sun, Yongfeng Wang and Yangchun Chi Parallel cloning expression purification crystallization of human proteins for structural genomics Liang Xu and Zhijun Zhuang Design call center management system of ecommerce based on BP neural network and multifractal Hongsheng Xu, Ruiling Zhang*, Chunjie Lin and Wenli Gan study of two brands of cefuroxime 500 mg tablets Bioxime and Zinnat in adults healthy volunteers Sabati A. M. A, Abdalwali A. Saif and Mahmoud Ahmad Al Hajji Relationship between electroluminescence images and power type parameters of defective silicon solar cells Liai Gao, Xuesong Suo, Jingren Zhou, Ya Zhang and Limin Huo Study on psychological health status and reflections of quasimigrant in Danjiangkou reservoir area Songhe Shi, Shumin Zhang, Zhaoyang Guo, Niao Wang, Qing Cai and Jianwei Wang The study of different pH values on morphology of ZnO nanoparticles via solgel technology Jianfeng Jin, Ailian Hao, Gang Wang, Xiujun He, Wenyun Zhang and Qinghua Chen Using data mining and UVVIS spectrophotometric to determine the content of bisphenol A in plastics Peijian Zhang, Cuili Gao, Bingbing Zhao and Gengxin Sun Intelligent optimization algorithm and the application in mechanical design Xia Jiansheng, Dou Sha Sha, Yang Zirun and Li Qingzhu Comparative study of Chinese and foreign sports ideological development based on SPSS factor analysis Liu Xian Montan wax The stateoftheart review Xi Wei, Cheng Yuan, Huifen Zhang and Baocai Li The empirical study of influence factors in small and mediumsized enterprise SMES financing in Liaoning province Caiying Wu and Na Wang The applied training model of enterprise management based on ERP simulating experience platform Ao Tian Peng Development trend research of social associations under the background of government purchasing public servicetaking Guangdong province social associations for example Yulong Wang The adsorption of nickel ions in aqueous solution by chitosan gel beads Muqing Qiu, Shuiying Xiong and Huazheng Xin The construction and application research of crisis early warning mechanism of reputation of colleges and universities in the new media environment Jianhong Miao, Junwen Feng, Liuliu Zhou and Ziran Xia Internet sports group new sports form of internet age Qi-yang Zou and Qin-ying Han Construction research archives of effective management information system Wang Shuo Application of green biomining technology for coal under villages in environmental protection Zhaodong Wang Display instrument for electronic current transformer Zhigang Di, Chunrong Jia and Jingxuan Zhang Research on the effects of aerobics on promoting the psychological development of students based on SPSS statistical analysis Yuexian Pan Characteristics and formation mechanism of water abundance of the upper limestone of Taiyuan formation in the Huaibei coalfield Zhao Chengxi Study on treatment of basketball sports injury based on pharmaceutical method Bao-yuan Hua and Min-jie Hua Principal component factor analysisbased NBA player comprehensive ability evaluation research Wei Yin Research on the evaluation of collaborative logistics performance oriented manufacturing industry based on AHPBP model Chen Chouyong and Chen Liujun Study on treatment method of motor neuron disease based on Jiweiling injection Zhi-bin Liu Benefit analysis and soil and water conservation programs of the Zhezhuang coal mine Zhaodong Wang Overproduction of ketoglutarate by the Corynebacteriumglutamate Pei Xie, Xixian Xie, Qingyang Xu, Chenglin Zhang and Ning Chen* Impacts of upwelling speed and heightdiameter ratio on separation action of coarse coal slime in teetered bed separator Jihui Li, Liqiang Ma, Gan Cheng, Xiahui Gui, Liyu Wang, Liyang Yao and Wenjing Li Application of BP neural network in predicting the cement materials performance Deng Xue-jie, Kang Tao and Wang Dong-sheng An improved incremental learning algorithm for text categorization using support vector machine Cao Jianfang and Wang Hongbin Several discussions on the training methods of badminton in our country on the basis of mathematical model Rui Zhou and Wenmao Yu Analysis of the efficacy of nimodipine treatment of ischemic brain injury after cerebral hemorrhage Shengfen Xu Design for underground gas monitoring system based on ZigBee Zhaodong Wang Application of FPGA in highspeed CMOS digital image acquisition and color recognition system Xuemei Guo and Tao Liu A discussion of cultivating undergraduate talents of tourism management based on the CDIO mode Nan Han Molecular dynamic simulation of the mechanical properties of PISiO2 nanocomposite based on materials studio Yuzhen Mo, Hui Zhang and Jiachu Xu Study on the cell size in the simulation of a cellular automaton model for hillslope rill erosion Jing Zhao, Binbing Li and Lei Huang Modification of indigenous rural water filter for arsenic mitigation using different bamboo charcoals Bhupen K. Baruah, Bhanita Das and Abani K. Misra A web service matching method based on finegrained data semantics Yanping Li Analytic hierarchy processbased Chinese sports industry structure scheme optimization selection and adjustment research Shiwen Lan Stress analysis of oil and gas pipeline parallel laying when traversing tunnels Kun Huang, Shijuan Wu, Liqiong Chen, Hongfang Lu,Yitang Lv and Jiali Wu Table tennis size to competition experience quality influence research based on BP neural network and ASCI model Shaowen Yan and Bing Zhang Research on the dynamics and biomechanical models of Sanda side kick Jian Zhang and Fengmei Gu Performance evaluation of pharmaceutical enterprise human resources management based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation Li Haoyong Research on supply chain risk evaluation based on the core enterprisetake the pharmaceutical industry for example Zhang Ling Study on identification model of threedimensional financial risks of chemical enterprise Feng Ziqin Design and implementation of wireless sensor network nodes based on BP neural network Guo Wang and Juan Wei Research on the tendency of national domestic tourism Wang Na In silico investigation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons against bacterial 12 dioxygenase Tripti Sharma Automatic text detection based on multiresolution medical image fusion Xinghui Zhu Neural networkbased athletics performance prediction optimization model applied research Lei Song, Minggang Shen, Xuebo Chen and Junsheng Wang SAS factor analysisbased world cup football team comprehensive strength evaluation research Yong Li and Shanshan Li A selective ensemble classification method on microarray data Tao Chen Study on training factors of HARPCDIO education model for industrial design specialty Hui Na Study on construction technology of water saving irrigation and water conservancy engineering Haizhou Wang and Qinyue Gao Investment model research based on inertia law Pin Wang and Jianjun Xu Study of the relationship between the foreign trade of energy and the industrial structure in our country Ying Li Comparison of three tracking methods of white matter fiber bindles based on diffusion MRI Zhanxiong Wu and Xun LI Secure transmission of encrypted biological image based on improved transcendental equation Li Tu, Xuehua Huang, Liyuan Jia and Chuan Xie Study on removal of chromium from aqueous solution using dry cow dung powder Lekshmi Mohan and Divanshu Gupta Grey prediction model in world womens pentathlon performance prediction applied research Su Jin and Tiecheng Guo The removal of chromium from aqueous solution by using green micro algae Indhumathi P, Syed Shabudeen P. S., Shoba U. S. and Saraswathy C. P Application of digital medical techniques on interdisciplinary talent education of stomatology and mechanical engineering Yunfeng Liu, Wei Peng, Xingtao Dong and Xianfeng Jiang Analysis on the technology improvement of the library network information retrieval efficiency He Lingling and Liu Yiwei Antiplatelet aggregation mechanisms of quercetin fatty acid ester Xiao Lan Wang and Yu Duan* The impact of velocity on thermal energy storage performance of tube type thermocline tank Yongping Yang, Jingxiao Han and Hongjuan Hou A study of English reading ability based on multiple linear regression analysis Lin Yu Fuzzy clustering analysisbased swimming reserve talent cultivation research Chunfeng Xia GMDHbased research on contributors to online banking development of commercial banks in China Mou Shengdong and Tian Yixiang Least square methodbased table tennis robot motion planning research Yongbing Chen and Geng Du Internet finance system based on acceptance model Ke Liu and Hong Jun Zhang Data processing and visual representation algorithm for the incomplete multivalued information system Wei ling-ling Design of capacitive displacement sensor and measuring algorithm based on modulated differential pulse width Guohong Gao, Yun Wang, Shitao Yan and Yafeng Han Invitro antibacterial activity of tomato glycosides Jianguang Li and Lu Zhang Application of optical fiber sensor technology in building Internet of things Yajun Wang Hyaluronic acid production of Streptococcus zooepidermicus in fish gill washing water Tu Nguyen Power system relay protection simulation based on MATLAB Jie Yang and Qiufeng Yao A study of the correlation between agricultural economic growth and agricultural agglomeration in China Yue Hu Research on the corrugated types of the highstrength corrugated composite cardboard based on the priceperformance ratio model and its corresponding evaluation Xiao Zhijian The study of the biomechanics parameter effect to the serve and pass skill of volleyball players Shangbin Li, Peiyu Zhao, Yu Dong and Yongxin Chen Synthesis and evaluating cardiac effects of 34dihydropyrimidin2one5carboxylates in isolated atria of animal model Moein Rashidifar, Mohsen Imenshahidi, Neda Rahmani-Fazli and Farzin Hadizadeh* Hardware architecture for realtime license plate character recognition based on EWM2DPCA Boyu Gu, Qiang Zhang, Zhenhuan Zhao, Yechun Li and Shuli Huo Interactions of Lalanine with anionic cationic and nonionic surfactants at different temperatures A volumetric and viscometric study Upasna Magotra, Sandarve, Vijayta Gupta and Meena Sharma Development of intelligent traffic control system based on FPGA and single chip microcomputer technology Yi Zhang and Xiaojuan Guo Using ZigBee and RFID technology with GPRS to development of smart home system Tao Liu and Xuemei Guo The comparative analysis different body fat percent fat and physical characteristics of male students in college Heli Lv RPHPLC method development and validation for the simultaneous estimation of ramipril and amlodipine besylate in capsule dosage form Jignesh Patel* and Mandev Patel An analysis on the development trend of hotel operation and management Li Mei Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation and markov chainbased sports major teaching quality comprehensive evaluation research Jiang Wu The dynamics model and application study of high kick in cheer aerobics Haiyan Li Isolation and immobilization of protease isolated from Glycine max var Ogden A comparison of kinetic properties of free and immobilized enzyme Umesh Kr. Shandilya*, Ankita Sharma and C. S. Pundir Spectrophotometric method for the determination of sodium hyaluronate with basic bisphenylnaphthylmethane dyes Lianhui Chen, Shaopu Liu, Hongqun Luo and Xiaoli Hu OOS collaboration in higher education in China Liu Bingfeng and Kong Xiangsheng Study of fuzzy gravity center evaluation method based on fuzzy mathematical theory Yang Ke Preparation and characterization of collagen food packaging film Hua Yang, Xiaofeng Guo, Xuexu Chen and Zibin Shu* Influence of drying methods on the functional properties of dietary fiber Tian Yi, Fang Yang, Kexing Wang and Xingjian Huang Research on cooperative localization algorithm for multi user Jianqiang Wang and Peini Shang Evaluation mechanism of rural grassroots party construction Zhong Xianzhe Curve fitting factor analysisbased school sports and educational system reformation research Yabiao Meng Synthesis spectral and antimicrobial studies of tetraazamacrocyclic complexes of bivalent transition metal ions of bioinorganic relevance Devendra Kumar* and Sandhya Prediction of Henrys law constants for organic compounds using multilayer feedforward neural networks based on linear solvation energy relationship Hao Li, Xiaoting Wang, Tianqi Yi, Zhihan Xu and Xifeng Liu Development and validation of analytical method for estimation of fluoxetine hydrochloride in oral solution Reena Paghadal, Mayank Bapna, Jigisha Patel,Hiren Jani, Bhavik Jani Monitoring of organochlorine pesticide residues in mangoMangifera indica papaya Carica papaya and bottle gourd Lagenaria siceraria by gas chromatography Devendra Kumar* and Anjali Kashyap Study on the ecological characteristics of Drepanostachyumludianense in Guizhou Karst area Liu Ji-ming The application of GIS software in geohazard risk evaluation in Huangling County Yuxiang Cheng and Aidi Huo The effect of benzene ring substituents on the mechanism of Duquenois Levine DL test for cannabinoid detection Carlos Rubiano, Jeffrey St Firmin and Sulekha Rao Coticone Distribution of the heavy metal in urban soils Xiuxia Li The path of influence of eWOM on consumer purchase intentionbased on electronic commerce in China Pan Xiaobo Research and application of the analytical hierarchy model based on sports industry resource optimization and structure layout strategy Wei Junfang ENO morphological wavelet and its application in signal processing Lin Yong and Ge Xinfeng Multiple regression research on sports and economical structure relationship Chao Wan Fuzzy design method study based on marine engineering equipment structure optimization Cao Jin Ling and Luo Ying* Highly sensitive detection of morphine based on molecular imprinting polymers using surface plasmon resonance Hongxia Hao, Hong Zhou, Ling Zeng, Jianjun Liu and Yao Liu The research on growth evaluation of Chinese biopharmaceutical listed companies based on factor analysis and entropy method Yu-jin Fu and Ju-qin Shen Delphi methodbased nest postgame operating efficiency evaluation system research Wei Wang Synthesis and biological properties of N2O2 Schiff bases derived from ophenylenediamine and substituted salicylaldehydes Tolulope M. Fasina, Olorunfemi O. Ogundele and Isaac Ayeni Study and design of the agricultural informationization model based on internet of things Congcong. Li, Yanxia Guo and Jingren Zh Transformation of the economic development mode of agriculture under the lowcarbon economy background Huijuan Hao Assay time reduction and thermal stability improvement of a lowcost waxdipping paperbased microfluidic device Temsiri Songjaroen, Julaluk Noiphung, Irin Hongwarittorrn, Kwanrutai Talalak and Wanida Laiwattanapaisal Club form university physical education mode research under analytic hierarchy process Zhiqiang Zhao Application of ZigBee wireless sensor network and GPRS in development of intelligent logistics system Yu Zhang and Ting Liu Prescribing pattern of antidepressant drugs in a tertiary care hospital of eastern India Siddhartha Ghosh and Sugata Roychaudhury Challenges to achieve ecological domestic buildings in China Ruiling Wang, Shuli Liu, Amela Bogdanovic and Shirong Li Distribution of available micronutrient status in banana growing tracts of Thoothukudi District of Tamilnadu S. Karthikeyan, K. Baskar, V. Subramanian and G. Arun Research on functional gradient mold coating optimized preparation by electroplating and arc spray C. S. Liu and B. H. He Proteome change of Hardy kiwifruit during softening Shu-Qian Li, Guang Xin, Bo Zhang and Chang-Jiang Liu Logistics distribution route optimization based on genetic ant colony algorithm Shanhong Zhu, Weipeng Dong and Wei Liu A mechanical analysis and research of the bouncing process of the table tennis Fu Mingping Analytic hierarchy processbased Chinese public sports service equalization evaluation system research and application Kai Liu Manufacturers pricing strategies for a supply chain with fairness concern Xuan Lingling Empirical research on the biopharmaceutical listed companies profitability Zhang Dandan and Shen Juqin Best standard modelbased swimming to lose weight influence study Sai Leng Intelligent design and simulation of roadheader cutting head Xueyi Li, Binbing Huang, Guoying Ma and Shoubo Jiang Research on evaluation marketing website based on the buyers point of view Qi Zhaochuan*, Dong Shuoling and Li Qianghua A important method for the probability limit theory of exchangeable random variables Huang Zhaoxia Microanalysis of carbon monoxide in decomposed blood and hepatic tissues by headspace gas chromatography and mass spectrometry Hongxia Hao, Hong Zhou, Ling Zeng and Zhongshan Yu Control tracking model of the graduate quality based on neural network theory Chen Guofen and Ma Weicong Using dual channel CMOS sensor and moving image stabilization algorithm to design image recognition and tracking system Ting Liu Research of statistical index of mens basketball on the basis of data character analysis Wenhui Lv Chinese sporting population development research based on the logistic growth curve Xiaoming Zhang Research of double clawpole structure generator Wang Wei Jie, Li De Sheng, Zhang Long Xi and Gu Wei Wei Modular construction and evaluation of green building technology system based on LEED Wu Yun The controller of ball and plate system designed based on FNN Yanhua Zhao and Yunwang Ge Study on catastrophe of coal and gas outburst in coal tunneling face Chen Zu-yun, Jin Bo and Wu Chang-fu Induced formation and characterization of a citreoisocoumarin derivative by a newisolated Eupenicillium sp in the presence of dimethyl sulfoxide or acetone Na Guo, Ya Liu, Xing You and Peng Yu Risk evaluation of heavy metals in soil in the sewage irrigation area A case study of shijiazhuang Lu Fei, Yang Jing-po and Li Han Assessing enterprise microblogging marketing communication effectiveness and improvement suggestions Bing Wang, Siying Li and Jingquan Liu On the development of sports tourism in China Wang Jian Tennis HawkEye technical research Liang Li and Xiaohua Shi Chemical constituents of montan resin from Yunnan Esan Guo Jun, Zhang Mi, Zhang Hui-fen, He Jing, Qin Yi and Li Bao-cai The research based on the genetic algorithm of wavelet image denoising threshold of medicine Yanxia Liu, Yanli Ma, Fei Liu, Xiao Zhang and Yueping Yang An empirical study on the profitability and its influencing factors of the pharmaceutical industry Shi Yuqian and Gu Wenlin Reform and practice of enterprise management practice based on the digital platform Wang Cheng, Wang Tie and Wang Shi-bo Research on capital asset pricing model empirical in China market Jianhua Dai*, Jian Hu and Songmin Lan Four dimensional matrix discrete cosine transformationbased remote education video compression technical research Yanpeng Wu, Xiaoqi Peng and Lei Huang Synthesis characterization and antimicrobial evaluation of benzoinoxime transition metal complexes Sachin R. Joshi and Seema I. Habib Monitoring and performance control of RPHPLC method for simultaneous quantification of watersoluble vitamins during its life cycle H. Bouchafra, M. Elkarbane, B. Ihssane, M. Azougagh, F. Jhilal, S. A. Sosse, EL. Elhadrami and T. Saffaj Safety evaluation of Matitan reservoir dam Haoran Shi, Yao Yang, Xiaoqing Liu and Hailing Li Health diagnosis methods of automobile starter battery Qu Wei and YAN Xiang-wu Waterproof structure of longdistance communication Min Li and Fengming Bai Screening of solvent extracts of Berberis aristata for isolation of antiinflammatory compound Vinay Gupta, Archana Prakash,Abhishek Mathur Numerical simulation of hydraulic jump using ENO scheme Y. L. Liu*, Y. X. Cai, W. L. Wei, K. Yang and Zh. Ma The study of marketoriented reform and recommendations of the water sector Shu Hui and Li Wei Position prediction in mine personnel RFID positioning system based on shortest path principle Xiaoqiang Ren Study of novel pyrrolidine compounds Gunvantsinh T. Desai, D. K. Gupta and Arun Singh Biomedicine industrys role in promoting economic growth The empirical analysis based on the data of Jiangxi province Chunhai Tao Repair and reinforcement method for reinforced concrete beamcolumn joints Zeng Fankui and Tang Cuili Analytical solutions of an asymmetrical dynamic crack design for bridging fiber pullout in composite materials L?¼ Nian-chun, Li Xin-gang,Cheng Yun-hong and Cheng Jin Synthesis of SalkylSbenzyl14dihydropyrimidines and evaluation of their biological activity Priyanka Pathak Performance of a genetic algorithm for solving path in traffic network Zhen Tang and Hairong Wang Body shape analysis of Chinas canoeing athletes Jiangao Zhu Research on standard system of the main city landscape color of Japan Zhang Qian A study on the cytotoxic effect of certain organic crystals 4methylanilinium 4hydroxybenzenesulfonate 2amino5nitropyridiniumtrifluoroacetate and 2amino4methylpyridiniumtartratemonohydrate J. V. Jovita*, D. Reuben Jonathan, S. Chidambaravinayagam, A. Ramanand and P. Sagayaraj Study on the relationship between genetic polymorphisms of cytochrome CYP2C19 and metabolic bioactivation of dipyrone Salem O. Abdalla, Abdurrahim A. Elouzi, Shaban E. Saad, Mohamed Dia Eddin O. Alem and Thabet A. Nagaah Classification of regional land cover in ALOS PALSARs FBD data based on support vector machines Hongfu Wang and Xiaorong Xue Development and validation of HPLC dissolution assay of simvastatin tablets under normal and accelerated conditions M. EL Karbane, Y. Ramli, M. Amood Al-Kamarany, H. Bouchfra, M. Radi, K. Karrouchi, Y. Cherrah, A. Bouklouze and M. Azougagh Competence of different methods in the biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles M. Jannathul Firdhouse and P. Lalitha Comparison of activated and inactivated coconut husk as an adsorbent for removal of hexavalent chromium from wastewater Smita M. Honnannavar and Siddu R. Hosamani Risk analysis model based on the threeway decisions boundary domain Yan Li, Lihong Li, Jie Sun and Baoxiang Liu An improved link repair method in AODV routing protocol Shunye Wang, Zuotao Jin and Huiying Tian The economic analysis on the haze governance Luo Liangqing and Xie Lizhi Solvent extraction of palladiumII with 2hexyl5methyl benziminazole sulfide Yan Liu, Zhangjie Huang, Muhan Chen and Lei Chen Studies on HPLC fingerprint of total glycosides of Bazhen decoction and quantitative analysis of three components Bai Jing, Li Wenlan, Gao Shang, Sun Xiangming and Ding Jingxin Fault prediction of fan bearing using time series data mining Xingjie Chen and Wenfa Zhu High resolution radar signal detection based on feature analysis Xiaowei Niu and Zhiming He Adsorption abilities by heavy metals and inorganic particles and activated sludge in domestic wastewater treatment plant Dejun Kang, Hong Tang, Danyu Xie and Pengzhen Ke A weighted compensation of coordinate error localization algorithmbased on RSSI Zheng Zhang and Zhixun Rao Design of intelligent sensor based on BP neural network and ZigBee wireless sensor network Yun Wang and Kunpeng Xie Study on the deformation process of titanium alloy bars based on compact hot continuous rolling Yang Qin and Qin Jianping Special display instrument for fiber current transducer Zhigang Di*, Chunrong Jia and Jingxuan Zhang Bioleaching of low grade copper ores from Yongping by the mixed bacteria Muqing Qiu, Shuiying Xiong and Jin Cen Removal of hexavalent chromium from aqueous system by low cost adsorbent AAVNS K. Kavitha, M. M. Senthamilselvi and S. Arivoli Research on integration of building automation control system with BAC net based on OPC technology Jiejia LI, Peng Yang, Xiaoyu Sun and Pengcheng Guo The empirical study on influence mechanism of positive negative leadership behavior on team innovation performancebased on the contingency model of team emotional atmosphere Qiao-yun He and Chun-hua Chen Computer aided design application in animation design Xiao Zhao Analysis of moment structure program application in management and organizational behavior research Jia Liuzhan Analytical method development and validation of pioglitazone hydrochloride by RPHPLC Sharmila Begum Shaik, P. Kiran Joshi, M. Usha, T. Bindhu and T. Ramya Screening selection identification production and optimization of bacterial lipase isolated from industrial rejection of gas station K. Larbi Daouadji, Z. Benattouche and B. Abbouni The optimization approach and application to reliability of computer networks using improved genetic algorithm Hai-Feng Wang Secure data aggregation in mobile sink wireless sensor networks Kong Xiangsheng and Chang Qing Under different conditions of the vertical flow constructed wetland nitrogen vertical distribution Xing-guan Ma, Tao Jiang, Yi-da He and Qiu-ju Zhao Quantitative evaluation and enhancement of adhesion between bitumen and aggregates Jiusu Li, Wenbo Zhang, Wenke Jia, Lubinda F Walubita and Guanlan Liu Characteristic study on seepage field of dam under cutoff wall construction defects and freeze in winter Jie Ren, Zhenzhong Shen, Jie Yang and Bin Li Synthesis of 5methyl4thio6134oxadiazol2ylthieno23dpyrimidines and their antimicrobial activity study Sergiy V. Vlasov, Sergiy M. Kovalenko, Valentin P. Chernykh and Konstantin Yu. Krolenko Vehicles scheduling of hazardous materials transportation considering safety and customer satisfaction Yu-feng Zhou, Zhi Li and Kun Zou Study on embedded optical sensor data collection and signal processing Shi Shuheng and Wang Wenfan Effects of carbon sources and prebiotics added to growth media on proliferation and survival of Lactobacillus bulgaricus LB6 during freezedrying He Chen,Shiwei Chen, Hongli Chen, Yanyan Wu and Guowei Shu Mathematical model based on the product sales market forecast of markov forecasting and application Lihong Li, Jie Sun, Yan Li and Hai Xuan Dabie Mountain sports tourism project development location problems research under growth pole theory perspective Bing Zhang, Zhengkai Shi, Libin Yu, Weiqi Jiang, Miao Tian and Lu liu Hardware and software design of food data gathering system Kong Xiangsheng and Hu Pengfei Development of 5 Abamectin EW formulation Baohua Zhang Study on the evaluating indicators and the methods of sports websites Gao Siyue* and Li Shumei A web service enabled framework for RFID applications of medicine logistics Shengpu Li and Xiaohui Wang Finite element analysis of mediumwheel bulldozer earthmoving shovel arm based on ANSYS Qian Yin Proximate and elemental analysis of Ramalina conduplicans Vain Ramalinaceae and Parmotrema tinctorum Nyl Hale Parmeliaceae Yashoda Kambar, Vivek M. N, Manasa M, Prashith Kekuda T. R and Ramesh Kumar K. A The research of CV model by discrete kalman filtering Xiao Miaoxin Research on function and design of virtual instrument based on LabVIEW Technology Yuan Cao and Huamin Chen The explore research of higher education service quality dimensions Xie Lizhi and Luo Liangqing Characterization by potentiometric procedures of metal binding properties of allopurinol in presence of ascorbic acid Mazahar Farooqui, D. M. Janrao, Jamilkhan Pathan and Mohd Mohsin Application of response spectrum in intelligent stadium system Hairong Wang and Zhen Tang Effects of packaging materials on the lifetime of LED modules under high temperature test Lei Nie, Wenjing Xiang, Mingxiang Chen, Huajing Li and Quan Chen Numerical simulation and optimization of dense phase tower entrances Qian Jia, Cunyi Song, Baorui Liang and Zhensong Tong Design of terahertz absorbers based on metamaterial Zhang-jing Wang and Jiang-jiang Li The simulation of particle filter scheme for undergroundobservation series Ye Zhang and Meng Jia Different sole hardness for badminton movement Mei Qichang, Zhang Yan, Li Jianshe* and Rong Ming Application of textual relevance retrieval in patent information service Li Dan and Yang Ting Inheritance of resistance to phythophtora capsici in capsicum annuum and analysis of relative srap markers Xiaowan Xu, Li Zeng, Ying Li and Hengming Wang Performance analysis of Ethernet based on IEEE 80211 Kong Xiangsheng and Li Min Composition operator from weighted Bergman space to qBloch space in politics Qiuhe Huang Remote sensing image segmentation based on ant colony optimized fuzzy Cmeans clustering Jingfeng Yan Research on new English teaching mode based on informatization Han Shuying Effect of NaCl stress on germination of birch seeds Chengjun Yang and Guiying Li Regulation of ACT expression by VPS41 in response to nitrogen starvation in Cryptococcus neoformans Di Ye, Wei Wei Li and Xiaoguang Liu RSSIbased node localization algorithm for wireless sensor network Wanli Zhang and Xiaoying Yang Construction of intelligent home furnishing control system based on Internet of things and sensor Jin Chang and Dongyue Xiao The vicissitudes and educational impact of child teachers Yang Wen Study on evaluation index system of graduates employment quality based on labor rights LI Yabo and Zhang Yang Study on construction of information service platform for pharmaceutical enterprises based on virtual cloud environment Wu Zhiyi and Mao Xiaohong Study on genesis and treatment of the huaihe flood You Xiang Li, Ma Lu and Chen Ying Research on the relationship between ownership structure and corporate performance of pharmaceutical industry Wu Yang, Tang Yongjun and Tao Yongxiang Isolation and identification of the constituents absorbed in rat serum of Citrus aurantium L after oral administration of dachengqi decoction Guo Qing-qing, Long Xiao-zhi, Geng Yun*, Tang Jing-wen, Wang Yi, Jiang He-zong, Wang Xing and Ma Chao-ying Enhancement of solubility and dissolution of lercanidipine by liquisolid technique Rajesh Asija, Shailendra Bhatt, Sangeeta Asija, Alpesh Yadav and Isha Shah Lineartime tool for evaluating consistent hashing EVT Kong Xiangsheng and Gao Weixue The novel performance evaluation approach to martial arts teachersbased on TOPSIS method Qiao-Fang Liu and Yan-Tao Niu Preparation and characterization of the adducts of bispiperidinedithiocarbamatonickelII with substituted pyridines Deepshikha Khajuria*, Neerupama, Pooja Sharma and Renu Sachar The application of thinwall shell model in plate problem of syntactic foams You Liwen and Zheng Zijun Research on the thermal performance of southern Anhui traditional dwellings cavity wall Juan Li and Changbing Chen Studies on evaluation of rural sports based on fuzzy comprehensiveevaluation method Li Ming DOA Estimation and Blind Separation of Coherent Signals Ling Tang Separation of silica from pyrite cinder via reverse cationic flotation Wang Quanliang and Feng Qiming Research on local plastic strain at crack tip of dissimilar weld joints in nuclear power plant Lingyan Zhao, He Xue and Zhenwen Wang Scientific data processing framework for Hadoop MapReduce Kong Xiangsheng and Chen Jianbiao Application of improved entropy catastrophe progression and set pair analysis method in extracting fuzzy rules of enterprise quality management system operation effectiveness Jia Hongyan and Jia Yanan Finite element analysis based on the section size optimization design of cabletruss Bu Narui and Li Zhangzhen Scientific data mining and processing using MapReduce in cloud environments Kong Xiangsheng Research on antibacterial activity of Schisandra chinensis extracts by microwaveassisted Weiyan Chen and Liangzhong Xu Under the condition of ecommerce the new characteristics of international trade and the countermeasures of enterprises Yan Zhang Research Status and Prospect of the Connection Joint of the Prefabricated Shear Wall Structure Tan Wang, Lijun Dou and Zhiren Yuan Study on evolving model of concrete failure surface in the freezethaw condition Gongxue Huang and Haizhou Wang Metal chelates of bioinorganic and catalytic relevance magnetic and spectral studies Jasbeer Singh and Sahadev Empirical analysis of the interaction between urbanization level and real estate price of Jiangxi province Wei Liu, Yongâ??an Bao and Fuyang Xue The security analysis and improvements of link connection mechanism for mobile phone bluetooth transmission Rui Zhang, Jian Wei Wang, Yaobin Xie and Lizhong Wang Using of polydiallyldimethylammonium chloride for removal Cryptosporidium from the public recreational water venue Ping Lu, Tao Yuan, Qiyan Feng and Jing Li Rural leftbehind children present situation of alienation from school and intervention studySeeking to improve the alienation from school of rural leftbehind children by group psychology counseling Feng-kun Ni A kinetic and mechanistic study on the oxidation of sulfanilamide by hexacyanoferrate III in aqueous alkaline medium Ravindra Shimpi, Rajesh Fadat, D. M. Janrao and Mazahar Farooqui Removal of cadmium ions from aqueous solution using chemically modified peanut shell Liang Xu and Zhijun Zhuang* Production of health drink using effective microorganisms and medicinal plant extracts M. Kannahi* and U. Dhivya Green supply chain knowledge sharing mechanism based on principalagent theory Qi Kai, Chen Wei and Bi Meng-lin Effects of financing factors on investment behavior of Chinese cultural industry listed companyan empirical study based on unbalanced dynamic panel data Xia Yidan Chromium lll complexes Synthesis spectral characterization and microbial studies Sulekh Chandra and Poonam Pipil A comparative study of two different doses of fentanyl with 0125bupivacaine through caudal route for pediatric anesthesia and analgesia Bhaskar Babu B. D., Kiran A. V. and Leena Goel Study on the urbanization and green economy development in Fujian province Chen Na and Zhang Xiang Qian A Dynamic Broadcast Restrain Algorithm Based on Neighbors in MANET Huadong Wang and Jinsong Chen Interpretation of ground water quality using corelation and regression analysis of Bhubaneswar city Odisha India G. Sunpriya Achary Preparation of polymeric phosphate aluminumferric chloride PPAFC and response surface methodology approach to optimizecoagulationflocculation process Peng Zhang and Wei Zhang Hydroxytosyloxyiodobenzene mediated synthesis of 24methoxyphenyl quinoline salicylic acid using Pfitzinger reaction A. L. Puyad, J. D. Dhongade and T. M. Kalyankar Serviceoriented supply and demand network of enterprises Deyi Tai, Fuyuan Xu and Wei Hu Numerical simulation and optimization design of a twostage Laval annular mechanical foam breaker Wang Jin-song, Cao Pin-lu and Yin Kun The unsteady flow characteristic research on the initial period flow of micro channel Wang Xiaorong, Zhang Jinxin, Tian Guizhong, Xue Long and Cao Weilong The empirical analysis of the effect of Chinas administrative dominant investment on the regional economic growth Yuansheng Huang and Lutong Li Application of FMEA based on fuzzy multicriteria decisionmaking for HVAC in a pharmaceutical plant Yuecheng Lv and Yi Liang UltrasoundAssisted Extraction and GCMS Analysis of Zanthoxylum Oil from Zanthoxylum Xiaoguang Wang, Yueyun Yang , Ping Mi, and Gang Ren Chinas development and strategies of international trade in the cultural industry Yu Zhuang Alternative treatment of methicillinresistant Staphylococcus aureus and extended spectrum betalactamases producing multiresistant gramnegative bacteria from nosocomial infection by Marrubium vulgare methanolic compounds H. Benfreha Temmouri, A. Tirtouil Meddah, T. Sahraoui and B. Meddah Biological opposite degree algorithm and its application in coal and gas outburst prediction Guang Zhang, Xiao-Guang Yue, Mo-Xiao Li and Jing-Xi Chen Effect of gamma irradiation on the antitumor activity of newly synthesized of copper II complexes of thiosemicarbazone derivatives Samar A. Aly, Hussien H. Alganzory and Tarek A. Salem Research on the optimization of voice quality of network English teaching system Zhu Zhimei Models and their regional distribution patterns of ecological farming in northwest China Che Jiang and Liao Yuncheng Study on prediction of network security situation based on fuzzy neutral network Wang Yong and Hu Yitao Construction of community sports services informationization Jingjing Song Analysis of Road Capacity Modeling and the Impacts of Vehicle Performance Zhou Jun, Gan Shouwu and Xu Jin Terpenoids and sterol from Aphanamixis polystachya Consolacion Y. Ragasa, Ma. Leonora Theresa Aguilar, Vincent Antonio S. Ng, Maria Lorraine G. Bugayong, Sonia D. Jacinto, Wen-Tai Li and Chien-Chang Shen Determination of nonylphenol polyethoxylates in water samples of microbial degradation by second derivative ultraviolet spectrum Y. H. Xie, H. Yu, Y. H. Pan, Q. Li, Q. Wang, L. Ding, Y. Xu, T. Zhu The distance teaching model of political education course based on CSCL Xin Xuan Solar Street Lamp Control System Based on ZigBee and GPRS Liai Gao, Jingren Zhou, Limin Shao, Shuguang Zhang, and Ming Zhao Filtering method in wireless sensor network management based on EMD algorithm and multi scale wavelet analysis Qiuhong Zhang and Lei Lei The effect of instant Puerh tea intragastric administration in mice with hydrogenated oil dietinduced obesity Ming Lian, Yu-fang Jiang, Shi-dong Lv, Yi-long He, Jiang-sheng Zhou and Qing-xiong Meng Synthesis of 14dihydropyrimidines and their pharmacological role for congestive heart failure Priyanka Pathak Study on tritium safety for the tritium system of China TBM WanFa Fu, Jian Mei Lu, De Li Luo and Tao Tang Pesticides pollution characteristics in the soilgroundwater system of vegetable greenhouse cultivation in eastern China Hongjun Lei, Hongwei Pan and Beidou Xi Molecular cloning expression and metabolic activity assay of CYP3A46 gene Zheng-kai Xue Based on the Research of Ball Mill Reactive Power Compensation Device and Harmonic Current Xijuan Wang, Jingxiao Feng, Jialun Zhang and Wenwu Cui Comparative study of neuroprotective effects of ulinastatin versus piracetam treating on acute traumatic craniocerebral injury Chengyuan Lianga, Juan Xia, Ying Dai, Huihui Song, Ying Sun, Xiaoyun Lei, Zhuangzhuang Feng, Junhui Liu and Yong Deng Performance tests of a novel suspended carrier biofilm reactor Fuguo Qiu and Dong Yu Application of improved OWA operator and intuitionistic fuzzy sets in decisionmaking of jackup drilling platform design scheme Han Guoyuan and Yu Ning The Test Methods and Reducing Measures of Optical Fiber Loss Shuting Li, Ru Hou, Jiliang Zhang, Yongzhuang Chen, Rongfa Gao, Baoying Liu, Ying Li and Xiaojun Li Research on recovery of phosphorus in high concentrations of phosphorus wastewater by struvite precipitation W. Zhu, C. L. Yuan, Y. H. Xie, L. Ding, G. H. Dou, Z. Z. Xu, M. Y. You and T. Zhu The novel analysis model of cloud computing based on RFID internet of things Yan Wang and Xiao Wang Go left or rightdilemma which China telecommunications industry reform are facing Jing-song Liu, Qiang Yan, Khizer Hayat Khuhawar and Hua-yingShu Study on instability criteria of topplingsliding collapse Wang Yanping, Zheng Guang and Zheng Haijun Detection system for optic characteristics of automobile glasses Zhigang Di, Chunrong Jia and Jingxuan Zhang Modeling and analysis of knowledge sharing incentive mechanism in the internet of things collaborative innovation Huang Weidong, Xue Dianzhong and Gong Yonghua The research and development of the disabled based on the theory of DS sports equipment Ying Zhang Control System Research of Adaptive Observer for PMLSM Hua Sun, Zhiming Feng and Xuan Cui Research on undergraduates continuous using behaviors of WeChat data from China Shaoling Fu, Jiawei Huang, Yanmei Yan and Yangjun Ou Woodball mallet loading analysis during maximal swing stage A finite element study Yichen Lu and Yin Luo Synthesis and characterization of ornidazole 5ASA azo adduct for colon targetting Rajeev Kumar Sharma, N. V. Satheesh Madhav and A. K. Sharma Biopharmaceutical enterprises comparative research base on marketoriented and bankoriented corporate governance models Yang Li A simple review of research on artificial life Bangfan Liu, Shui Xu and Naixi Liu Research on analysis routing protocol for wireless sensor networks Shitao Yan and Mianrong Yang Study on chemical constituents from leaves of camellia Jin Zhexiong and Li Xin Development of a webbased electric power quality monitoring system Qinghua Liao and Jie Yang Preparation and antioxidant activity of Athyrium multidentatum Doll Ching polysaccharide derivatives Sheng JW BiOTf3 as a powerful and efficient catalyst for the synthesis of highly functionalized piperidines Louisa Chouguiat, Raouf Boulcina and Abdelmadjid Debache Study on invitro free radical scavenging activity of Hypsizygus ulmarius mushroom Premkumari B.* and Shivashankar M. Oil film pressure distribution of combined piston skirt considering the function of instantaneous clap force Zhang Chun Yan, Ma Qi Hua and Jin Zhou An empirical study of collaboration methods for CEP based on algorithmic trading Kong Xiangsheng A maptask view Generation strategy Based on Rough Set Theory Yiyi Xu, Peihe Tang and ZeKun Tang GCMS analysis of phytocomponents in the methanolic extract of Emblica officinalis Gaertn Indian Gooseberry S. Balasubramanian, D. Ganesh, Poonam Panchal, Mohammad Teimouri and Surya Narayana V. V. S. Research on online retail store customer satisfactionA case study of HanDu Yan Qu The update mode study of residents electronic health records Liu Ning Natural gas pipeline repairing methods adaptability analysis Peng Shanbi, Liu Enbin, Liu Sheying and Sun Li The extract optimization and identification study of bioactive total triterpenoids from the rare traditional Chinese medicine Qinling Polyporusumbellatus Chengyuan Lianga, Zhiqiang Liub, Xinyu Liua, Yang Genga, Huihui Song, Shunjun Ding, Xiaoyun Lei, Zhuangzhuang Feng, Junhui Liu and Yong Deng Study on one new grey similarity correlation degree model and its applications Zhang Xiang-Rong and Zhang Qing-Liang Microwave catalytic reduction of nitric oxide in activated carbon bed with a new microwave catalytic reactor system Yang Peng-Fei, Zhou Ji-Cheng and Wang Hong-Li A research on information technology applied to improving performance for tourism enterprises Huang Haiyu and Peng Qian Research on resource discovery and data traffic control based on peer to peer networks Yang Yansong, Zhang Ning, Li Jun and Zhu Chenxu Research on human factor accident based on link prediction Ma Jun and Wan Jie The mathematical description of mass diffusion coefficient at interference fringes maximum point Li Hua, Fei ji-you, Jiang wei-guang and Zhang Ying Research on surfactants effect gas hydrate phase properties and energy storage Bin Dou, Haisheng Liu and Guosheng Jiang Study on the precise detection method of pavement structure depth Lin Guo-Qing and Wang Jian-Feng 50 kg high capacity mass comparator and its performance test Xiaoping Ren, Jian Wang, Ruilin Zhong and Changqing Cai Viscous flow field analysis of sections of hybrid monohull with semisubmerged body under the bow Shu-Zheng Sun*, Xiao-Dong Zhao, Bo Tian and Ji-De Li Automotive covering parts drawing forming numerical simulation and the 6 robust optimization of process parameters Yinwu Tan, Youmin Wang, Lingfeng Tang and Zhendong Zhang Method of detection and removal rain from image based on the HSV color space Dong Huiying, Lu Xue and Zhao Xuejing