Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research is an online international journal to promote all fields of Chemical Sciences like Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Photochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Agricultural and Soil Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Macromolecular Chemistry, Petroleum Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry and Phytochemistry as well as all aspects of Chemical Engineering etc. rss//rss/jocpr-volume-4-issue-7-year-2012.xml Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Volume 4, Issue 7 Terpolymerization of 2hydroxyacetophenone catechol and formaldehyde and its thermal studies Shailesh K. Mandavgade, Jeevan R. Dontulwarand Wasudeo B. Gurnule The inhibition effect of 34hydroxy3methoxyphenyl1phenylpropenone on the corrosion of the aluminium in alkaline medium N Santhini and T Jeyaraj Seasonal variation in immune organs and immune response of catfish Arius maculatus in Parangipettai coastal area M. Sakthivel, B. Deivasigamani*, S. Kumaran, S. Balamurugan and T. Rajasekar Synthesis of spiropyrimido 45bquinoline and study of their antimicrobial activities Bhupendra S. Rane, Someshwar V Deshmukh, Maruti G. Ghagare, Ramhari V. Rote and Madhukar N. Jachak* Quality control A case study of Henkel Chemicals Lagos A. A. Sani, E. T. Alemika , R. O. Abdulraheem , S. S. Abdulkareem, R. B. Abdulraheem and M. Ilyase Kinetics and mechanism of regeneration of carotene from tertbutoxyl radical induced carotene radical cation by tocopherol A synergistic interaction G Vijayalakshmi, M Adinarayana* and P Jayaprakash Rao A competent multi component synthesis new triazolopyrimidines Piyush D. Fadadu, Purvisha P. Fadadu, Kiran S. Nimavat, Kartik B. Vyas Estimation of sugars by acid hydrolysis of paddy husk by standard methods C. S. Chidan Kumar*, R. Mythily and S. Chandraju Electrocatalytic oxidation of acetaminophen using 1ethyl3methylimidazolium tetrafluoroboratenickel hexacyanoferrate nanoparticles gel modified electrode R. Suresh Babu, P. Prabhu, S. Anuja and S. Sriman Narayanan Voltammetric methods for the determination and electrode process of nitazoxanide bulk drug industry V. Krishnaiah, M. Thirupal Reddy, V. Hanuman Reddy. D Sudharsan Reddy and Y. V Rami Reddy* Study of ultrasonic parameters in binary liquid mixture containing quinoline and oxylene at different temperatures Fakruddin Sk., Srinivasu Ch. and Narendra Kolla Synthetic Protocols of a TopSelling AntiHypertensive Drug Captopril A Synthon Disconnection Approach Chittaranjan Bhanja* and Satyaban Jena Effect of cellulose and noncellulose polymers on ciprofloxacin extended release tablets D. Krishnarajan*, R. Gowthaman, B. L. Narayana Rao, O. Chandra Sai Pavan, Sainudheen. P. M, Badarudheen. M Antimicrobial screening and thermoanalytical studies of newly synthesized copolymer derived from phydroxybenzoic acid and thiosemicarbazide Kamlakar. A. Nandekar , Jivan. R. Dontulwar and Wasudeo. B. Gurnule Quantitative analysis of ten 10 different brands of chllorpheniramine tablet marketed in maiduguri metropolitan council MMC Sani Ali. Audu, Alemika Emmanuel. Taiwo, Khalil Osedinese Saidu, Sani Musa, Abdulraheem Rafat. Ojuolape , Abdulkareem Sikirat. Sani, Abdulraheem Ramat. Bukola. and IlyasMohammedf Synthesis of some new 14dihydropyrimido12abenzimidazoles and evaluation of their biological activity Ranjit S. Pada, Ram N. Nandaniya, Haresh K. Ram and Viresh. H. Shah Identification isolation and quantification of unknown impurity in tolterodine tartrate tablets by stability indicating HPLC method A. S. Reddy*, R. C. Reddy and P. Venkateswarlu Isolation of flavonoids and biological activities of Crotalaria Grahamiana P. Vanitha, R. Valliappan, A. Charles and D. Sukumar Characterization of aviation turbine fuel with spindle oil J.Balakrishnan, S.Ekambaram, SurajbhanSharmaand G. Ramachandran Comparative studies on the antioxidant and scavenging activities of Garcinia kola extract and vitamin E Modulatory effects on KBrO3 induced oxidative stress in rats Chiagoziem A. Otuechere and Ebenezer O.Farombi Method development and validation of nicardipine hydrochloride in bulk and formulation using UV spectrophotometric method Amala Mateti, Kiran Aarelly, Manish Kumar Thimmaraju and N. Raghunandan A sensitive and extractive spectrophotometric method for determination of trace amount of nitrite in environmental and biological samples Seema Singh, Jeena Harjit*, H. C. Kataria and Sulbha Amlathe A mechanistic study based on kinetics of the oxidation of diethyl ketone by Ir III chloride in aqueous perchloric acid medium when cerium IV perchlorate is used as a catalyst Firoz Khan*, Usha Kushwaha and A. K. Singh Preliminary Phytochemical Studies of Leaf Extracts of Molineria Recurvata Prasanta Dey, Manidipa Mukherjee, Tejendra Bhakta, Tarun Kanti Ghosh Phytochemical and antimicrobial evaluation of leaves extracts of Taebernaemountana coronaria B. Pushpa, K. P. Latha*, V. P. Vaidya, A. Shruthi , C. Shweath Antimicrobial resistance pattern of bacterial foodborne pathogens B.Srinu, A.Vijaya Kumar*, E.Kumar and T.Madhava Rao Determination of Alfuzosin hydrochloride and Tamsulosin hydrochloride in pure state and pharmaceutical preparations by conductimetric methods Mona M. Abdel-Moety, Nagiba Y.M. Hassan, Abdel-Aziz A. Abdel-Aleem, Samar G. Abdel-Hamid Molecular and atomic spectrophotometry and high performance liquid chromatographic determination of metronidazole in dosage forms via complex formation with AuIII and HgII ions in Solutions Ahlam J. Abdul-Ghani *, Hadi Hasan Jasim and Abbas Shebeeb H. Al-kadumi Kinetic study on Induced Electron Transfer Reaction in PentaamminecobaltIII complexes of hydroxy acids by Permonosulphuric acid in micellar medium P. Rajkumar and K. Subramani Some new ionic liquids derivatives Synthesis characterization and comparative study towards corrosion of Csteel in acidic media A.Zarrouk , M. Messali , M. R. Aouad ,M. Assouag , H. Zarrok , R. Salghi , B. Hammouti , A. Chetouani Physicochemical and antimicrobial investigation on some selected arylhydrazone complexes Ayman H. Ahmed and Emad A. Ewais On the Interactions of Bovine Serum Albumin with Some Surfactants New Insights from conductivity Studies Zeyad G. Yasseen Synthesis Characterization Thermal and Microbiological evaluation of Thiazole Schiff Base Complexes of Co II Ni II Cu II and Zn II S. R. Kelode and P. R. Mandlik Development and Validation of RPHPLC Method for Prasugrel S. J. Parmar*, B. A. Patel and A. P. Jain Synthesis characterization and biological screening of new spirochromanones Nilesh N Gajera* and Mukesh C Patel Coconut oil cake A novel substrate of solid state fermentation for the production of amylase using Streptomyces spp N.Uma Maheswari*and S. Soundariya Effect of petroleum on seed germination in Vigno radiata and its degradation by Pseudomonas fluorescens and Streptomyces isolates M. Kannahi and V. Thara Cyclohexanol towards quinaldinium fluorochromate oxidation K. G. Sekar and R. V. Sakthivel Phytochemical screening of Gomphrena serrata L G. Babu, P. Anju, C. R. Bijuand R. Rajapand Vibrational spectra and electrostatic potential surface of 2fluoro6methoxybenzonitrile based on quantum chemical calculations M. Murugan, V. Balachandran and M. Karnan Salicylideneaniline as inhibitor for the corrosion of mild steel in 10 N hydrochloric acid T. Umasankareswari and T. Jeyaraj GCMS analysis of methanol wild plant and callus extracts from three Cissus species Family Vitaceae Bojaxa A. Rosy* and P. J. Rosakutty Inhibition of corrosion of aluminium in 10 M NaOH using 12 4dihydroxyphenyl32hydroxyphenylpropenone J. R. Beulah, Thavamani Esther Raniand T. Jeyaraj Electrochemical degradation of difenoconazole on BDD electrodes O. ID El Mouden , M. Errami , R. Salghi , A. Zarrouk , M. Assouag , H. Zarrok S.S. Al-Deyab , B. Hammouti Acidic beverage and the bioavailability of theophylline Abdurrahim A. Elouzi, Fadel Abeid, Mohamed Almegrheand Mokhtar El-Baseir Kinetic simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of paracetamol and ibuprofen using Hpoint standard addition method Mahmoud Mohamed Issa, R?¢????afat Mahmoud Nejem, Alaa Abu Shanab and Nahed Talab Shaat Isolation and determination of nutritional and antinutritional compounds from the seeds of selected plant species Sindhu. S. Nair, Nithyakala C. M, Ivy Grenita Noronha, Nazia Sultanaand Somashekharaiah B. V Effect of copolymer composition on solubility and electrical conductivity of polyanilinecoochloroaniline A. D. Borkar Electrochemical degradation of imazalil and pyrimethanil by anodic oxidation on borondoped diamond M. Errami,R. Salghi , A. Zarrouk , M. Assouag ,H. Zarrok , O. Benali , El. Bazzi , B. Hammouti , S. S. Al-Deyab Functionalization of ibuprofen core structure compound Part 1Synthesis of potential chemotherapeutic agents incorporated ibuprofen substructure and their in vitro antimicrobial study Shaaban K. Mohamed, Mustafa Albayati, Walid A. M. Omara, Antar A Abdelhamid, Herman Potgeiter, Ayad. S. Hameedand Khalid. M. Al-Janabi Inhibition of C38 steel corrosion in hydrochloric acid solution by 45Diphenyl1HImidazole2Thiol Gravimetric and temperature effects treatments D.Ben Hmamou, M. R. Aouad ,R. Salghi , A. Zarrouk , M. Assouag , O. Benali , M. Messali , H. Zarrok , B. Hammouti Inhibiting effects 45Diphenyl1HImidazole2Thiol for C38 steel in 1 M HCl Electrochemical study D.Ben Hmamou, M. R. Aouad, R. Salghi , A. Zarrouk , M. Assouag , O. Benali , M. Messali , H. Zarrok , B. Hammouti Simultaneous UV spectrphotometric estimation of enalapril maleate and hydrochlorothiazide in tablets G. Sowjanya, P. Gangadhar, P. Ramalingeswara Rao, P. Subrahmanyam and P. Suresh Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of substituted 2HPyrrole2Ones derivatives based on 1Nphenyl3phenyl4formyl pyrazole PFP Kokila Parmar*, Shashikant Sutariya, Maharshi Shukla and Kalpeshgiri Goswami Electrooxidation of cypermethrin pesticide A Comparative Study of SnO2 and Boron Doped Diamond Anodes H. Bouya, M. Errami, R. Salghi, A. Zarrouk , A. M. Assouag , H. Zarrok , A. Chakir , B. Hammouti , S. S. Al-Deyab Elimination of thorium ion by an adsorbent prepared from Moroccan oil shale of Timahdit activated by phosphoric acid M. Elharti , K. Legrouri , E. Khouya , M. Oumam , H. Hannache , S. Fakhi , M. El Bouchti , N. Hanafi , B. Hammouti Synthesis spectral characterization antimicrobial and cytotoxicity studies of some lanthanideIII complexes of quinoline derivatives Narayanachar, Shreedhar D. Dhumwad*, Venkatesh K. Mutalikand P. Vasanth Raj A validated UV spectrophotometric determination of an antiviral drug zanamvir from tablet formulations C. M Bhaskar Reddyand G V Subbareddy Development validation and application of UV spectrophotometric method for the determination of roxithromycin in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage form C. M. Bhaskar Reddy and G. V Subbareddy Validated method for Vinblastin by Spectrophotometry in Bulk Drug and Pharmaceutical formulations C. M Bhaskar Reddy and G V Subba Reddy Study and improvement of spectrophotometric and HPLC methods for the determination of nitazoxanide in pharmaceutical preparations Chagam Reddy Muni Bhaskar Reddy and Gopireddy Venkata Subbareddy