Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research is an online international journal to promote all fields of Chemical Sciences like Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Photochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Agricultural and Soil Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Macromolecular Chemistry, Petroleum Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry and Phytochemistry as well as all aspects of Chemical Engineering etc. rss//rss/jocpr-volume-6-issue-2-year-2014.xml Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Volume 6, Issue 2 Antiulcer and gastro protective effects of fenugreek ginger and peppermint oils in experimentally induced gastric ulcer in rats Mohamed A. Kamel, Reham Z. Hamza*, Nora E. Abdel-Hamid and Fagr A. Mahmoud The effects of reactor material and convective heat transfer coefficient on methane catalytic partial oxidation in a microchannel Jing-yu Ran, De-xiang Yang and Li Zhang New possibility of mild steel corrosion inhibition by organic heterocyclic compound A. Ghazoui, A. Zarrouk, N. Bencaht, R. Salghi, M. Assouag, M. El Hezzat, A. Guenbour and B. Hammouti An experimental study on the influencing factors of the biomass pretreated by steam explosion Wang Xutao, Zhou Hengtao and Li Tiantian Adsorption of some organic phenolic compounds using activated carbon from cypress products S. Jodeh*, N. Basalat, A. Abu Obaid, D. Bouknana, B. Hammouti, T. B. Hadda, W. Jodeh and I. Warad Removal of manganese by using activated carbon as biosorbent Golamari Siva Reddy and Mallu Maheswara Reddy Investigation of adsorption and corrosion inhibition of mild steel in hydrochloric acid solution by 6phenylpyridazin32Hone A. Ghazoui, A. Zarrouk, N. Bencaht, R. Salghi, M. Assouag, M. El Hezzat, B. Hammoutil and A. Guenbour Computational comparative QSAR analysis of 5reductase inhibitors of type1 P. N. Tripathi, Alok Pratap Singh and Kaleem Ahmad* Synthesis of furo23dpyrimidine and indeno12bfuran derivatives in water using microwave irradiation Xiaojuan Yang Cloud point extraction as a sample preparation technique for trace element analysis An overview Nabil Ramadan Badera, Khaled Edbeya and Ursula Telghederb Optimization of insitu gelling system for nasal administration of celecoxib Abhirami M, Brindha R, Gomathi S, Vedha Hari B. N. and Ramya Devi D.* A comparative study of efficacy and safety of combination of topical 1 clindamycin and 01 adapalene with 1 clindamycin and 25 benzoyl peroxide in mild to moderate acne at a tertiary care hospital Shwetha H., Geetha A. and Revathi T. N. A comparative study of efficacy and safety of conventional versus newer antidepressants in patients with depressive episode in a tertiary care hospital Divyashree M.*, Jayanthi C. R. and Chandrashekar H. Novel ZnII and CuII complexes of the tetraazacyclododecane derivatives Synthesis characterization and catalytic activity Shuo Li, Jiaqing Xie, Bingying Jiang*, Liqun Zhang, Lan Yu, Fangzhen Li and Qingxiang Xiang* Isolation and structure elutidation of coumarin derivate from fruit seeds of Clausena excavata Adlis Santoni*, Sanusi Ibrahim, Reny Salim and Daimon Syukri Modification of poly maleic anhydride with different mono saccharides Entesar O. Al-Tamimi*, Thanaa M. Al Mouamin and Zaidoon J. Kadoom A novel and environmentally benign synthesis of 13disubstituted1H3H pyrimidine24diones M. M. V. Ramana* and Sanjay C. Pawar Technological characteristics research of aerial parts of yellow bedstraw Andriy V. Proskochilo, Victor G. Demianenko, Dmytro V. Demianenko and Svitlana V. Breusova Nitrogen oxide decomposition improved by CH2O additive through pulse streamer discharge Xiaojun Wang, Lianshui Zhang*, Weidong Lai and Xueliang Cheng Alteration of the nonspecific binding constant of chlorothiazide to bovine serum albumin induced by Cl and oleic Acid Ahmed A. Omran,* and Eman M. Al-Shihri Status of ground water quality over the years in Cuttack city Odisha India G. Sunpriya Achary, Saswat Kumar Mohanty and Ramakanta Sahoo Synthesis and antioxidant activity of some albendazole derivatives J. El harti*, L. Doudach, M. A. Faouzi, J. Taoufik and M. Ansar One pot rapid synthesis of 13diethyl6methyl uracil A. Kumar, Deepika and Sharwan K. Dewan* The allelopathic effect of ginseng root exudates on rice seeds Yujia Song* and Huiqing Liu The influence of forefoot binding force change on vertical jump kinematics variation Song Yuquan, Jiang Ci, Gu Yaodong and Li Jianshe Study of lipophilic and hydrophilic fractions of CO2 calamus rhizome extract Tikhonova Svetlana A., Grudko Vladimir A., Bevz Natalia Y. and Iudina Iulia V. Graph kernels and applications in protein classification Jiang Qiangrong*, Xiong Zhikang and Zhai Can Adsorptionbiosorption of furfural and mercury onto granular activated carbongranular dead of anaerobic sludge Abbas H. Sulaymon and Hayfa'a L. Swadi A method of gene diagnosis based on Hopfield neural network Li Tu, Chuan Xie and Chi Zhang Biomechanical study of different techniques performed by elite athletes in table tennis Zhou Jun Assessment of drug utilization in hospitalized children at a tertiary care teaching hospital Vishwanath M., Narayana Reddy S. and Sahana Devadas Determination of electro kinetic parameters involved in the transport of aqueous solution of 14dioxane across anisotropic cellulose acetate membrane Roshan Lal, Mukesh Kumar, Amit Kumar S harma and Meena Sharma* The chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of the essential oil of Lavandula coronopifolia growing in Saudi Arabia Wafaa H. B. Hassan*, Ali A. El Gamal, Ebtesam El-Sheddy, Mai Al-Oquil and Nida Nayyar Farshori Concomitant administration of trigonelline and sitagliptin attenuates nicotinamidestreptozotocin induced diabetic neuropathy in wistar rats Hemant Vinayak Kamble and Subhash Laxmanrao Bodhankar* Preparation of nanoZnO by solid state method and photocatalysis degradation of acid bright yellow G Mei Li, Hang Xu* and Tianlong Yu Quantitative estimation of new biologically active substances of derivated 45 dimethoxyNphenylanthranilic acids A. O. Devijatkina, S. G. Isaev, V. D. Yaremenko and √ź¬?. A. Bryzytsky* Effect of polymer diluent ratio on physicochemical properties of matrix tablets of aceclofenac sodium for oral controlled drug delivery Manjanna K. M.*,Rajesh K. S. and Pramod Kumar T. M. 110m Hurdles phased performance significance research based on SPSS regression analysis and GRA model Bing Zhang Medical clinical ultrasound image segmentation based on modified wavelet transformation method Xiaojun Wang* and Weidong Lai Synthesis characterization and application of ecofriendly and recyclable heterogeneous palladium catalyst P. P. Hankare*, A. V. Mali*, S. H. Burungale, S. D. Delekar and K. M. Garadkar Synthesis morphology and theoretical calculation of 1Hbenzotriazole acetohydrazide Yan-Hua Cai* HPAA inhibitory effect of embelin and its metal complexes on diabetic complications An approach with molecular docking studies Saba Maanvizhi, Radhakrishnan Narayanaswamy, Lam Kok Wai and Arumugam Gnanamani* The extraction of collagen protein from pigskin Hua Yang and Zibin Shu* An improved FPGA routing approach based on the ant colony optimization Fei Yang Loan risk identification and prevention of supply chain finance Song He and Huang Yuan-sheng Customer preferences for kitchen cabinets in China using conjoint analysis Cui Xiaolei, Shen Jun* and Liu Bing Antiinflammatory and analgesic activity of methanolic and chloroform extract of leaves of Nyctanthus arbortristis Linn S. Sundarananthavalli*, S. Gayathri, P. Shajin, R. Sreeram, V. Meera Nadhini and H. Ganesh Characteristics of Puer tea compounded with the Chinese traditional food materials and its evaluation on cellular immune function in vitro Xiaoqiang Chen√ʬ?¬†, Fangfang Huang√ʬ?¬†, Wei Huang√ʬ?¬†, Chuanbai Tan, Heng Wei, Ke Zhang, Miaomiao Ying*, Zhifa Zhang*, Haitong Wan*, Jin Zhao*, Xiaolu Xu*, Zhengqi Wu and Jiehong Yang* Synthesis and cytotoxic activity of tanshinone I derivatives having azacyclo moiety Liqiang Wu* and Xiaojuan Yang Uniform design and regression analysis for preparation of sodium percarbonate by ethanol solventingout process at room temperature Chunhua Du Onepot synthesis of substituted dihydro2oxypyrroles catalyzed by Scamphorsulfonic acid Xiaojuan Yang Evaluation of the antimicrobial activities of novel 12 and 15diols C. A. M. A. Huq* and M. A. Mohamed Musthafa Mechanical investigation of ballground impact under high and low speed Rong Ming and Zhang Yan Application research on the sustainable development index system of the allocation of the regional water resources Li Lifeng Application of microwave digestionAAS for detection abnormal sound in valve mechanism of engine Lidan Chen Formulation and evaluation of trimetazidine hydrochloride and clopidogrel bisulphate multiunit solid dosage forms Abdulwali Ahmed Saif, Mahmoud Mahyoob Alburyhi, Maged Alwan Noman and Ala`a M. A. Almaktari* A comparative assessment on ground water quality of rural and city locations of Salem district Tamil Nadu India Tharanitharan Venkatesan* and Srinivasan Krishnamoorthy The application of Gompertz curve in the curve fitting of urbanization Chen Xin Life is the source of teaching One action research for the information technology education in middleschool *He Jian and He Lei Detection level of mango based on neural network and digital image *Xiaoling Li and Jimin Yuan Effects of the antioxidants on the aldehyde emissions from MDF made of Scots pine Pinus sylvestris L Shen Juna*, Feng Qi, Martin Ohlmeyer and Wang Jingxian Kinematics study on vertical jump between different ability groups Song Yuquan, Li Jianshe, GuYaodong and James Ren Fuzzy evaluation on supply chain competitiveness based on membership degree transformation new algorithm Xiangyang Ren*, Yanhua Liu and Yanan Guo The research of array holdup tools response characteristic for oilwater twophase in near horizontal well Junfeng Liu* and Yu Ding Reducing computation complexity of the image segmentation algorithm based on ESFCM Zengqiang Ma*, Sha Zhong, Xingxing Zou and Yacong Zheng Study of archetypal motifs in The Forsyte Saga Suo Juanjuan* and Bao Pingju Competences of frontline sales staff A case study on a medicines sales company Zhao Yu Ping, Li Yun, Yao Xin Ying* and Tao Ran File management system of electronic government affairs Su Ma Su Ma A novel evaluation approach to user psychological experience performance based on ELECTRE method Gao-Ming DU Chemisorption effects on the separation of phthalimide from anthranilic acid solution by using the polymeric adsorbents Fei Zhenghao*, Fang Jie, Yang Shanshan, Liu Zongtang, Shi Weizhong, Wu Xiuhong and Chen Jian Comparison of impedance analysis and field analysis in eddy current testing Bo Ye*, Ming Li, Fei Chen, Fang Zeng, Zhangzhou He, Leilei Li and Ke Sun A new universal architecture of resources management information system for the national park based on the autonomic computing Zhiyun Feng, Maozhu Jin* and Renpei Yu A mathematical model and the corresponding software for combining selective catalytic reduction with regenerative heat exchange Zhongjun Tian and Shipin Jin* Influence of different combination modes of UV and NaClO on disinfecting effect of hospital sewage Yu Bo, Zhou Ying, Huang Zhengwen* and Chen Li The framework research of spatiotemporal navigation management for ecological tourism Zhiyun Feng, Ruimin Ma and Maozhu Jin* A nanoporous organic polymer constructed from a 135triazine derivative via ethynyl cyclotrimerization reaction Synthesis and carbon dioxide capture Zhao Jing Utility of 4isatin3ylideneaminobenzohydrazide in the synthesis of bioactive Nheterocyclic compounds MMH Arief*, A.A Aly, A.A Khalil and HI Mohamed Particle swarm optimized partial least square support vector regression model for tax revenue prediction Wu Ping Hepatoprotective activity of herbal preparation HP4 against carbontetrachloride induced hepatotoxicity in mice *P. Padmanabhan and S. N. Jangle Photodecolorization of methylene blue using CuOAl2O3 prepared by lowtemperature combustion method Jucheng Zhang, Ying He*, Yuqian Liu, Xianlan Chen, Yashun Chen and Guowei Zhang Thermodynamic properties and solidliquid phase equilibrium of bisphenol Abis 5 5dimethyl13dioxaphosphorinanyl 2oxyphosphate ester in selected solvents Lin-Kun Jiang and Li-Sheng Wang Dielectric and refractive index studies of phenols in carbon tetrachloride benzene and acetone through excess parameter R. Anandhi and P. Krishnamurthi An integrated web platform on diseaseassociated proteins Chien-Hung Huang, Wen-Wei Zhuang and Ka-Lok Ng* Analysis of industrial investment efficiency based on cointegration theory and error correction model Rongping Li*, Ruibing Du and Zheng Cui Chemical compound classification based on improved MaxMin kernel Qiangrong Jiang, Can Zhai and Zhikang Xiong Research on the framework of tire enterprises tacit knowledge management based on web 30 Tianyushan Synthesis of new 4aryl3 4dihydropyrimidin21Hones thiones imines and their antimicrobial evaluation N. Sandhya Rani, G. V. Subba Reddy* and K. N. Jaya Veera Phytochemical and antinutritional constituents of sweet potato S. Anbuselvi and S. Muthumani Application and research in small current grounding system based on ARM Liang Shuo*, Wang Shuqiang and Shi Leina A study on the physicochemical characteristics of the water of AVM canal in Kanyakumari district Tamil Nadu India S. Betsy Bai and Y. Jinisha Densities refractive indices and apparent molar volumes of potassium hexacyanoferrateII trihydrate in acidic media at 350C S. D. Deosarkar, R. T. Sawale, A. R. Ban and A. L. Puyad* Design of experiments of electromigration reliability for solder joints of a wafer level chip scale package Yuanxiang Zhang* and Yingyu Ji Some conclusions of the exchangeable random variables and the independent identical distribution random variables Huang Zhaoxia Role of interleukin1 beta in foam cell formation of THP1 macrophages Yi Wang, Lili Zhang, Minghui Sun, Xiang Wang and Fang Wang Granular flowing characteristics of tower vacuum dryer by 3D discrete element method Zhang Zhijun*, Zhang Yuekai, Zhao Lili, Zhang Shiwei, Xu Chenghai, Su Tianyi and Zhao Shuangshuang High accuracy speed measurement for rotary motor based on DSP Dou Manli*, Wu Gang, Shi Chun and Liu Xiaoguang Evaluation of quality of teaching based on BP neural network Liu Lianxin, Liu Yu and Shi Guangxia Landweber iteration algorithm based on sensitivity updating strategy for electrical capacitance tomography Lifeng Zhang A pilot study on planar pressure characteristic during footwork of table tennis Shao Shi-Rui, Zheng Jian-Yue, Zhang Yan and Zhang Wei-Bing Synthesis of copper hollow nanospheres via a solvothermal reduction process Ning Gao*, Jinling Li, Peirong Chen, Chao Tian and Fan Guo Study on the analytic hierarchy process and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation on the quality of teaching Liu Lianxin, Liu Yu and Shi Guangxia An innovative DFSS approach for multivariate production process Yang Mingshun*, Gao Xinqin, Liang Yanjie, Li Yan and Yu Ting Influence on antiseepage efficiency of curtain by physicochemical actions of groundwater Hongyang Zhang* and Liwei Han Analysis on Japanese government debt sustainability and Abe economics Zhang Ying Hua* and Wang Ren Xiang Synthesis and properties of novel purpurinimide derivatives from methyl pheophorbidea Qiong Li, Lelin Li, Meiyan Zhu, Qian Zhang, Shuangqing Song and Bing Cun Cui* Study on lexical features of English net speak from semiotic perspective Bangqing Pei Evaluation of food logistics system based on generalized regression neural network Changming Li and Lihong Guo Based fuzzy pattern recognition methodology for the DDos evaluation Weidong Ji, Jianhua Wang, Jun Zhang and Dan Gao Modeling and simulation in water turbine generator set systems Tao Kuang and Shanhong Zhu Researches on the access secure control workflow model based on role Zhai Jinbiao Decathlon each interaction regression factors analysis based on GRA and FAM Yujie Fan Improved particle swarm optimization techniques to windthermal coordination Min Lu* and Mi Zhao Olympic games gymnastics team competition grading rules equity standardization research based on sports competition equity criterion Tao Zhang The effect of international knowledgebased service trade on employment in China Huang Hui Development of virtual exhibition display system based on mixed reality technology Shanhong Zhu and Cunchen Tang Modelling and development of laboratory based portable water treatment plant J. Satheesh Kumar*, P. Poongodi, J. Jayakumar and K. Mohan Raj Experimental study on a thermite reaction fragment Wang Zhanlei, Li Yifan, Wang Huiping, Wang Wensheng and Hou Zhonghua The study on combustion kinetics characteristic of biologymolding fuel Zhou Heng-Tao and Wang Xu-Tao