Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research is an online international journal to promote all fields of Chemical Sciences like Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Photochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Agricultural and Soil Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Macromolecular Chemistry, Petroleum Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry and Phytochemistry as well as all aspects of Chemical Engineering etc. rss//rss/jocpr-volume-5-issue-7-year-2013.xml Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Volume 5, Issue 7 Influence of surfactants on the solutesolvent interactions in aqueous solutions of alanine at different temperatures Smruti Pattnaik and UpendraNath Dash Assessment of the Invitro antimicrobial potential of Khaya Senegalensis ethanol leaf extract J. H. Wakirwa, S. Idris, S. J. Madu, M. Dibal and T. Malgwi Pharmacological Screening of Some Plant Extract for Hypoglycemic Activity Manju Pandey, Vijayakumar Microwave assisted synthesis of indole derivatives and their complexation behaviour possessing good biological activities Mohd. Asif Khan and Shamim Ahmad Synthesis Characterisation and Antimicrobial Activity of Mixed Ligand Complexes of Ni II with Furfuralurea as the Primary Ligand Idoko O, Bwai M. D., Abubakar S. Emmanuel S. A. and Thomas S. A A facile and efficient ultrasoundassisted chlorosulfonic acid catalyzed onepot synthesis of benzopyranopyrimidines under solventfree conditions Abdulkarim M. A. Al-Kadasi, G. M. Nazeruddin In vitro antibacterial activity of the fern Actiniopteris radiata Sw Link inhabiting the Shervaroyan Hills the Eastern Ghats Moorthy D, S. Paulsamy, K. Nandha Kumar and M. Saradha Rapid Separation of Five AntiHypertensive Agents Atenolol Metoprolol Hydrochlorothiazide Amlodipine and Nebivolol Application to Estimation of Metoprolol Succinate in Tablet Dosage Form P. Ravisankar, G. Devala Rao, M. Krishna Chaitanya, CH.Devadasu, P. Srinivasa Babu Development and validation of new UVspectrophotometric assay method for valsartan in pure and in formulations G Sivasankara Rao, S Venkat Rao, SVM Vardhan and D Ramachandran Hepatoprotective nature of phytoextracts against hepatotoxin induced animal models A review Palanisamy Arulselvan, Govindarajan Karthivashan, Sharida Fakurazi Preliminary phytochemical screening and HPTLC fingerprinting of fruits of three Ficus species Ritu Mishra and Ashok Kumar Tiwari In vitro antioxidant potential study of triazole and thiadiazole analogues M. Al-Ghorbani, V. Lakshmi Ranganatha, T. Prashanth, A. Bushra Begum, P. Naveen and S. A. Khanum Analytical and chemical aspects of sugar processing Surabhi Singh Antibacterial finishing application of Nphthalimidohydroxy aceticacid S.Senthil Kumar and M.Mariappan Synthesis characterization and electrochemical properties of new series of TTF derivatives as useful components for conducting materials T. Abbaz, A. Bendjeddou, A. K. Gouasmia and D. Villemin New analytical methodology for sugar quality assessment Azara Begam Afridi Metal complexes of ammonium phenyl dithiocarbamate Preparationcharacterization and biological activity Archana Dinkar Ingle, Harshal Devghare and Kiran Parase Synthesis spectroscopic and antimicrobial studies on bivalent NickelII and CopperIIcomplexes with 26diacetyl pyridine bisthiosemicarbazone Sulekh Chandra and Arti Gupta Antioxidant profile of four selected wild edible mushrooms in Nigeria Ejelonu O.C, Akinmoladun A.C, Elekofehinti O.O and Olaleye M.T Phytochemical screening chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of Zingiber officinale essential oil of Adamaoua region Cameroon Talla Emmanuel, Bealem Aristide, Tatsadjieu Leopold, Ngassoum Martin Beno├?Ă?├?┬«t and Mbafor Tanyi Joseph Ncyclohexylacrylamide based hydrogelsII Synthesis and characterization of polyNcyclohexylacrylamidecoacrylamidesodium acrylate hydrogels S. Anbarasan, B. A. Brundha and P. Pazhanisamy Synthesis characterization and pharmacological studies of some novel Nacyl hydrazones of 123triazole as potent cytotoxic agents Nithinchandra, BalakrishnaKalluraya, ShobhithaShetty and M. Babu Polyethylene glycol PEG400 as an efficient and recyclable reaction media for onepot synthesis of simple and straight forward synthesis of 24substituted quinazolines in catalyst free conditions Poshala Ramesh and KuthatibrBhaskar Synthesis characterization docking studies and bioefficacy evaluation of novel chalcones Manal Ali Elhag, AaidMohammed Gabra, Nazar Mohammed Gabra, ObaidBashierIsmail, Salah MurghaniMutwakel and M.A. Baseer Study on removal of lead from aqueous solution using sulphonated inner powdered skin of Cassava Manihot esculenta Lekshmi Mohan, Divanshu Gupta and Shanthi V Phytopharmacological evaluation of hydroalcoholic extract of Mesua ferrea stamen for their antioxidant and antidiabetic activity Vyas B and Rana A. C Analytical study of UVSpectrophotometric and HPLC methods for simultaneously determination of metoprolol and hudrochlorothiazide in fixeddosage combinations Ivanka Pencheva, Lily Peikova, Boika Tzvetkova Bio analytical method development and validation of Valsartan by precipitation method with HPLCMSMS Application to a pharmacokinetic study Venkata Suresh. P, Rama Rao Nadendlaa and B. R. Challa Quality evaluation of acetaminophen formulations manufactured in Congo DR C. Kalonji Mubengayi, M.El Karbane, M. Mpona-minga, Y. Cherrah, E. M. Essassi and Y. Ramli Atmospheric halflives of persistent organic pollutants POPs study combining DFT and QSPR results Azeddine Adad, Rachid Hmammouchi, Abdelhafid Idrissi Taghki, Abdelaziz Abdellaoui, Mohammed Bouachrine and Tahar Lakhlifia Synthesis and characterization of new quinazoline43Hone Schiff bases Shetha AL-Zubiady and Wijdan Amer Ibrahim Synthesis and Biological Activities of Some Benzodiazepine Derivatives Sharda Sharma, Renuka Jain, Chetali Chawla Synthesis characterization and biological studies of CuII CoII NiII and ZnII complexes of tetradentate Schiff base ligand J. Senthil Kumaran, S. Priya, J. Muthukumaran, N. Jayachandramani and S. Mahalakshmi Micelles as catalyst for the synthesis of certain substituted naphthyl ethers Aruna Devi S, Fazal Mohamed. M. I and Kanaga Durga Devi G Synthesis of novel antimicrobial agents encompassing naphthofuran pyrimidine and thiadiazole moieties G.K. Vanitha, M. Ramaiah and V.P.Vaidya Phytochemical investigation of the roots of Grewia microcos Linn Arun Joshi, Maya Bhobe and Ashma Sattarkar Metal complex of glyoxalbisisonicotinoylhydrazone Synthesis spectroscopic characterization and antimicrobial activity Shobha S. Borhade Onepot synthesis of oxime ethers from cinnamaldehyde or crotonaldehyde hydroxylamine salt potasium carbonate and alkyl halides A. O. C. Aliyu, O. W. Salawu and Oluwasola O. Henry Synthesis Characterization and Antimicrobial activity CrIII MnIII FeIII VOIV ZrIV and UO2VI Metal Complexes derived from Bidentate thiazole Schiff base S. R. Kelode Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of new Schiff base containing 4oxothiazolidines and their spectral characterisation A. N. Solankee and R. B. Patel Oxidative fragmentation of 1 5cyclooctadiene derivative A new entry into 14membered macrocycle related to cembranoid group of diterpenoids M.M.V.Ramana, Shrimant V. Rathod, M.S.Raje Development of Controlled Release Tablets of Nisoldipine with Improved Pharmaceutical Properties Buchi N. Nalluri, Satish K. Bonagiri, V Saisri Anusha, R. Sribramhini, Karna M. Maheswari Development and validation of a rapid liquid chromatographic method for the analysis of Lansoprazole and its related production impurities Nandini R. Pai and Swapnali Suhas Patil OnePot Fourcomponent Synthesis of Oxime ethers from Cinnamaldehyde Crotonaldehyde Hydroxylamine Salt Potasium carbonate and Alkyl halides Abdulraman O. C. Aliyu, O. W. Salawu and P. K. Onoja Chemical stabilityindicating HPLC study of fixeddosage combination containing metoprolol tartrate and hydrochlorothiazide Lily Peikova, Ivanka Pencheva, Boika Tzvetkova Synthesis and Characterization of Impurity G of Risperidone An Antipsychotic Drug Vascuri Janardhana Rao, Rama Shankar, Khagga Mukkanti and N.A. Vekariya Biodegradation of harmful textile dyes by marine bacteria from Tuticorin coastal Waters Southeastern India P.Raja, C.Chellaram, S.E.J.Jebasingh, N.Maheshwari, M. Chandrika and C.Gladis Antiinflammatory activity of quercetin in acute subacute and chronic phases of inflammtion in animal models Sapna Sachan, Manish Pal Singh Microwave Assisted Rapid Synthesis of 1 8DioxoOctahydroxanthenes Using Lignin Sulphonic Acid Ashok D. Sagar, Sadhana N. Chamle and Manjusha V. Yadav Synthesis physicochemical and biological evaluation of Co II complexes derived from 5chloro2hydroxy acetophenone N4 methyl thiosemicarbazone J. R. Gujarathi, N. S. Pawar and R. S. Bendre Extraction purification and study on antioxidant properties of fucoxanthin from brown seaweeds Sudhakar M P, Ananthalakshmi J S and Beena B Nair