Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research is an online international journal to promote all fields of Chemical Sciences like Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Photochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Agricultural and Soil Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Macromolecular Chemistry, Petroleum Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry and Phytochemistry as well as all aspects of Chemical Engineering etc. rss//rss/jocpr-volume-4-issue-8-year-2012.xml Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Volume 4, Issue 8 Molecular level targeting of hepatic glucokinase by computational docking approach in the treatment of type 2 diabetes Ritesh Kumar Behera, Manas Ranjan Barik and A. Aneesha Synthesis of new triazole and oxadiazole containing compound in the azide reaction as an antibacterial drug Azimvand J Analysis of floride content and some heavy metals in university of Maiduguri drinking water A. Sani a, A. Jibir a, E. T. Alemikab M. A. Sani c, R. O. Abdulraheem d , S. S.Abdulkareem e, R. B. Abdulraheem and M. Ilyasf Synthesis of some new analogs of quinoline containing imine bond form the initial composition of aniline Azimvand J Synthesis of some new derivatives of Nphenyl2chloro9Hpyrido23bindole3ylmethanimines using VilsmeierHaack reagent Azimvand J Water soluble seeds polysaccharide extracted from medicinal plant of Withania somnifera Dunal Ashwagandha R. B. Singh An equation of state for nonaqueous electrolyte solutions Zheng Han Highly selective monohydrogen phosphate anion sensor for CrLNO33 Sulekh Chandra, Smriti Raizada and Seema Sharma Synthesis of some novel Isoxazole Cyanopyridine and Pyrimidinthionederivatives N. Solankee*, K. P. Patel and R. B. Patel Relative association specific relaxation time and free volume of antibioticampicillin sodium Shashikant R. Aswale, Sunanda S. Aswale, Rajesh S. Hajare Novel Self Microemulsifying Drug Delivery Systems SMEDDS of Efavirenz Ashish Deshmukh* and Shirishkumar Kulakrni Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Ultrasonic Velocity in Binary LiquidMixtures of Methyl Benzoate at Different Temperatures G. Sridevi*and Sk. Fakruddin Metalligand stability constants of Co II Ni II and Cu II metal ion complexes with N5methyl2hydroxyacetophenoneN2hydroxyacetophenone ethylenediamine at 01 M ionic strength pH metrically *A. K. Maldhure, S. S. Agarkar, R. K. Taywade and R. S. Wankhade Synthesis and Characterization of 425Nitro Imidazolyl Benzoyl NMe Leucine Ramesh Dhani Studies on ground water pollution due to iron content and water quality in and around Jagdalpur Bastar district Chattisgarh India Bhagirathi Behera*, Mira Das and G. S. Rana Synthesis and Characterization of Pyrimidine Derivatives of 134Oxadiazole and 134Thiadiazole B. Andrews* and Mansur Ahmed Isolation and partial purification of Protease from plant leaves S. Sharmila*, L. Jeyanthi Rebecca, Merina Paul Das and Md Saduzzaman Assesment of water quality from Hindustan Lalpeth Coal Mine Chandrapur Pratiksha Tambekar, R. J. Batra andR. G. Weginwar Viscometric study of glycine alanine and alanine in aqueous and aqueous Dglucose solutions at different temperatures Sanjibita Das and Upendra N. Dash* Synthesis of novel 1235tetrahydropyrrolo21bquinazoline5one analogs by using lithiationintramolecular electrophilic reaction Azimvand J Synthesis of some new derivatives of 2methyl4H4chromenone Azimvand J Stability indicating RPHPLCPDA method for the estimation of quetiapine fumarate in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms Sushmitha Korrapolu, Sunandana Bollineni, Buchi N. Nalluri* To studies organochlorine insecticides in different brands of cold drinks P. K. Pankaj, Prasann Kumar*, R. C. Nigam and P. K. Mishra Monitoring and Surveillance of Synthetic Pyrethroids and Organophosphate in Different Brands of Soft Drinks Pankaj Kumar Pankaj, Prasann Kumar*, R. C. Nigam and P. K. Mishra To study the linear and mass attenuation coefficient of alcohol soluble compound for gamma rays at energy 662 KeV *S. R. Mitkar and**S. M. Dongarge Studies of novel bisazo group containing coordination polymers Hemang M. Shukla*, Purvesh J. Shah, Yogesh K. Solanki, Ashish R. Shah and Dilipsinh S. Raj Chemical investigation and biological activity of phytoconstituents from methanol extract of Abutilon indicum leaves Ambarsing, P. Rajput* and Milind, K. Patel Synthesis and Characterization of 425Nitro Imidazolyl Benzoyl Nme Phenyl alanine Ramesh Dhani Kinetic and mechanistic investigations on the oxidative reactions of aromatic aldehydes with 1bromobenzimidazole in aqueous acetic acid medium B. Ramkumara, V. Santhosh Kumarb and M. Rukmangathanb Assessment and correlation analysis of surface and ground water of Amaravathi river basinKarur Tamilnadu India Ahamed A Jafar* and Loganathan K Synthesis and Characterization of 425Nitro Imidazolyl BenzoylNme Threonine Ramesh Dhani Thermal Investigation and Stereochemical Studies of Copper II Complexes of Some Heterocyclic ligands Nandababu Singh Laishram Studies on forced degradation of oxcarbazepine using LCMS compatible stability indicating RPHPLC method K. Raghavi, M. Sindhura, R. Prashanthi, Buchi N. Nalluri* Synthesis antibacterial antiasthmatic and antidiabetic activities of novel 3substituted quinazolin4ones using 1Butyl3 methylimidazoliumtetrafluoroborate BMIMBF4 as a green efficient and reusable catalyst undersolvent free conditions Ashok Dongamantia, Radhika Gadiparthia, Roopa Redamalaa, Jayashree Anireddyb, Nagaraju Burrib, Jyothi Vantikommua* Synthesis Characterization and Molecular docking of Bi and Tridentate Chiral molecules for HIVNative protease Magendran Balachari, S. Dhivya and Narasimhan Srinivasan Solubilization of phosphate by Bacillus Sps from groundnut rhizosphere Arachishypogaea L N. Uma Maheswar* and G. Sathiyavani Potentiometric studies of binary complexes of bivalent metal ions with 3 5 dinitrosalicylic acid Syed Hussain, Abdul Rahim and Mazahar Farooqui Antimicrobial activity of Polycarpaea corymbosa Lam Caryophyllaceae against human pathogens Sindhu S* and S Manorama Viscometric Studies of SSubstituted triazinothiocarbamides at various Compositions D. T. Tayade* and Mazahar Farooqui Synthesis characterization and evaluation of analgesic activity of some 5nitrobenzimidazole derivatives Sravanthi M., Nagaraju N., Manikanta K., Mogalabi Sk., Chinna Eswaraiah and Dipankar Bardalai* Assessment of Borewell Water Quality in and Around Badnapur Dist Jalna B R Agarwala, Vijay Mundheb, Sayyed Hussainc and Vidya Pradhand Study of eight medicinal plants for antioxidant activities Sami G. Alsabri, Abdulmottaleb E. Zetrini, Nouri B. Ermeli, Salah B. Mohamed , Salah M. Bensaber, , Anton Hermann and Abdul Gbaj, * Measurements of mass and linear attenuation coefficients of rays of photons for Ni in the energy range 3601330 keV Vandana A. Tupe , P. P. Pawar, D. R. Shengule and K. M. Jadhav Acoustic study of Heavy fuel oil nHeptane system using ultrasonic interferometer J. Balakrishnan, V. Balasubramanian and S. Ekambaram Comparative quantitative analysis of different brands of 300mg aspirin tablet marketed in Maiduguri metropolitan council Sani Ali Audua, Abdulmalik Ahmeda, Alemika Emmanuel Taiwob Musa A. Sanic, Abdulraheem Rafat Ojuolaped, Abdulkareem,Sikirat Sanie, Abdulraheem Ramat Bukola, Sholly Zakama and Ilyas Mohammedf Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of novel mannich bases containing 2 phenoxy1 3 2dioxa phospholanes and Indole systems K. S. Bhavani Aiswarya, P. Jagadeeswara Rao, Y. N. Spoorthy, D. Ishrath Begum and L. K. Ravindranath* XRD and FTIR Studies on Lead II Nitrate doped Histidine Picrate crystal A nonlinear optical material K. Rajarajan, K. Anbarasan, J. Samu Solomon, G. Madhurambal NiII complex of mefloquinepyrimethamine Synthesis toxicological and antimalarial activities against Plasmodium Berghei *Adediji Johnson F, Obaleye Joshua A and Akinremi Caroline A Synthesis effect on alkaline phosphatase and antimicrobial activities of FeIII complex of 25diamino134thiadiazole *Adediji J. F, Obaleye J. A, Akinremi C. A, Amolegbe S. A and Lawal A Copolymerization of Ntertbutylacrylamide with QuinolinylacrylateSynthesis Characterization Monomer reactivity ratios Mean sequence length and Antimicrobial activity S. Bharathi, E. Kayalvizhy, P. Jeyanthi and P. Pazhanisamy* Oxoanilides in heterocyclic synthesis Synthesis of Some New Pyrimidine containing Sulphonamido moiety Derivatives F. F. Mahmoud Acute and sub acute toxicological assessment of the ethanolic root extract of Saccharum spontaneum Linn Poaceae in male wistar albino rats Acute and sub acute toxicological assessment of the ethanolic root extract of Saccharum spontaneum Linn. (Poaceae) in male wistar albino rats