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Subramania Professional evaluation model of fuzzy mathematics and vocational schools based on factor analysis Juan Zhao Effect of ozonation on trihalomethane formation potential and trihalomethane species in bromidecontaining water Jianguang Liu, Pei Luo, Lichao Han, Qiuyue Sun and Wuchang Song Stereoscopic imagebased analytical dance sport rotary motion analysis technology Rui Bao Analysis of reference crop evapotranspiration and complexity in Liaoning Province Fandan Kong, Taotao Chen, Lu Zou, Xingjuan Xu and Daocai Chi Weight lifter lumbar health influence factor research based on sports medicine analysis Kelei Guo Research on university athletics public course teaching reform orientation and countermeasure based on social adaptation idea Shijun Wang, Peng Sun and Hongzhi Zhang Seasonal changes of energy fluxes of a subtropical mangrove forest in Zhangjiang Estuary China Guangyu Yan, Guanghui Lin, Hui Chen and Shengchang Yang Research on labor relations based on the theory of conflict management Xiang Qian Zhang, Cai Yi, Xuan Liu and Le Xia Microwave assisted synthesis characterization and antimicrobial studies of transition metal complexes of schiff base ligand derived from isoniazid with 2hydroxynaphthaldehyde Hussain Ibrahim Alarabi and Wahiba Ali Suayed Design and synthesis of imidazolylmethyl substituted fluorobenzimidazoles for antitubercular and antifungal activity B. Nandha, L. V. G. Nargund, S. L. Nargund and H. Kuntal Research on growth mechanism of enterprise knowledge talents based on ecosystem management theory Xuan Liu, Xiang Qian Zhang and Xi Hui Zhang Quantification of groundwater recharge using the chloride mass balance method in a semiarid mountain terrain South Interior British Columbia Canada Jianhua Ping, Craig Nichol and Xiaohua Wei China mens national basketball team previous Olympic Games performance and technical indicator correlation research based on AHP and GST Liwu Xu Analysis on innovation capability and influencing factors in Chinese pharmaceutical industry Huiyong Song and Renjun Zhang Different distance track events competitions physical ability distribution and performance correlation research Xiaolong Wang, Shijun Wang and Wencheng Wang H Output feedback sliding mode control for a class of uncertain systems with time delay Qunfa Cui, Yanwei Tian and Hejun Yao Synthesis of Nalkylated pyrazolopyridines and study of their antimicrobial activities Someshwar V. Deshmukh, Bhupendra S. Rane, Maruti G. Ghagare, Vishwas B. Gaikwad, Avinash D. Bhole and Madhukar N. Jachak A novel nonenzymatic sensing probe for detection of cholesterol in solution Pradyumna Goswami, Kaku Goswami and Diganta Kumar Das Research on aerobics training effects on ankle joint motor function based on biomechanics Daoguang Feng Shooting competition hit rate influence factor research based on mechanics and laminar flow model Fang Du and Shouwei Zhang Aerobics basic motions techniques physical quality motor functions research based on human rigid multibody dynamics model Zhijie He Preparation of lomustineiohexol compound liposomes and the determination of entrapment efficiency Shuoye Yang and Yun Guo Antioxidant properties of natural dietary common seafoods from Pulicat coast T. Prem Anand, C. Chellaram, C. Felicia Shanthini, G. Karthika and C. Vijayalakshmi Physical education quality multilevel fuzzy evaluation model research based on PCA Liang Wu Bioplastics and their role in achieving global sustainability Ying Jian Chen Square wave voltammetric determination of pyridoxine in pharmaceutical preparations using cobalthexacyanoferrate modified carbon paste electrode Alemu Mekonnen, R. C. Saini, Abraha Tadese and Rishi Pal Synthesis of E35dihydroxy4isopropylstilbene under microwave irradiation Yue Zhang, Man Du,Yi-fengYu,Shi-xiaXu,Shu-chun Zhao,Hui-ting Wang Preparation of lomustineiohexol thermosensitive compound liposomes and study on the in vitro release characteristics Shuoye Yang and Yun Guo Analysis of industrial wastewater in Aligarh city Arshad Husain, M. M. Ashhar and Iram Javed Research progress on the modification of bamboo Zhong-feng Zhang, Kai Huang, Jing-shu Gao and Xu Zhang Enhanced production of an acidtolerant laccase by cultivation of Armillariella tabescens Junyao He, Xuanyi Ye, Qingzhi Ling and Lihui Dong Analysis of aroma components of dark teas from five different production regions by fully automatic headspace solidphase microextraction coupled with gas chromatographymass spectrometry Shi-dong Lv, Yuan-shuang Wu, Jiang-sheng Zhou, Ming Lian and Qing-xiong Meng Nuclear magnetic resonance rapidly testing method on the moisture content of fresh milk Ying Liu, Jiaji Cao, Haowei Zhang, Yajin He and Xinxin Xu Characterization and treatment of electroplating industry wastewater using Fentons reagent Arshad Husain, Iram Javed and Nadeem Ahmad Khan Experimental research into the influence of the branched chain amino acid on the long distance runners resistance to fatigue Chen Kaihua Enzymatic synthesis enhancement of mutagenised strain Pseudomonas sp C25 for Lcysteine production Weiqing Chen, Xu Chen and Pu Wang Force measurement method and analysis of guide wire in minimally invasive cardiovascular interventional surgery Yang Xue, Wang Hongbo, Wang Qiang and Wu Jianshuang An optimization algorithm for solving a class of multiplicative problems Hongwei Jiao, Kun Li and Jianping Wang In vivo evaluation of analgesic activity of methanolic extract of Laportea interrupea L leaves Md. Rabiul Islam, M. Nezam Uddin, A. S. M Ali Reza, M. Nasir Uddin Rana and Kaniz Farhana Environmental regulation ownership type and green trade Hongxin Yao, Lei Wang and Zhiqiang Liang Influence of carbon carriers on catalytic performance of NiC catalysts for vaporphase carbonylation of ethanol Jun Song, Li Wang, Gang Song and Jian Wang Enzymatic hydrolysis of humanlike collagen and molecular weight distribution of hydrolysates Qing Wang, Pei Ma, Xiaoxuan Ma and Daidi Fan New research progress of the demulsification of produced liquid by polymer flooding Guohui Qu, Xingguo Gong and Yikun Liu Isolation and improvement of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for producing the distilled liquor Guo-li Gong, Li-yun Ma, Xue-feng Chen Detection of Strawberry mottle virus by molecular hybridization Lili Li, Hongyi Yang, Min Zhao and Yongcai Lai The application of process mass spectrometer in humanlike collagen production by recombinant Escherichia coli Wei Cao, Yu Mi, Yan√ʬ?¬?e Luo, Pei Ma, Junfeng Hui and Daidi Fan Preparation and performance of low temperature epoxy resin chemical grouting agent Xiaomei Shao, Zhen Li, Tao Wei, Wei Han and Liang Chen Formaldehyde CH2O removal assisted by vapor and oxygen gas through pulse discharge method Lianshui Zhang, Xiaojun Wang, Weidong Lai and Xiaomin Feng Analysis of scientific papers in the field of nuclides bioremediation included in the science citation index expanded from 2003 to June 2013 Liping Ruan Study of humanlike collagen adsorption on true bone ceramic Yajing Wang, Daidi Fan, Junfeng Hui, Xiaoxuan Ma, Chenhui Zhu and Yu Mi Simulation of coordination between human and exoskeleton Zhengdong Yang, Rencheng Wang, Ming Wu, Xinyu Guan and Run Ji Plantar pressures character of diabetic patients with the fifth toe deformity Luo Y., Mei Q. C., Graham M. R. and Gu Y. D. Isolation characterization and antioxidant activity of dodecylpcoumarate from Ipomoea sepiaria Narendra Kumar Singh and Virendra Pratap Singh Comparative advantage of food exports ruralurban income disparity and agricultural employment Empirical evidence from China Yu Hong, Zhen Song, Jiayue Wang and Hongwei Determination of sugars by acid hydrolysis of peanut husk Arachis hypogaea by standard methods Santhosh Kumar S., Sudarshan S. and Venkatesh R. Research on relation of food safety supervision method corporate opportunism behavior and consumer behavioral intention of agricultural leading enterprises Lu Changping and Wu Zhonghua Mass transfer coeffcient effect on vacuum drying process of porous medium modeling Lili Zhao, Zhijun Zhang, Shiwei Zhang and Wenhui Zhang Role of 13X zeolite for photochemical degradation of antibiotic oxytetracycline in aqueous solution Comparison between TiO2 and TiO213X system Tong Su, Chun Zhao, Huiping Deng and Jun Shi Synthesis characterization and antibacterial activity of novel 2225dimethoxy36dioxocyclohexa14diene14diylbisazanediyldiacetic acid analogues Ch. Sudhakar, K. Raghava Raju and M. Komal Reddy Design and implementation of flowers watering control system based on the zigbee Shuangde Zhang Proximate physical and mineral compositions of pigeon meal used as fish bait Deborah Paripuranam Microscopic studies on formation of corrosion product layer on steel exposed to simulated seawater influenced by sulfatereducing bacteria Xiaodong Zhao, Weijie Fan, Jizhou Duan and Baorong Hou HPTLC finger printing profile of brown alga Lobophora variegata JV Lamouroux Thennarasan S., Murugesan S. and T. S. Subha On environmental influencing factors of political socialization of university students Zhang Xiaochuan and Qin Yan Antibacterial evaluation of herbal extracts against Streptococcus mutans An in vitro study Sriram S. and Lakshmi T. Effect of salinity water irrigation on maize growth in northwest region Xishui Yu, Yuncheng Liao and Isaac Olaposi Oladipo Preparation and toxicity of proteincalcium complex with phosphorylated humanlike collagen Jianjun Deng, Yanru Chen, Chenhui Zhu, Junfeng Hui, Pei Ma and Daidi Fan Simulation of hydraulic characteristics around a fixedcone valve Y. L. Liu, Ch. W. Bai, W. L. Wei and X. F. Yang Study on morphology of silicic acid polymerization process in different systems Xin Sui, Yu Liu, Baohui Wang, Haiming Wu and Jing Dong The microstructure and seepage characteristics of Shale reservoir Zhu Wei-yao, Yue Ming, Ma Dong-xu, Zhang Liao-yuan and Lou Yu Study on the connotation cause and overtake strategy across in the operation of enterprise microinnovation business model A case research on Jihu 360 Peng-jie Sun Regional growth of pharmaceutical industry in China Xuan Zhaohui, Lv Yongbo, Ni Zhiqing The dynamic effect achieve of reducing air concept in highspeed railway tunnel based TRIZ theory Tao Chun-Feng and Dai Zhi-min Basketball players ankle injury Pearson correlation test based on biomechanics Wei Wang Observation on the pistillate differentiation of Chestnut Castanea cultivar Yanshanzaofeng Su-Juan Guo and Feng Zou Variation characteristic analysis of gymnasts physical agility based on biological rhythm model Bo Huang Status analysis and improvement of football physical training based on mathematical statistics Liang Geng Research on complex product design scheme based on axiomatic design and multistage instances reasoning Bo Hao, Rujing Yang and Hongjun Liu Basketball fitness efficacy differences test based on physiology index feature analysis Chunkui Wei Research on basketball shooting techniques best parameter based on numerical simulation and Matlab simulation Bin Liu The mechanism of evans blue removal by sunflower Huicheng Xie, Chuanrong Li, Jingwei Xu and Hui Li Molecular docking research for the extraction of typical natural products by imidazoliumbased ionic liquids Pengfei Chen, Yu Cao, Tian Yao, Lu Zhou, Shun Yao and Hang Song Excellent male swimmer body shape feature T test based on eventgroup theory Chaolin Zhang A note on photolysis of lecanoric acid Mouly B. C. Swimming speed influence factors contribution research based on biomechanics and fluid mechanics analysis Geng Du and Yongbing Chen A simple HPLCUV method for the determination of clindamycin in human plasma Martina Mifsud, Janis Vella, Victor Ferrito, Anthony Serracino-Inglott, Lilian M. Azzopardi, Nicolette Sammut Bartolo, Godfrey LaFerla and Carmel Sammut Experimental research of applying the core strength training to the football elective course teaching in civil aviation universities Huichao Li Fire resistance of boroncontaining fireretardant by TG analysis Sun Jin, Lin Yan, Wu Jing-Yu, Wang Fei and Gao Zhen-Zhong Proprioception influence on rhythmic gymnastics sport skills formation based on physiology theory Zhe Wang Hypoglycemic effect of ethanolic leaves extracts of Anacardium occidentalis and Gomphrena globosa plants on alloxan induceddiabetic rats Omodamiro O. D. and Jimoh M. A. Design and enforcement of a safety information system in EBank Yanli Liang Antioxidant activity of two isomeric benzoxepin derivatives from the stem bark of Bauhinia aculeata L Mulyadi Tanjung, Ratih Dewi Saputri and Tjitjik Sri Tjahjandarie Application of basketball technical index comprehensive evaluation in performance prediction based on grey system theory Jian Zhang Research on football player kneejoint injury cause and rehabilitation Yajun Wang The extraction separation and purification of alkaloids in the natural medicine JI Yubin, Yu Miao, Wang Bing and Zhang Yao Proximate analysis phytochemical screening and total phenolic and flavonoid content of Philippine bamboo Schizostachyum lumampao Jovale Vincent V. Tongco, Remil M. Aguda and Ramon A. Razal Suppressive effect of ethanolic extract of Annona squamosa L leaves on the expression of Id1 biomarker Phytochemical investigation and antioxidant activity study Natapong Kawjit, Thitiporn Charueksereesakul, Visa Thongrakard, Siriporn Sangsuthum and Tewin Tencomnao Research and application of computers in mathematics research Huancheng Zhang, Guanchen Zhou, Qiuna Zhang and Ying Jiao The research of mathematical model and its application in admission problems Zhaotong Wu, Liping Fu and Yifang Liu Corrosion properties of ZrN films on the aluminium alloy surface prepared by magnetron sputtering process Huiqiang Wang, Yanqiu Xing, Weilian Sun and Bo Sun Hilbert algebras in commutative BCKalgebras and ideal Qiuna Zhang, Yan Yan, Huancheng Zhang and Weixing Liu Ultrasonic investigation of molecular interaction in aqueous glycerol and aqueous ethylene glycol solution Vijayta Gupta, Amit Kumar S harma and Meena Sharma Research on game analysis of chemical and pharmaceutical enterprise behavior Changhui Yang and Ju Kang Cell proliferation activities in vitro model of Thai mimosaceous extracts T. Tunsaringkarn, J. Suwansaksri, A. Rungsiyothin and A. Palasuwan Camera calibration optimization technique based on genetic algorithms Changying Liu, Yanmei Jia, Wenjing Cai, Tianhao Wang, Yuhe Song, Xiaowen Sun and Jundong Zhang The steel structure analysis and optimization of C bridge crane Yu-xi Liu, Zong-zheng Ma, An-jie Yang and Xin-li Wang The effect of irrigation amount on soil salinity and the yield of drip irrigated cotton in salinealkaline soils Zhenhua Wang, Wenhao Li and Xurong Zheng Research and exploration of sheet material bending machine Qiulei Du and Lin Jin Study on tunnel safety incipient danger and countermeasures optimization in highterrace folk house in Kashgar city Chen Wang, Dengfeng Yang and Feng Pang Cluster analysis of players category classification in 2013 NBA allstar game based on SPSS Dawei Shi Lethal toxicity of cypermethrin in combination with sevin and piperonyl butoxide in wistar rat Vijay Kumar Singh and Prabhu N. Saxena College students physical health evaluation index correlation research based on SPSS statistics analysis Dan Wang, Zhenlin Qu and Huiming Yuan Crosslinking of hyaluronic acid and humanlike collagen with divinyl sulfone Jingjing Zhang, Xiaoxuan Ma, Junfeng Hui, Pei Ma, Jianjun Deng and Daidi Fan Tennis computerassisted teaching effects experimental research based on SPSS statistics analysis Dezhi Zhang and Shuang Wang Removal of lead and cadmium in batch and packed bed column system by using PVAalginate immobilized fungal sorbent Preeti Srivastava Hurdler injury factors correlation research based on biomechanics Qingjun Li Synthesis and crystal structure of Mg II complex with 3amino2pyrazinecarboxylic acid ligand X. S. Tai, Y. F. Li and W. H. Zhao Determination of nickel in tea with arsenazoIII by spectrophotometry Ai-Fang Geng and Qing-Zhou Zhai Tennis player physical health indicator evaluation system research based on AHP analysis Zhaoquan Guo