Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research is an online international journal to promote all fields of Chemical Sciences like Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Photochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Agricultural and Soil Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Macromolecular Chemistry, Petroleum Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry and Phytochemistry as well as all aspects of Chemical Engineering etc. rss//rss/jocpr-volume-5-issue-3-year-2013.xml Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Volume 5, Issue 3 Synthesis characterization and preliminary biological activity of some newpyrazole carbohydrazide derivatives K. Karrouchi*, Y. Charkaoui, K. Benlafya, Y. Ramli, J. Taoufik, S. Radi and M. Ansar Anxiolytic effect of Curculigo orchioides on the elevated plus maze and lightdark model Nidhi Soni*,V. K. Lal, Shikha Agrawal and Hemlata Verma Physico chemical analysis of Plectranthus rotundifolius M. Hema Priya and S. Anbuselvi Molecular interactions in nonelectrolyte binary liquid mixtures of cyclohexanol with 2nitrotoluene and 3nitrotoluene at four different temperatures A. Chowdappa, C. Narasimha Rao, S. Ramanaiah,R. Umapathi, V. Govinda, K. Siva Kumar and P. Venkateswarlu* The study of influence of chloramineT on CMC of nonionic surfactant TritonX114 by ultrasonic velocity measurements A. A. Patil Phytochemical analysis and growth inhibiting effects of Cinnamomum cassia bark on some pathogenic fungal isolates Sheikh Imran Ahmada, Malini Capoorb and Fehmeeda Khatoona* Proton transfer complexes based on some acceptors having acidic protons with tyramine donor Synthesis and spectroscopic characterizations Abdel Aziz Abu-Yamin, Mahmoud Salman and Ibrahim Saraireh Chemical examination isolated and extraction of fruits of Cleistanthus collinus M. Ramu* and B. Srinivasulu Controlled release dosage forms of levodopa and carbidopa combination D. Sravanthi, K. M. Maheswari, S. Seetha, U. Naga Pravallika and Buchi N. Nalluri* Development and evaluation of mouth dissolving films of salbutamol sulfate Buchi N. Nalluri*, B. Sravani, K. M. Maheswari, V. Sai Srianusha and R. Sri Bramhini A novel quinone shows activity against MRSA Gabriela Medeiros Araujoa, Louisianny Guerra da Rochaa, Rui Oliveira Macedob, Celso Amorim Camarac, Tania Maria Sarmento Silvac, Mirelly Dianne Ferreira dos Santosc, Savio Moita Pinheirod, Maria Lysete de Assis Bastose and V├?┬ónia Sousa Andradea* Synthesis and characterization of pure Nickel Copper and Magnesium Cobaltite using hydrazinium compounds as precursors C. Sonia, R. Ragul and B. N. Sivasankar Status of heavy metal concentrations in groundwater samples situated in and around on the bank of Cooum river at Chennai City Tamil Nadu A. Zahir Hussain and K. M. Mohamed Sheriff Isolation and identification of LDPE degrading fungi from municipal solid waste Santosh Kumar, Merina Paul Das*, L. Jeyanthi Rebecca and S. Sharmila In vitro antioxidant activity of marine red algae Chondrococcus hornemanni and Spyridia fusiformis Bhuvaneswari S., Murugesan S., Subha, T. S., Dhamotharan R. and Shettu N. Antibacterial study of Phyla nodiflora Linn Zakir Ullah, Ali Rehman, Najeeb Ullah, Shakeel Ahmad Khan, Shahid Ullah Khan and Ijaz Ahmad* Evaluation of diuretic activity of ethanol extract of Benincasa hispida stem in swiss albino rats Jayasree Tirumalasetty, Chandrasekhar. N and A. Naveen Preliminary phytochemical screening and HPTLC fingerprinting of leaf extracts of Ficus nervosa Heyne ex Roth G. S. Sushma*, B. Archana Devi, CH. Madhulatha, K. Uday Kumar, P. Harathi, N. Siva Subramanian and M. Ramadevi Effect of polyethylene glycol on electrodeposition of nano crystalline zinc M. Chandran Synthesis and characterization novel oligomeric azo dye Bhavesh P. Dave, Bindu C. Patel and Purvesh J. Shah Mineral content of some wild green leafy vegetables of NorthEast India Pankaj Saikia* and Dibakar Chandra Deka Synthesis of Narylamines in dry media and their antibacterial activity M. M. V. Ramana* and Madhu R. Sharma