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Yaru Li, Ying Nie, Linyan Zhou, Shurong Li, Xuanming Tang, Yang Ding and Shuying Li Experiment about improvement of physical and chemical properties of magnetized water on cement hydration reaction Yixin Wang and Xiaoping Yao Impact of deaeration methods on the culture of Clostridium butyricum Hua-li Jian, Guang-jun Song and Mei-de Liao Chloralkali industry production scheduling algorithm research based on adaptive weight PSO Shuzhi Gao, Liangliang Luan and Xianwen Gao Research on the ultraweak luminescence of maize seeds Feng Wang*,, Shanshan Duan, YitaoLiang, and Weiya Shi, Study on empoasca vitis gothe egg incubation by nonthermal effect model Chun-jiang Shuai and Rui-mei LI Largescale User Behavior AnalysisBased on Cloud Computing Dao Jiang and Zhao Yu Impact of Solid Core PCF Structure on SERS Performance Zhigang Di, Chunrong Jia, Wenyuan Wang Polymer monolithic rods microextraction coupled with high performance liquid chromatography for the analysis of trimethoprim sulfadiazine and sulfamethoxazole in honey samples Zhi-gang Xu*, Lian-guang Wang, Yun-li Chen and Zhi-min Liu Practical Model for Predicting Compressive Strength of Aerated ConcreteBased on Its Pore Structure Distribution Youwu Chen, Tao Sun*, Kun Tian, Shengyin Zhou, Ge Yan Hydrophobic modification for nanoscale crosslinked polymer microspheres Hailing Chen, Xiaoyu Zheng, Qinzhe Jiang, Qianqian Wei and Xianjie Li Wireless Sensor Network Factor Information Control Based on GeneticAlgorithm Sun Zeyu Rapid measurement of biodiesel conversion rate by nearinfrared spectroscopy Yucong Liu, Jiangang Lu, Long Xu, Gang Qu, Mingqiao Zhu, Xin Jiang, Jinshui Chen and Jiang Yang The Application of AugmentedRealityTechnology in Teaching Education Fan Kang and Cunchen Tang A new method for the synthesis of juglone Hong Li, Rui Liu, Yingchao Ji and Ying Wang Computer Technology Applied in Art Design Xiaoling Wang Environmental risks impact analysis of aerosol leakage by pathogenic microorganisms decay Ding Feng, Li Shi-bei, Jin Ke, Wen Zhan-bo and Hu Cuijuan The Current Problems of Urban Ecological Construction and Counter Measures Xiuxia LI Tribological behaviors of the polyphenyl esterpolytetrafluoroethylene composites filled with whisker Dongya Yang , Jun Gonga and Honggang Wangb Protective effect of cyclovirobuxine D derivatives on alcohol induced injury in PC12 cells Zhen-yu Shi and Yong-qiang Li Geographic Hypermedia System Model Design and Application Zhigang Hana, Caihui Cui, Yunfeng Kong, Experimental study on promoting the regeneration of rat sciatic nerve using slowrelease FK506eluting peripheral nerve stent Tan Ding, Hu-ping Hao, Chao Zhu, Jun-Jie Du and Zhuo-Jing Luo A green and efficient hydrolysis of methyl 5chloropyrazine2carboxylate to 5chloro pyrazine2carboxylic acid Hong-Qiang Hea, Yu-Wei Changb, Wei-Ming Xub and Fang-Ming Liuab The research of Innovative Literacy Structure Model about PE Teacher in Normal University Jitao Pu The application of GC in the study of the effect of oil spill dispersant Wang Qiaomin, Yan Zhiyu, Sun Bing, Zhu Xiaomei and Liu hui Flow characteristics of microchannel melts during injection molding of microstructure medical components Guo Youdan Methods for transferring gene into silkworm and expression of hGMCSF in silk glands of transgenic silkworm Zhen Li, Guangli Cao, Renyu Xue and Chengliang Gong Hepatoprotective effects of Coleus forskohlii wild Briq against carbon tetrachlorideinduced hepatotoxicity in mice Di Geng, Cong Li, Li-tao Yi, Lian-jin Weng and Yuan-yuan Han Screening of lactic acid bacteria with high activities malolactic enzyme and analysis of indigenous flora in red wine Kai Liu , Jianhua Luo , Dawei Gao, Zhiwei Liu, Yanping Liu, Nan Li, Yanhong Bian, Ruiyu Zheng and Xuwu Zhang Coral Reef Lenticular Freshwater Assessment Based on Fuzzy Mathematical Method Yuzheng Lv, Jiafu Yang, Kun Liu, Jie Shi Analysis of the relationship between the ratio of man to livestock and malaria incidence in Shandong province China Lijuan Liu, Benguang Zhang, Huaiwei Wang, Xiuxia Guo, Haifang Wang and Maoqing Gong Research on Electronic Business Information System based on DEA model Su Yanlin and He Lian Zhiwei Determination of In3 in solution by ICPOES and 5BrPADAP spectrophotometry Sun Yaoran, Chang Ming, Yu Hongwei, Zhou Ran, Guo Ruixia, Yun Haili and Hu Ruisheng Effects of coexistent drugs and metal ions on the interaction between topiramate amyl cephalosporin cefotaxime and bovine serum albumin Baosheng Liu*, Ying Guo, Zhiyun Li, Lihui Zhang and Yunkai Lv The application of biomedical polymer material hydroxy propyl methyl celluloseHPMC in pharmaceutical preparations Wu Huichao, Du Shouying, Lu Yang, Li Ying and Wang Di Extraction and isolation of elemene from Eupatorium adenophorum Wei Hui-Ping, Zhao Mu, Li Yong and Liu Weng-Quan Ecosystem Vulnerability System in Mining City Hongjuan Wei HPLC fingerprint spectrum analysis of Rehmannia gtutinosa Li Jianjun, Wang Jun, Wang Ying, Chen Xuejiao, Xu Yuge, Zhang Zhongyi, Jiang Daohui and Zhao Zhengwei Phytochemical investigation and histopathological evaluation ofantiulcerogenic activity of Cassia roxburghii DC leaves in rats Sahar S. M. El Souda and Abdel Razik H. Farrag In vitro and in vivo evaluation of antioxidant activity of ARIs Benzothiadiazine and pyridothiadiazine derivatives Shaojuan Zhu, Shagufta Parveen and Changjin Zhu Toxicological effects of sodium dodecyl sulfate Sanjay Kumar, Thejasenuo Julia Kirha and Tsipila Thonger Thermal and mechanical properties of polyLlactic acid talc1Hbenzotriazole composites Yan-Hua Cai and Ying Tang Detection of rubidium in mica using atomic absorption spectrometry Xiaozhou Lia, Zhiyi Xub, Tianyue Yanga, Deli Wanga and Su Zhangc* The application review of magnesium oxychloride cement Hongxia Qiao, Qianyuan Cheng, Wang Jinlei and Shi Yingying Antibiotic sensitivity pattern of bacterial isolates of ventilated patients fromthe intensive care unit of a tertiary care hospital in rural India Sugata Roychaudhury*, Siddhartha Ghosh**, Abhay Nath Chaturvedi* and Avijit Debnath* Selfsimilarity networks and selfsimilarity network group Shaohua Tao, Zhanshen Feng and Zhili Zhang Treatment of oil polluted marine environment throughmultifunctional materials Jianliang Xue, Linao Zheng, Hongsheng Lu, Blin Guo, Yanan Wu, Nenghu Qiao and Bingqi Yan On the differences of virtual presence with thinking consciousness and spirit Wang Xiaogang Research of inhibition mechanism of morin on tumor cells aminopeptidase N Wenjuan Luo and Su Nan The calculation method of smallscale water injection multiple in water drive reservoirs Cui Chuanzhi, Li Kaikai, Guo Jincheng, Cao Gang and Zhang Chuanbao Dynamic analysis of cardiovascular drugs data Humei Yang and SunShi Research of computer electromagnetic information leakage based on three layers of protection model Yuanhui Yu and Ying Deng The evolutionary game study on the privacy and interest of users and websites in the social network environment Xia Chen, Tingjie Lu, Longfei Guo and Shuyue Lou High speed micromouse servo controller based on DSP and FPGA Haoming Zhang, Yinghai Wang and Peh lian Soon Analysis and empirical study on influence factors of enterprise microblog marketing effect Xia Chen, Tingjie Lu, Longfei Guo and Xin Li The research on marine pharmaceutical innovation talent inZhejiang Province Chen Hongxia , Yang Hongtao and Liu Hongzhen Twosided software platform Operating strategies under multihoming users Xia Chen, Yu Li, Tingjie Lu and Longfei Guo Analysis on demand factor of regional difference for reverse mortgagebased on survey data in Beijing Hangzhou Zhou Haizhen Flutter and response of composite wind turbine blade with bendingtorsional coupling Tingrui Liu The risk formation theory of knowledgebased talents flow in China Wei Lin* and Xiangqian Zhang On macro influencing factors of rural labor force employment in Heilongjiang Province in China based on the state space model Zhihao Wang, Wei Wang, Yuxin Liu, Chunyan Lu and Wei Zheng Study on accounts receivable in rural industrial enterprises Guangrong Wu and Xiaojing Dong* Performance evaluation for engineering project management of particle swarm optimization based on least squares support vector machines Dong Qiao-Ting, Geng Li-Yan and Shen Ying-Ming Analysis on the component characteristics and caloric value of medical waste Yonggang Zeng, Zhengwen Huang* and Bo Yu Evaluation research of implementation effect for emergency communications plan based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation in China Zifu Fan, Lihua Wang and Xiaoyu Wan Study on water quality evaluation methods of water supply network Zhen-gong Tong*, Ya-ni Li, Hai-dong Shanguan and Ju Fang Influences of composite adhesive components on the performance of bagasse cushion pads Min Fan* and Zhenzhen Dai The application of intelligence tourism mobile client based on ontology Zhou Fa-Guo, Zhao Mei-Jiao, Sun Zhen, Zhao Jie and Gong Zheng Technical efficiency and its determinants of Chinese serviceoutsourcing industry Hongzhou Li, Min Yang, Yuki Tamai and Yu Hong* Anomaly detection of cigarette sales using ARIMA on lunar calendar Yang Xiao A FuzzyANP Based comprehensive evaluation method for assessing the regional investment environment From the perspective of attracting investment Liu Wen-wei, Duan Wan-chun and Xu Yang-guang Export facilitation and comparative advantages of the Chinese lowtechnology manufactures A panel granger causality analysis Yu Hong, Wanjun Yang, Jiayue Wangand Hongwei Su The optimized design and material saving of sports architecture Liu Wei Chemical composition and biological activity analysis of semen euphorbiae petroleum ether extracts Fei-peng Duan, Ying-zi Wang, Chao Zhang, Xin-sheng Fang, Bin Yan, and Cai-xia Li A SWOT analysis of poverty alleviation and mountain development in China A case study of Xiangxi prefecture Yang Gao, Wei Duan, Zheng Zhao and *Ya-li Wen Phytochemical screening and elemental analysis in different plant parts of Uraria picta Desv A Dashmul species Hari Om Saxena*, Anjana Soni, Naseer Mohammad and Santosh Kumar Choubey Identification of glucosamine hydrochloride diclofenac sodium interaction products by chromatographymass spectrometry ??. ??. Sichkar Effect of different immobilization techniques on amylase N. Uma Maheswari* and S. Indra priyadharshini Substantiation of the methods of quality control for a substance with the anticonvulsant action Natalia Bevz, Victoriya Georgiyants and Vasyl Gryinenko Role of glycine as a 3Dstructure maker in aqueous mixture of protophilic dipolar aprotic dimethylsulfoxide S. Roya, K. Mahalib, S. Mondalc and B. K. Dolui How to define general purpose technologies in the cluster Based on the view of industrial chain Zheng Jianzhuang and Jin Yuhan Study on correlation mechanism of motivation conduct andperformance of industrial alliance from the perspective oftechnology intermediary Zhang Jian, Duan Shan and Huang Chun* A survey of the phytochemical and antioxidant potential of the fruit extracts of Sarcocephalus latifolius Smith bruce Rubiaceae H. B. Yesufu, I. Z. Khan, F. I. Abdulrahman and Y. Z. Abatch The study of Japanese corporate environmental managementbehavior based on the perspective of product life cycle Zhu Xiaolin and Guan Yongmei The empirical research of the comprehensive benefit evaluation on liaoning Shihu wind power project Chang-he Jiang and Jing-quan Liu Twosided matching decision under incomplete score environment Qi Yue and Yuhua Li Pricing research for loans to small and mediumsized enterprises based on credit metrics model Wang Baosen Liu Chen An efficient image matching algorithm based on culture evolution Qinghua Wu, Jin Zhang, Wenzhi Huang and Yuxin Sun Design of dynamic counterguarantee reserves of loans to SMEs Wang Di Rhizospheric effects of maize on adsorption and release of cadmium in soil A batch sorption experiment Lei Zhang and Lei Zhang The reconstruction of tourism resources evaluation model based on regression to the original meaning Taking the tourism of the Silk Road in Gansu Province as example Weipeng* and Limeng Analysis the environment influence of spatial and temporal variation of strategy of landbased pollution for river cross section Xu Jin*, Chi Yifan, Ji Rong, Chen Yangyingjie and Liu Cheng Several optimization strategies for CDT algorithm Haiying Sun and Liang Ma Path and efficiency of financial support to PV industry in China Based on FSCP paradigm Feng Xu and Yun-long Li Knowledge innovation performance evaluation in marine pharmaceutical enterprise in Zhejiang Province China Chen Hongxia, Yang Hongtao and Xue Caihong Competitive repertoire of Chinese horizontal firms Influence of coordination Pi Shenglei ENO morphological wavelet and its application in image processing Lin Yong and Ge Xinfeng Quantitative determination of domperidone and omeprazole in combined dosage form by FTIR spectroscopy P. Ravi Prasad, K. Bhuvaneswari, Murarilal and K. Rajani Influence of dissolved organic matters prepared from organisms in aquatic ecosystem on mercury adsorption in sediment Lei Zhang, Lei Zhang* and Mohit Rezaee Kalantari Some characteristics on hyperwiener index of graphs Jiayong Dou, Yaya Wang and Wei Gao Preparation of polymeric phosphate aluminumferric chloride PPAFC and its application in humic acid removal Peng Zhang, Wei Zhang, Guocheng Zhu, Bozhi Ren, Xuemei Li and Hongpu Ma Simulation research of PEMFC gas starvation diagnosis based on wavelet analysis and harmonic theory Pei Fenglai, Wang Nan and Zhou Su Research and application of carya cathayensis classification based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation Songwei Zeng, Changying Ji and Qinfeng Yu Pharmaceutical patent infringement litigation warning indicator system Ying Wang Cytotoxic antibacterial and antioxidant activity of triterpenoids from Kopsia singapurensis Ridl Lee Yean Shan, Tee Chuan Thing, Tan Siow Ping, Khalijah Awang, Najihah Mohd Hashim, Mohd Azlan Nafiah and Kartini Ahmad A research on the development indices for Chinas large scientific instruments in the category of medical diagnoses and analyses Chen Li, Lv Yongbo, Xuan Zhaohui and Chen Chi Research on medical image fusion based on improved redundant complex wavelet transform Tang Yong-Zheng Multiple mode control based on VAV air conditioning system research Jiejia Li, Xiaoyu Sun*, Peng Yang , Liang Zhou and Abdol Ghaffar Ebadi Synchronous generator parameters identification online using small populationbased particle swarm optimization Xiuge Zhang, Ye Ren and Qizhou Hu Compliant multimedia data multiple distribution in mobile networks Lu Zhao Gan and Li Junxia Screening of phytochemical and antimicrobial activity of Melia composite against Enterobacter aerogenes and Shigilla flexneri E. Sutha, P. Sangeetha and K. Rameshkumar A noncooperative game model between the call centre and the customers Jun Gong, Miao Yu and Huabo zhu Empirical research of performance evaluation of energy saving and environmental protection enterprise based on DEA Xu Hui-Zhen, Zhao Su-Na, Wang Yan-Chao and Zheng Jie-Yang Cells formation with a multiobjective genetic algorithm Jun Gong*, Xiuyang Chen and Sen Zhang Furfural produced from bamboo by a 2step method at atmospheric pressure Xiaofang Li, Qin Liu, Lincai Peng, Rui Liu, Yan yang Li and Xianqiu Lan A particle swarm optimization algorithm for bayesian network structure learning based on chain model Xing Wang*, Xuewu Zha and Yihua Lan Synthesis of Co3O4Al2O3 composites using microemulsion chemical method and their electrochemical properties Tao Liu, Rongbin Du, Xuejun Kong and Junwei Wang Experiment study on recovering lead and zinc from a flotation tailings in inner mongolia by flotation Dai Shu-juan,Yu Lian-tao and Hu Zhi-gang Modeling and simulation of competitioncooperation and neutrality relations in SDN enterprises Deyi Tai, Fuyuan Xu and Wei Hu Sounding response calculation of layered model surface based on nuclear magnetic resonance Chu Yan, Cai Xin-yuan, Bian Dong-yan, Sun Nai-hua and Tang Kang Toxicological study of nitrobenzene derivatives against tetrahymena pyriformis using topological parameters P. N. Tripathi* and Vibhanjali Mishra Adaptive Fuzzy slidingmode control for chaotic nonlinear systems with uncertaintiesbased on fractional calculus X. Z. Zhang A robust license plate detection algorithm based on multifeatures Shangzhi Xu Induced formation and characterization of a citreoisocoumarin derivative by a newisolated Eupenicillium sp in the presence of dimethyl sulfoxide or acetone Na Guo, Ya Liu, Xing You and Peng Yu Reaction mechanism on anode filled with activated carbon in microbial fuel cell YU Jin Study on swarm optimization clustering algorithm Zuo Ying Liu and Xian Wen A study of the impact of collaborative problemsolving strategies on students performance of simulationbased learning Hsin-Ke Lu and Peng-Chun Lin Cost variance analysis in unit costs of materials and a random combination of automatic polling sorting line Wenxue Ran, Zhilan Song, Chiming Zhao, Li Liu and Donglan Wang The analysis of enterprise imitation behavior in scalefree networksBased on the neighborhood effect Lei Wang, Weimin Pan, Xi Hu and Wenqi Fan A study on the financing mode for the local railway construction projects onthe basis of ministrycity collaboration Qi Qingzhu and Gui Yuan Green building blueprint Using renewable energy protecting the environment and resolving externality Hongwei Liu, Jun Li and Xun Liu From molecules to materials electronic and crystal engineering of bissilylethynylated acenes for high carrier mobility Xiangyang Chen and Yi Liao The cost accounting cost sharing and pricing analysis of preschool educationtaking Beijing as an example Zenglian Zhang Structure of chloroaluminum phthalocyanine ClAlPc on SiO2100 surface A combined molecular dynamicsMD and densityfunctional theory DFTD study Jing Jing Fu and Yi Liao Credit risk management of commercial bank Qian Kun* and Mu Duo Real estate investment project risk analysis Li Lin* and Li Fei Research of liver cancer detection based on improved KNN algorithm Jianhua Liu, Jianwei Wang and Wenjuan Bu Research on reputation risk management of commercial banks in China Li Xiang* and Yang Lina Intrapreneurship human resource management and their interfacial interaction A study on multicases in the mature stage Huibin Guo Economic development under the constraints of environmental policy scenario analysis based on the endogenous growth model Xin Ma*, Fu-xiao-xuan Liang, Wen-bin Wang and Chun-li Liu Estimation of reducing sugar by acid hydrolysis of black grape Vitis vinifera L peels by standard methods S. Chandraju, C. S. Chidan Kumar and R. Venkatesh The design of Ecommerce integrity evaluation system based on Logit analysis Zheng Dachuan* and Huang Zhen Investigation of CD4 T cell numbers in HIVinfected patients among smokers and nonsmokers in Thailand Sanguansittianan S, Martkamchan S., Nooroon N.,and Ammaranond P Numerical simulation of EVA in thermal power plants based on system dynamics Shuliang Liu and Qianyun Liu Research on small and medium enterprises financing mode based on supply chain finance Qi Zhang, Hong Liu* and Xiaoxiao Qi The feasibility analysis and path selection of ChinaASEAN regional monetary cooperation Wenli Ding, Shuai Yuan* and Donghui Yang Extraction of shortchain organic acids using imidazoliumbased ionic liquids from aqueous media Qianzhu Li, Xinglin Jiang, Huibin Zou, Zhifeng Cao, Haibo Zhang and Mo Xian Synthesis of some new Nsaccharin derivatives of possible biological activity Ahmed Wahed Naser and Aseel Farhan Abdullah Empirical analysis for the impact of RMB real effective exchange rate onforeign direct investment in China Wenrong Pan* and Yu Song Electrochemical determination and comparison of ascorbic acid in freshly prepared and bottled fruit juices A cyclic voltammetric study Abraha Tadese, P. A. Subramanian, Amaha Woldu and Rishi Pal Retailers optimal decision model when marketing cost affected by demand Fu-chang Li The application of threelevel filtration system and chlorine dioxide disinfection on hospital sewage treatment Yu Bo, Zhou Ying, Huang Zhengwen and Zeng Yonggang Removal of ammonia from polluted waters using new biosorbents K. Prameela Rani and K. Ravindhranath An empirical analysis of the relation of US dollar exchange rate and American trade balance Lin Wen Research on the sampling methods of transportation price of highway general cargo Jin-wen Cao and Jing-yan Gu Effects of CBL mode to residency training doctor of pediatric dentistry for making diagnosis and treatment plan Limin Wei, Jianfeng Ma, Yihuai Pan and Jianfeng Wang Natural indicator as a ecofriendly in acid base titration Shivaji H. Burungale and Ankush V. Mali An image classification algorithm using fuzzy support vector machine Cao Jianfang,Chen Junjie and Chen Lichao Micellar behavior of gemini surfactant butanediyl14bishexadecyl hydroxyethyl methyl ammonium bromide and its monomeric counterpart on physicochemical properties Borse S. S.and Patil T. J Fast railway freight product structure based on transport efficiency Yinying Tang and Zhongren Wang Development and validation of simultaneous estimation of diclofenac potassium paracetamol and serratiopeptidase by first order derivative UV spectroscopy method in pharmaceutical formulation Ekta J. Pandya*, Pankaj Kapupara and Ketan V. Shah Fast railway freight product structurebased on transport efficiency Yinying Tang and Zhongren Wang Antimicrobial activity of newly synthesized hydroxamic acid of pyrimidine5carboxylic acid and its complexes with CuII NiIICoII and ZnII metal ions Bhawani Shankar, Rashmi Tomar, Rakesh Kumar, Madhu Godhara and Vijay Kumar Sharma The analysis of the application of computer in sport research based on content analysis method Zhu Yanying and Zhao Lina An optimal transporting timber control scheme in wood logistics networks with minimized cost Meng Li, Ronghua Ji and Lairong Chen Study and Applications of Analytic Hierarchy Process AHP on Basketball Offence Guanhuan Qiu Shot throwing technique biomechanical parameters sensitivity and optimization research Anlong Huang Big data learning resources integration and processing in cloud environments Sun Dapeng Cost Control for Small and Mediumsized Enterprises SMEs Lei Song Chinese industry chain healthy development strategy research based on grey relational analysis Shaobing Yu Antimicrobial structureefficacy relationship of sugar fatty acid esters Lou Xin University gymnastics teaching quality comprehensive evaluation model research based on principal component analysis Juan Wang Contradictory Analysis of Energy Structure and Lowcarbon Development of Sports Economy in China Yafei Li Game problems and Countermeasures of harmonious urbanrural economic development Taking the perspective of the energy scarcity Hongshan Ai, Xie Li and Hai-shu Qiao Study on rowing athlete selection potential based on stepwise regression analysis Hongsheng Zhaoand Hong Zhang Study of Problems of the Citys Tourism Economy Energy in China Based on the Perspective of Energy Yan Lu and Guirong Guo Robot soccer match location prediction and the appliedresearch of Kalmanfiltering algorithm Kelei Guo Synthesis of maleimide derivatives via CuAAC click chemistry and biological evaluation of their antitumor activity against cancer cell lines Guiqing Xu, Duanyang Kong, Wei Li, Wenjing Xu and Yuqin Jiang Analytic hierarchy process to tennis ballpicking robot different path programming research Fang Peng Analytic hierarchy processbased dunk technical exertion affectedphysical quality weight analysis Rongmei Chen A Research into Risks and Measures of Rural Credit on the Basis of Game Theory Yuanyi Ding Research on Chinese martial arts Nordic development based on cluster analysis Liuling Song and Songting Lu Impacts of Process Parameters on VOC Emissions from Treated Poplar Wood with Low Molecular Weight UreaFormaldehyde Resin Jun Shen, Jingxian Wang, Qi Feng and Chengshuai Lei Chinese mens basketball team development countermeasure research based on analytic hierarchy process Han Jiang The Complete Convergence of Exchangeable Random Variables Zhaoxia Huang Quantitative study and analysis for English integrated teaching based onMatlab Li Liu Application of Fuzzy Cluster Theory in Logistic Distribution Node AnalysisUse an Agriculture Products Distribution Enterprise as an Example Xin Lei The study of the performance of manufacturing enterprises crossborder MA in China based on superefficiency DEA Yi Changjun*and Lin Qiaoyue Formulation and evaluation of ritonavir mucoadhesive microspheres Sellappan Velmurugan and Mohamed Ashraf Ali Seismic Sedimentologic Study in QingshankouFormation in Late Cretaceous Songliao Basin of Northeast China Chao Wang and Qian Zhang The Principle of Cultural Trade Flows with Proper Specification of Gravity Model Yu Shasha Analysis and suggestions on the ecoenvironmental pollution caused by wastewater irrigation Shi Yan and Gao Qing Comparative study of free volume and permeability coefficient of aqueous solutions of Dmannitol across cellulose acetate membrane at various temperatures Anjali Anand and Meena Sharma Research of Hebei Ecological Compensation System Based on the Main Functional Area Jingpo Yang, Fei Lu and Yuanjie Zhao Analysis of fault tree importance of CNC machine tools based on BDD Jie Yu, Zhi-wei Zhu*, Hai-long Zhang, Shuang Yu,Ning Ding and Ze-cheng Zhuang A proportional fair scheduling algorithm based on QoS utility function in wireless networks Huang Zhao Ming Study of the combination reaction between drugs and bovine serum albumin with methyl green as a fluorescence probe Ying Guo, Baosheng Liu, Zhiyun Li, Lihui Zhang and Yunkai Lv The application of FFMPEG technology in supervisory control system Wu-sheng Tang, Jie Yu and Li-hong Tian Sensitivity Analysis of Largescale Medical Equipment Allocation Xiaoqing Lu, Shuming Guan and Wenyi Zhang Research of hydrogen bonding between shikonin and thymine Yi-Wei Wang, Jun Du, Xi Du, Yan-sen Cai, Hua Song and Jian-Min Guo An empirical analysis of boosting from agricultural modernization on urbanization of Northern Anhui Province Tongfeng Chen*, Wang Changand Hufagang Research on Preventing Overgrade Trip in Power Grid of Coal Mine Underground Dan XU ?¯?¼??Yidu GUO and Xinke LIU Loading character of diabetic foot in young patients during normal speed walking Jiang Ci, Ren Feng, Liang Min Jun and Li Jianshe Competitiveness Analysis for Chinas Biopharmaceutical Industry based on Porter Diamond Model Jiamin Fang A novel FPGA segmentation method based on the improved ant colony optimization Fei Yang Precipitationrunoff relationship variation of water resources changes Yan-ling Li,, Jian-xia Chang* and Zhi-liang Wang The research on corporate social responsibility in The Haze Governance Li Liangzhi, and Li Xin Coworkers relation influence on individual job performance A contextuanzing research Li Min and Su Yong Study on the New Maximum Power Tracking for Variable Speed Wind Generator system Kong Ying Research hotspots analysis of nursing home by PubMed Chen Lianqun, Du Chengxu, Han Jinsu, Wei Shuangping, Li Hui, Li Ruiyu and Hou Jinjie IC card filling machine controller based on LPC microcontroller design Kun Liang Xu and Hao Lv The analysis and design based on fusion process model Ruihui Mu The development of struts framework based on shopping website Ruihui Mu A combination algorithm for selecting functional logistics servicevendors based on SQP and BNB Meiling He*, Qifan Hu, Xiaohui Wu and Peng Jing Scenario analysis on Chinas alternative fuel vehicle industry risk identification Jinfeng Lin The design and mplementation of reverse logistics management information system Ruihui Mu* and Yulei Ma Research of key techniques in the development of teaching simulation system for Ecommerce Jinhai Lu A social selfishness compatible routing protocol in opportunistic networks Li Liu The catalytic aquathermolysis of heavy oil in the presence of a hydrogen donor under reservoirs conditions Fajun Zhao*, Xiao Wang, Yunlong Wang and Yansong Shi Study on determinants of Chinese trade balance based on Bayesian VAR model Yajie Wang*, Yannan Duan and Chao Wang Analysis and design of intelligent group decision support system of comprehensive transportation network layout planning Qiao Xiong* and Ting Ren Research of a professional search engine system based on Lucene and Heritrix Ying Hong* and Chao Lv Research and design on the remote internet video training system Yong Liu Firstprinciples study of the n m chiral ZnO nanotubes Fuchun Zhang, Hongwei Cui, Xingxiang Ruan and Weihu Zhang Orecontrolling structure of gold deposit in southeast Guizhou Yi Chen Analysis of effects of impeller inlet width on the performance of centrifugal pump Qing Zhang, Hai Zhou*, Qingpeng Gao and Zhixiang Cui ELearning system architecture based on Private Cloud for university Wang Shunye, Liu Dayong and Zhang Zijuan Study on Morphogenesis of Creative Industry Based on ECHO ModelExample of Beijing 798 Xiao Yun Analyzing the Temperature Field of Combined Plasma Arc Based on Image Preprocessing and Spectral Diagnostics of Plasma Arc Dong Xiaojuan, Wei Xiuting, Yin Zhanmin and Meng Jianbing Digital Electrical Resistance Tomography System and itsExperimental Research Lifeng Zhang Study on the evaluation of strategic alliance partners among iron and steel enterprises in the perspective of energysaving services Dajun Ye The resources monitoring and optimization of scheduling research based on the cloud computing environment Shengjun Xie A Statistical Study on How Migrant Workers Choose Migration Patterns A Case in Shandong Province of China Gaojian and Chen Shunzhou Intercommunication Strategy about IPv4IPv6 coexistence networks based on Application Layer Gateway Chen Yange, Zhang Zhili, Wang Jun, Ge Juan Usability Study on List Pages of Management Information System For the Case of MIS of a Financial Software Company Sha Liu, Tianxu Che, Xue Yang and Cong Liu The Customer Choice Model of commercial retailers based on MarKov analysis WANG Cheng, PANG Chanjuan and CHIN Kim On A Multipopulation Immune Genetic Algorithm for Solving Multi objective TSP Problem Wencheng Liu and Xiaodong Huang A Research of the Vehicle License Plate Based on Wavelet Packet Character Recognition Bo-ping ZHANG and Guo-xi WU Empirical Study of Evaluation on the Soft Power of Science and Technology Industrial Park Based on Improved AHP Fuyang Xue, Yong?¢????an Bao and Wei Liu Rapidly Processing Mechanism for Remote Sensing Image Based on EMD Model Xiong Delan Research and design of cleaning device for oil tube by high pressure water jet Gui-lin Yang The Discussion on Influenced Factors of Recirculation for a Direct AirCooled Power Plant Zhao Wanli, Huang Xin and Qiao Wen tao Motivation Analysis and Mode Selection for Service Innovation of Chinas Manufacturing Enterprise Shibo Qin Content and Eigenvector CentralityBased Music Classification A lgorithm Xin Wang Rhetoric Appeal based Writing Model Li Jian and Zhang Lijun Analysis on the problems and countermeasures for scitech periodicals in the practical application of collecting and editing system Pan Hua and Li Dan A System Dynamics Based Simulation Model for Reliability Evaluation of Large Scale Information Systems Peng Min-jing and Li Bo An evaluation index system of computer education quality based on analytic hierarchy process model Dan Wei and Xin-qiang Zhao Chemical constituents of the aerial parts of Cynanchum chinense R Br Liu Kai-qing, Xiang Cheng, Zhang Mi, Li Peng and Li Bao-cai Water Environments Monitoring System Based on WSN Hong Juan Wei A study on the Identification of Factors Affecting the Safe Working State of Coal Miners Weihua Zhang Corrosion inhibition of carbon steel in 1M HCl solution by Ruta graveolens extract Mahir H. Majeed, Abdul-Wahab A. Sultan and Hussein H. Al-Sahlanee Comprehensive colliery safety monitoring system design based on wireless sensor network Weihua Zhang Extraction of Public Library Service Function Transformation and Extension Qingmin Shi The essential oil composition of Haplophyllum laeviusculum C CTowns aerial parts Boshra Azadi and Sepideh Khaef Prediction Method to City Bridge Traffic Volume Tao Kuang and Yun Ma Antimicrobial activity of Yemeni myrrh mouthwash Sadik Almekhlafi, Anes A. M. Thabit, Ameen M. I. Alwossabi, Nasser Awadth, Abdulbaqi A. M. Thabet and Zaid Algaadari Method development and validation for quantitative determination of 2acetoxy methyl4 methoxy35dimethyl pyridine an impurity in esomeprazole magnesium API active pharmaceutical ingredient by LCESIMSMS Vudagandla Sreenivasulu, Nadavala Sivakumar, Hasfalina Che Man and Abburi Krishnaiah Association between biofilm formation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa clinical isolates versus antibiotic resistance and genes involved with biofilm Pittaya Maita and Khaemaporn Boonbumrung Data Collector of blast wave Signal Lintao Li and Shanhong Zhu Digital wartermarking based in normalized feature area Zhongjie Xiao Innovation capability prediction on complex pharmaceutical product based on algorithm compiled RBFNN with simulated annealing arithmetic Chen Xu Sheng, Wang Xin and Wang Hong Qi The Research of philosophy Specialty Performance Evaluation on the Grounds of Multivariable Linear Regression Theory Meng Zhang Preparation of collagen burnhealing membranes Hua Yang, Ying Jiang, Shengli Ding, Hui Wang, Jing Liu, Linman Bi and Zibin Shu* Transient Response of Photoconductive Detectors under Laser Irradiation SUN Li-hui Livestock and Poultry Monitoring Management System Based on Wireless Sensor Yu Zhao and Yazi Wang CopperII acetate promoted facile synthesis of dihydropyrimidinone derivatives via a solvent free Biginelli multicomponent reaction Im???¨ne Amine Khodja, Raouf Boulcina and Abdelmadjid Debache Treatment of fenvalerate manufacturing process wastewaters using activated coconut shell carbon P. 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